Madison - Have You Seen My Gal (acoustic at For Our Hero’s Fist2Face album launch)

To be clear. I’ll Be The One is my favourite off their debut EP. It’s just one of those songs that makes me immensely happy to hear. Actually, most of their songs do that. That’s what Madison are for me. ♥

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Madison - Better Days

This song is beyond beautiful, I can’t explain it. I suppose the story helps though. :’)

“I wrote this song for my Dad after I recently found out he has cancer. I wanted to remind myself of the better days and not of the sadness, this song flowed out of me.” ~ Dave


Thoughts & Illusions - Madison

This song is utterly perfect live, but I can’t really recall the time I saw it live very well. So this and the deluxe EP make me happy.
The Never Ever's Remember to Breathe Tour hits Adelaide. Madison and a "special TBA guest" supporting.

If you live in Adelaide, you should go, or try to. Good, good music.

Intriguing about the “special guest”.

(Heartbroken over ASM not going).

I'll Be The One
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Amazing Aussie band I get to see in less than a month and maybe more than once that month! :)

Everyone should listen to Madison. They’re brilliant. This is my favourite song of theirs. Though Whiskey & Wine and A Little Bit of Something off their new EP are so good too. Especially if you like Pop/Rock. Although they have a little bit of a country feel to some of their stuff, but it works (since I hate country and they can really rock a harmonica).

30 Days, 30 Artists - Day 8

Artist: Madison

Favorite Songs: (all of them, do not hate a song of theirs) I’ll Be The One, A Little Bit Of Something, She’s In Love, Thoughts & Illusions

Favorite Album: Whiskey & Wine EP (or the Deluxe Edition of their self-titled (considering the live tracks))

Favorite Lyric: “What the fuck do we know about love when we’re young?” “I want you in my arms, I knew it from the start.” (fuuu, I want that shirt) “Gonna take that chance, gonna make it my own.”

(They have so many wonderful lyrics and I’m failing at remembering them all, and I’m getting pathetically happy listening to them, so this is what you get. Shush.)

Seen them live?: Four times, five on the 23rd.

First time you heard of them: Delamare’s Circles & Squares Album Launch in Adelaide. (August 12th 2011)