Wow. I didn’t realize we were so behind.

We were able to see Interstellar in 70MM IMAX on a real IMAX theater. It looked great and sounded great. Whether it was good or bad is secondary to the experience of seeing this movie. The score is amazing. The surprise casting was a welcome surprise. The science was science-ish. Matthew McConaughey killed it. I gave it a 4. kittykittybangbang gave it a 3.

Next is Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. I think Jennifer Lawrence and the filmmakers deserve an award for turning what I thought was a messy first half of a book into something watchable and enjoyable, despite the dark, “things only gets worse” tone. Mockingjay Part I, and I’m certain I’m not the first to say this, feels like an extended prologue to the Mockingjay Part II. That’s kind of what the first half of the book feels like too, so you can’t call it unfaithful to the source. Me: 3.5. Her: 3.

Big Hero 6 was a lot of fun. There were two kids near me and watching them go through all the movies emotional drama was a lot of fun. The little girl got so sad she crawled up on her Mom’s lap for like 30 seconds, before she was back up, jumping around at the action. Adorable. Both: 3.5.

Yesterday, we saw both Top Five and Wild. Top Five is hilarious. A very funny movie everyone needs to see, but it has some big flaws: Rock’s acting, “top five” and Cinderella’s use as themes, and the continued type-casting of Rosario Dawson as down-for-whatever-urban-dream-girl™. The final image of Cedric the Entertainers’ character’s, ahem, legacy, will haunt me for years to come. I laughed a ton though, inappropriately loud to be honest, so I’m giving it a break and giving it a 3.5. KKBB gave it a 3.5.

Wild was amazing too and the more I think about it, the more similarities I see between Top Five and Wild. Top Five is about a man figuring himself out while surviving dwindling fame and sobriety while walking around New York, talking to a journalist. Wild is about a woman surviving grief and addiction walking the Pacific Crest Trail while thinking to herself. All right. Maybe I’m stretching the similarities a bit.

Reese Witherspoon was amazing. I can’t recall if she gets nominated for awards, but she should for this. I was also impressed by Thomas Sadoski, who I really only know from Newsroom. KKBB says it was faithful to the book (minus the details of how to hike for 90 days straight). She also says it gets a 4.0. I’m saying 3.5. What Wild has taught me is that I’m completely and woefully under prepared for any kind of tragedy in my life. My existence is pretty hashtag-blessed, so while I don’t think I’d have fuck-a-stranger-in-an-alley-while-on-heroin kind of methods of coping with grief and loss, I honestly have no idea. I MIGHT BE.

Two movies left to hit the goal.

Movie Name - Date Seen

  1. Her, 1/11/2014
  2. Oscar Live Action Shorts, 2/8/2014
  3. Lego Movie, 2/15/2014
  4. The Lunchbox, 3/8/2014
  5. The Grand Budapest Hotel, 3/15/2014
  6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 4/5/2014
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 2, 5/3/2014
  8. Godzilla, 5/18/2014
  9. X-Men: Days of Future Past, 5/25/2014
  10. Locke, 6/1/2014
  11. Edge of Tomorrow, 6/7/2014
  12. Obvious Child, 6/15/2014
  13. How to Train Your Dragon 2, 7/1/2014
  14. Maleficent, 7/10/2014
  15. Guardians of the Galaxy, 7/24/2014
  16. Life of Crime, 8/30/2014
  17. Frank, 9/6/2014
  18. Gone Girl, 10/3/2014
  19. Birdman, 10/17/2014
  20. Interstellar, 11/18/2014
  21. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, 11/28/2014
  22. Big Hero 6, 12/6/2014
  23. Wild, 12/12/2014
  24. Top Five, 12/12/2014

We did it. We made a goal and we achieved it. Truly, kittykittybangbang and myself should receive some type of honorary award for our contribution to the economy. Or something like that.

The final two movies for the year were Big Eyes and Inherent Vice.

Big Eyes was a disappointment. It had all the ingredients to be good. Good acting, good looking sets and landscapes, basis in an interesting real-life story. But after an interesting first 30 minutes, it clumsily stumbles along to an interesting final 10 minutes. The script just didn’t pull the story off, unless the problem is the story wasn’t that compelling in real life. For instance, they never really demonstrate this idea that people didn’t buy art from women, but that was supposedly one of the reasons why Keane did what he did. If anything, Waltz might have played Keane as too charming to be consider dangerous or a villain. Your rooting for Margaret, but it’s from your own moral center– not from anything the film demonstrates. We both considered it average when we walked out of the theater, and then we talked it about it some more and convinced each other it was much worse. It definitely falls near the bottom of the movies we saw this year. 

Inherent Vice worked quite the opposite. The more we talked about it, the more we liked it. Granted, a lot of what we talked about were the films’ numerous similarities to The Big Lebowski. Listing them here would spoil the movie, but there are quite a few– enough to make us Google what came first: Lebowski, the book, or the movie. It’s not a perfect movie, but we enjoyed it a lot. Consider it recommended. I see Inherent Vice joining The Big Lebowski screenings at midnight marathons within a year.

So that’s it. Twenty-six movies. I’m going to post the full list in the next post. Since there is nothing out right now that we want to see, we’ll be taking some time off, but we have a list of at least 40 movies we are considering for 2015. I still think 52 is too many, but we'l be shooting for 35. Maybe 40.