madly in love with the cat

I prefer pictures. Afterall, if I was to journal or write, you would know exactly what I meant. I’d rather not be so open to criticism or rejections or praise even. I’d rather not seem too involved or you know, uncool. Although, there’s nothing cool about me.
I read books and drink teas. I’m passive and boring. I’ve done things. I’m no longer one who… does things. I guess you could say, I’ve changed. Maybe even for the worst but it’s more acceptable, they say.
There I go again…writing instead of letting this thing speak.
I wrote to you years ago and never mailed it. I wanted to send you flowers or something for your pet. You seemed strange and beautiful. I liked that.
I walked by every morning just to see you watering your plants..well spraying them. I wondered what type of tonics you made for them. You seemed like the tonic making type. You always wore something that made you appear to float by. It was something. You were.
I’ve written things about you but I know how people would laugh or say I was crazy. I wasn’t. I adored you. I’m glad I never sent you that letter. This world doesn’t forgive you if your love is too loud or watchful.
I bet you were different than the world.
I’d never know.
(unknown photographer)

Rio was found starving on the streets last spring by the West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. We featured him around the holidays, and now another spring is about to arrive – doesn’t he deserve a loving home of his own before the flowers bloom?

He’s around 6 years old, and quite a character from his big golden eyes to his freckled nose (!) to the long tail that wags madly when he’s happy.

Favorite things include the sound of human voices, head bumps, sitting in laps, and watching the amazing reality tv show known as the human race!
Least favorite things include other cats and dogs.

If you want a smart and loyal companion, or know someone who might, call Beth at 541-255-9296 to meet Rio! And remember: Reblogging is the most powerful thing you can do to help homeless pets get adopted – and Rio sure deserves it!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Music for the Signs

Songs for three different aspects of the signs; the good, the bad, and the ugly. From the good parts of the signs, down to their most hidden cruelties.

The Good: Jenny - Walk the Moon
The Bad: Dear Dictator - Saint Motel
The Ugly: Monster - Kanye West

The Good: Joy to the World - Three Dog Night
The Bad: Good Woman - Cat Power
The Ugly: Civilian - Wye Oak

The Good: Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day
The Bad: The Bad in Each Other - Feist
The Ugly: Kill My Darling - Oh Land

The Good: Bugs - Emma Louise
The Bad: I’m in Here - Sia
The Ugly: Swan Dive - Waxahatchee

The Good: Love You Madly - Cake
The Bad: Dangerous - Big Data
The Ugly: Starring Role - Marina and the Diamonds

The Good: Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks - The National
The Bad: Perfection - Oh Land
The Ugly: If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray

The Good: Glory - Radical Face
The Bad: Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds
The Ugly: Bad Friends - Big Scary

The Good: Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To - Kasabian
The Bad: Toxic Girl - Kings of Convenience
The Ugly: Feral Love - Chelsea Wolfe

The Good: Eat Your Heart Out - Saint Motel
The Bad - Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars
The Ugly: Broadripple is Burning - Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

The Good: Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
The Bad: Second Life Replay - The Soundtrack of our Lives
The Ugly: Control - Halsey

The Good: 1997 - Megan Washington
The Bad: Cheerleader - St. Vincent
The Ugly: Laughing With - Regina Spektor

The Good: Orange Sky - Alexi Murdoch
The Bad: Sleep Forever - Portugal. The Man
The Ugly: Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds

What we know about past Ladybugs

Or more specifically, the one from Ancient Egypt.

During Ladybug’s era
–The king/pharaoh at the time was madly in love with his wife/queen
–The queen passed before him, early in life.
–He loved her so much he was willing to sacrifice an innocent person to talk to/revive his wife.
–The girl he tried to sacrifice wore glasses.
–Ladybug (and probably Cat Noir) saved the girl and stopped the pharaoh.
–The papyrus shows a Ladybug with a thin, body tight linen dress (common attire of Ancient Egyptian ladies) with spots as her costume, which implies that the Ladybug costumes are dependent and changeable on time periods (so different time era au ladybugs are TOTALLY a canon thing!)
–Ladybug had short, straight style hair, again, matching her time period.
–There is speculation that Cat Noir and Plagg are on the papyrus and therefore still partnered with Ladybug in Egypt
–If the two figures together is Ladybug and Cat Noir, speculated, then it can be assumed they were as flirty in Ancient Egypt as they are in this contemporary period.
–The papyrus shows Ladybug still using the sphere on a string, yoyo, weapon. So that is a consistent object amongst the two Ladybugs.

What Tikki’s explanations speculate/reveal
–There were definatly other Ladybugs before Marinette
–But Tikki mentions how she is the cutest/that her being cute is her best point so not to worry about it.
–Implying that the past Ladybugs were not as cute, or were more serious, hard, mature, etc, things other than cute.
–Tikki is millennias of years old. MILLENNIAS!!! And probably Plagg too.
–The papyrus shows Tikki looking the same as she does in the show, so her physical form has always been the same.
–Tikki still remembers Ancient Egypt and therefore all her other Ladybugs, assuming.

Idk why, but I just really love Dumbledore/McGonagall as brotp.
  • imagine them meeting up for tea every Monday and Friday, sharing the latest students gossip.
  • ”Albus, my dear, did you hear that Ginny Weasley and Dean Thomas broke up?” - “About time. When will that boy finally realize how madly in love with Seamus Finnigan he is?” - “Well Albus, I really think if he hasn’t figured out by now -” - “STOP DESTROYING MY SHIPS MINERVA”
  • Dumbly has a suscription to this delightful muggle housewife magazine
  • it’s full of knitting patterns and recipes for homemade sweets and instructions on how to make your own backcare balms and hairgrowth lotions
  • and of course Minerva just sniffs bc she’s bamf!McGonagall and thank you very much Albus but I’m not an old lonely woman yet I don’t need to borrow them
  • yet one day she sees that the latest issue features a lovely knitting pattern for cat clothing and let’s be honest, she could really use some jacket for her winter strolls around the hogwarts grounds in animagus shape
  • so Dumbledore smirks and hands it to her
  • and at their next meeting McGonagall storms in, slams the magazine on the table and says “Albus, we’re going to the kitchen. I NEED to try these chocolate curry waffles.”
  • and so it becomes tradition that every Friday night you can see McGonagall and Dumbledore lurking up to the kitchens and trying out pie recipes, surrounded by bustling, honored-squeaking house elves
  • They also have a book where they write down all their student ships.
  • they are sorted by inter-house-ships, intra-house-ships, same-year-ships and inter-year-ships
  • some of them are marked as especially likely; they have a journal for their otps where they mark events like first time pairing up in classes or curiously deep in conversation at lunch or trip to Hogsmeade together
  • and whenever they notice that one of their otps is having a moment they share their treasured secret complicated six-moves-high-five
  • And they bet a lot. Oh, they bet all the time.
  • the rewards are usually a few galleons or a bottle of brandy or some of Honeydukes’ newest inventions
  • but sometimes, when a few glasses of firewhisky are involved, the tasks for the loser become more and more humiliating
  • - so it happens that after Ravenclaw loses the final Quidditch game to Hufflepuff although they caught the snitch, the next day there is a black cat sitting in McGonagalls chair at the staff table, wearing a huge hat with flowers and a net in front of her eyes and a dreadful vomit-green cloak with large lilac-glittering embroidery all over it
  • when Fred Weasley sees McGonagall patroling the corridors in an atrocious flowery hat and vomit-green-lilac-sparkle-cloak, he falls to his knees and claims that she never looked more beautiful, the love of his life, his soulmate, oh how he wants to see her walking up to the altar in that dress, where he waits to take her by the hand and carry her over the streaks of the rainbow toward the delights of marriage
  • at which point George jumps in and yells about betrayal, because you as my brother know how I feel about McGonagall! How dare you try to steal the love of my life, get your filthy hands off her we’re gonna fight this like real men!
  • and they start tackling each other and McGony doesn’t even give them detention because she is fighting too hard not to laugh
  • when she turns around to see Dumbledore regarding the scene with the most pleased of smirks, she just glares at him and swears her revenge will be ferocious
  • at the end of the year feast, Dumbledore stands up to give his traditional speech
  • only he’s not wearing a cloak, but tight leather pants and a rose coloured linen shirt and black patent boots (god knows where Minerva got those from)
  • and he doesn’t give his speech rather than sing it as a 12-stanza-rhyming-opera-song
  • which is only mildly pleasant because he doesn’t really have a singing voice and let’s face it, his body is just slightly too old to be stuffed into such clothing
  • he only makes it to the first chorus where McGonagall bursts into laughter and the rest of the school (that has until now only done so much as muffle their giggles and share confused glances) joins in
  • ( the bet that Dumbledore had lost was that Harry would have by the end of this year finally noticed Draco Malfoy’s desperate advances and done something about it for Merlin’s sake)
  • (-McGonagall knew this bet was as good as won right from the start bc Chosen One to and fro, let’s face it, this kid is as oblivious as a rock and would have probably died in first year if it hadn’t been for his friends bc he wouldn’t have realized there’s a Dark Lord sticking out of the back of Quirrel’s head)

i’m really bored and was tagged by @im-croyeing​ to do this so here we go

name: kayley
nickname: bitch, hoe, dumbass, idiot, and a bunch more just ask lexi
star sign: sagittarius
height: 5'3
sexual orientation: bi
hogwarts house: i don’t fucking know but i like hermione so gryffindor i guess
fave color: like a nice subtle blue 
fave animal: sharks
average hours of sleep: like 7 hours on average
cats or dogs: dogs they’re the cuter of the two obvi
fave fictional character: alexander gideon lightwood aka my smol son aka my daddy aka magnus bane’s husband aka one madly in love guy
# of blankets at night: 3
fave bands: purity ring, the jonas brothers because daddies and big time rush because also daddies, years and years, oh wonder, broods
fave singers: troye, tove lo, ruelle
dream trip: a month trip to washington dc like even tho i live fairly close i hardly get to go and i’d love to be able to go to all the historical museums and monuments and all that
when was this blog created: i cant remember what i did yesterday does the person who made these questions expect me to remember when i joined this joint
blog peak: idk
what made me join tumblr: needing other people to talk about troye with and to be a basic relatable bitch

i tag @significantsivan@typotroye@oddvoices@itsasweetsweet​ and anyone else who wants to do this <3

In The Air

I’m sitting here on the plane. Half asleep, and cramped in between two people who just won’t stop talking. In front of me there is a couple that clearly are madly in love with each other and cannot keep their hands to themselves. I can overhear them talking about going home and how they cannot wait to see their cat. The romantic in me is so happy for them. But I can’t help but be a bit jealous of them. Because there is nothing I could want more than to be coming home to or with you, to have Ally there waiting for us to come home with his big cat eyes. I crave your touch in the slightest way. Your hand in mine right before we cross the street. Your hand resting on my knee as we are sitting at the table. The way you rub my back when you pick up on me getting a bit agitated. I crave your hugs, to be wrapped up in your arms. I want that more than anything. Not being able to experience every day with you outside of a phone call or on FaceTime, sucks. I know this is what I signed up for the moment I asked you to be my girlfriend. But my heart still aches to share your presence, to experience your beauty up close rather than from afar.

I’ve been gone for 4hrs and I miss you so much. I miss the way that you call for me in your half sleep half awake state and insist that I come closer and hold you. I miss the way that you give me that look right before you tell me that you love me and right before I tell you that I love you back. I miss how warm your body is, and how I can’t get close enough to steal it’s warmth. I miss how when I’m driving you reach out and place your hand on my thigh. I miss how you always make sure that I am okay. I miss the way you bury your face in the crook of my neck when we hug. I miss lying in bed and talking about any and everything. I miss how you fight sleep just to stay up and talk to me but you end up tapping out sooner than you wanted. I miss the glimmer in those pretty brown eyes right when you wake up in the morning. And your kisses….my oh my how I miss those. I miss how you let me take care of you. Whether it be by holding that huge ass bag you call a purse, standing behind you on the escalator just to ensure that no one bombards you from behind, making sure that I walk off the curb first to make sure that you make it off safely, letting you order first, always locking the doors when you get in the car, always putting myself in between you and any potential danger because I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to you.

I’m saying all this to say, I miss you and being away from you is no bueno. Adjusting back to my days without you right here is going to be a hard pill to swallow. But my love for you is bigger and deeper than any trial that comes our way. I will always be the big spoon, I will always let you get the last bite, I will always let you be the woman you inspire to be for me, and I will always be the best woman for you. Knowing that I have in you someone who is willing to fight the distance so that we can eventually have our life together, eases any doubt or fears. The apartment/house that we will get to decorate together, the fur babies we will adopt, the fights over what goes on the grocery list and about me always forgetting the one thing you told me not to forget, for the sleepless nights out of excitement because the day has finally come to share a home, space and life together, synced cycles, and the best slumber parties with my best friend. We just have to hold on little while longer.

I love you baby. More than all the words in all the books; as big as the earth; always and forever. 💕💕 @purpleraainicry

i propose an alice in wonderland ml au
  • marinette is alice, obviously
  • adrien is the mad hatter
  • ladybug and chat noir are their own separate beings
  • ladybug being the march hare
  • yknow….for ladrien purposes and such
  • chat noir as the cheshire cat (self proclaimed pun master)
  • chat noir always annoying marinette with riddles and flirting
  • hawkmoth as the queen of hearts and flaunts his curves in a dress he designed
  • volpina being the white rabbit and loyal companion of hawkmoth
  • she constantly winds up at the mad hatters tea party on “accident” while running errands
  • marinette stumbling her way around the world with chat noir stuck to her back like glue
  • marinette kicking ass at solving puzzles and riddles since shes smart
  • chat is madly in love with that aspect of her
  • master fu is the caterpillar who is the only one marinette cant fully understand
  • highkey very ladrien and marichat
  • all the akumas are hawkmoths card soldiers and they try and take her head for the queen
  • marinette often steals chats baton to help her escape
  • tikki as the doormouse who stays with ladybug all the time
  • adrien gets to party all he wants without parent supervision
  • also ladybugs there so thats a plus
  • plagg as the sleeping doorknob bc its plagg what else does he do
  • when marinette gets taken to the castle hawkmoth immediately makes her change out of that tacky dress bc its so last year
  • he cant help it okay
  • not to mention adriens horrid hat like out of all the hats in the world he had to choose that one
  • although volpina doesnt seem to mind it
  • adrien can work any of his questionable fashion choice clothes, even the hat

additions are very much welcome


my first ladrien video yay
(yes, LADRIEN, ladybug and adrien)


so this is a slice of au i guess?? in which adrien is not chat noir (or maybe he is, considering plagg’s presention but whatever), yet he’s still madly in love with ladybug. he’s a huge fan of hers, checking the ladyblog on regular basis and trying to follow her steps. one time they meet and she also shows interest in him, which makes him extremely shy yet curious. he goes after her to the hotel, where she’s fighting lady wifi and gets locked in the cold room. buginette helps him out and disappears. he’s completely gone now. he tries to reach her again, now that he feels he’s got a chance with her, but she always slips away. and he just simply wants to know her… to see the rest of her.

in case you haven’t noticed yet, i’m a trash. like a huge one. and LADRIEN NEEDS A DAMN VIDEO OKAY stay calm. calm down. shit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ladybug x adrien [ladrien] from “miraculous ladybug”
SONG; laura welsh “undiscovered”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

hope you like it :)

While I was eating my cereal I was thinking about how much work and discussion must have gone into the subject of Supergirl’s lovelife … and I could just kind of imagine the discussion in the writers’ room being like:

“But we can’t just have her get with James. There should be ANGST! Those fangirls love angst.”

“You know what they also love? Love triangles.”

“BRILLIANT! We will have a love triangle. With Winn.”

“He’ll be madly in love with her.”

“Fangirls love unrequited love.”

“They’ll fight over #TeamJames and #TeamWinn!”

“Someone call the merchandising department and get to printing.”

“I just had an idea… it may be crazy…”

“Tell us.”

“What if…. there’s A THIRD GUY.”

“You mean…”

“That’s right… a LOVE SQUARE.”

“Has that ever been done?”

“Can we pull it off?”

“We are geniuses of course we can.”

“A love square. My God. We will break AO3.”


Fandom:  SUPERCAT!!! WOOOO!!!! <3 <3 <3

quoted from @ingridrdiaz

I Noticed

Alright, I’ve started on the little Captain Swan drabbles for the prompts some of y’all sent in for my Christmas “I Love You” thing. This one is based on prompt #89: I noticed as requested by the lovely @sammmtacular. Don’t worry, y’all have six more coming. Enjoy you guys. If you like it drop a review on or in the tags (I love reading your reactions when you tag and don’t be surprised if I respond).

It’s the cat caught eating the canary look on his face that gives him away.

Also, she knows what day it is and she knows her mother…and how hard it is to say no to her mother. Especially when you’re a pirate who just so happens to be madly in love. With her, not her mother.

“So, a quiet dinner at Granny’s, huh?” she asks, resting her head against Killian’s shoulder.

He hums his agreement.

“However did you talk my mother into that?”

He flashes his most charming grin. “I believe your instructions were quite clear, Swan. She wants to make you happy.”

Emma laughs. “Yes, well, she and I occasionally have different ideas of what will make me happy.”

“Don’t I know it,” Killian mutters.

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M: This is Chairman Meow.

M: He likes to eat fancy food..

M:  …and to curl up in Alec’s clothes.

M: When he isn’t sleeping somewhere in my loft he’s usually to be found happily purring in either mine or Alec’s lap.

M: As far as I know, the Chairman is not in an on-going affair with Church.

M: However, he seems to be madly in love with all kinds of worn shoes.

Happy happy birthday @smile-lifegoeson! Becoming your friend has been an incredible, awesome chance and I’m so lucky to get to talk to someone as talented as you ^_^

Title: Love and War
Summary: There’s a fine line between arguing and being madly in love, after all both and fueled by the heart. 

“Is it just me, or do they argue more now that they’re together?”

Alya pulled her mouth into an unamused frown at Nino’s consequent laughter, sufficiently displeased at his  merriment. “Alya, chill. That’s just their dynamic. It’s not as if they’re saying anything hurtful, anyway.”

Alya frown deepened, listening to the pair bicker about the importance of Chat’s cat ears. “I guess you’re right…I mean, they argue about stupid things like…that, like anime and schoolwork and unimportant things. But still…they were super weird around each other last week, when they weren’t dating. One week later, bam! Ridiculous banter. I don’t get it.”

“Maybe they’re just more comfortable around each other?” Nino suggested with a shrug.

“Do you seriously think they increase y - uh, his hearing?!”

“Of course they do!”

“I’m pretty sure they’re just leather props.”

“No! Chat wouldn’t be Chat without his them.”


“He just…wouldn’t?”

Alya and Nino looked at each other with weird expressions, each furrowing their eyebrows. It was true; the pair’s arguments were essentially ridiculous. Alya had half a mind to confront her friend about the situation, but had a feeling Marinette would just brush it off with a shrug. She sighed, relieved when the two stop arguing.

After class, Alya walked out with Marinette. They were chatting about her blog (she had just added a page on villains, where she alphabetized their names and wrote an entry detailing each), when Adrien walked over to them.

“Hey guys,” he greeted, waving.

“Hey Adrien. Where are you headed?” Alya watched Marinette ask.

“Unfortunately, I have a shoot today. But I’m free tomorrow!”

“Oh, that’s great!“ Marinette said cheerily. They gave each other the sickening, couple-y love-y stare that made Alya snort.

"You dorks argue one second, then look like this the next.” Alya declared, shaking her head. Marinette flushed while Adrien laughed, but neither denied her statement.

Adrien waved to them, walking out of the school, and Alya turned to Marinette. “Alya, are you busy?” her friend asked.

Alya shook her head. “No, why?”

“Well I was designing and putting together dresses yesterday-”

“Like always.”

“-and I wanted input and a model?” Marinette continued, ignoring Alya’s comment.

“I thought you were doing guy’s clothing?”

“I finished those designs, I’m just fixing the embellishments and hemming now.”

“Did Adrien model for you?”

Marinette grinned slightly. “Well what do you think?”

“Stupid question. And sure, I guess I’m not busy?”

Marinette practically tackled her friend in a hug. “Yay! Let’s do this.” Alya laughed in response, not even realizing how much she had missed doing this everyday before both of their lives had become hectic.

“Let’s definitely do this.”

Marinette knew Alya was naturally photogenic, outgoing, and confident. She was a natural model. Well, Adrien really was a model, but Alya could probably be successful model herself.

Alya came out from behind Marinette’s divider and Marinette practically squealed with glee.

“This dress is gorgeous, Mari! What’s the occasion?”

“You know how I babysit Nadja Chamack’s daughter? So she noticed a design I was working on last time and asked me to design her dress for the International Banquet next month.”

Alya’s jaw dropped. “Marinette, that’s actually incredible?! Your designs could be noticed!”

“I know! Can you imagine?! I never thought this could happen honestly.” she responded, giggling with glee. Her grin widened at the sight of Alya.

The dress was form fitting, reaching her knees. The black piece had lace covering the open back and along the shoulders. It had a small black belt with a golden buckle in the front, and overall, looked perfect for a formal dinner.

“It looks like it will fit perfectly.” Marinette noted, checking the hemming and the lace.

“Why’d you have me model?”

“Well you’d be surprised, the two of you actually have a similar physique. Almost the same height, too.”

“And you?”

“A bit too short, I think. I have other dresses I’m making though.”


“Yeah, I have some requests for girls in our school.”

“That’s amazing!” Alya grinned at her friend, who stepped back with a pleased smile. “Now you have to model one.”

Marinette recoiled. “But…I…why?”

“Because I said so! Try one on.”

She frowned, looking at the few which could be ready to wear. She grabbed a blue dress that almost matched her eyes. She pulled it on, changing behind the divider. She glanced at herself in the mirror, watching her own face brighten.

The blue dress was sleeveless and flowing, a ribbon belt cinching the top fabric around her waist. The off-shoulder neckline was bordered with lace. She looked at Alya, who was grinning even wider.

“You look amazing, girl.” she told her, putting her hands on Marinette’s shoulders.

“Thank you,” Marinette responded, slightly shyly. They danced around, giggling at each other.

“Marinette! Your friends are here!” her mother called from downstairs. Marinette and Alya glanced at each other, and Marinette shrugged. They walked towards the trapdoor, and saw Nino and Adrien walk up into the room.

Alya greeted them brightly, but Marinette was a bit embarrassed to be caught wearing such a fancy dress without a good reason. Seeing Adrien’s jaw drop, she flushed. She stepped backwards, losing her footing. She braced herself for the inevitable sensation of the cold floor hitting her back, but was surprised when it didn’t come.

She blinked, gazing into Adrien’s emerald eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself, legs weak. He smirked down at her, making her flush deepen. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Somewhere on the side, she heard Nino stammering out a compliment as Alya giggled. Tuning them out, she tried to find something to say to the model staring down at her.

“You look beautiful, princess.” he whispered to her, tightening his grip around her waist. “You caught me speechless.”

Marinette giggled, tightening her own grip around his shoulders. “Cat got your tongue?” she murmured, teasing smile on her lips.

Adrien’s mouth opened slightly, and his eyes widened. Her heart soared knowing she could affect him like this. His gaze shifted to her lips. With a blush rivaling that of an apple, she straightened herself enough to bring herself impossibly closer. He leaned forward, a hair breadth between their lips.

With the sound of their friends clearing their throats, Marinette and Adrien jolted away from each other. She stared at the floor to hide her blush, and wondered if Adrien was blushing too.

“Well if you lovebirds need some time, let me go and change out of the dress.” Alya teased.

Marinette stood up straight, hands on her hips. “Oh no you don’t! I have to finish fixing the shoulders. Boys, you can go sit over there while we finish up,” she told them, finding her confidence. She pointedly avoided Adrien’s gaze, knowing seeing his eyes would cause her to crumble.

Alya laughed as Marinette dragged her back behind the divider, using her sewing kit to tighten the edges. She ignored Alya’s jabs and teasing, focusing on the sewing. When they were finished, the two of them changed back into their normal clothes. They emerged from behind the divider and walked towards the boys.

“Why did you guys come here anyway? Didn’t you have a shoot Adrien?” Alya questioned.

“Well we came for snacks downstairs,” Nino replied.

“And my shoot got cancelled, so he invited me.” Adrien added.

“Sabine invited us upstairs.” Nino finished.

Marinette looked at Adrien, and found herself reddening again. “Well if that’s all, you all know your way to the door.” she teased them.

Alya laughed. “Okay, okay! So forceful.”

“Thanks for the help Alya, and your input guys.” Marinette told them.

“Anytime,” Nino responded with a grin. He and Alya began walking downstairs, and Adrien stepped next to Marinette. She looked up at him, tilting her head. His eyes grew softer, and he kissed her cheek. She inhaled sharply, unprepared.

He pulled away, meeting her gaze again with mischievous eyes. “I’ll be back later to finish what we started,” he breathed, bringing a hand to her cheek and running his thumb across her lips. Her eyes widened as he moved back, and left through the trap door.

She stared after him for a few moments before her legs gave way and she fell to the floor.

Hahaha well I really hope you enjoyed! Your writing is so amazing so I was really unsure, but I hope you like it anyway ^_^