Late Night Thoughts

I lay in my bed thinking about your tiny details.

From your dimples to the freckle above your left eyebrow.

From the way you only use the green heart emoji to how you type with both hands.

From the way you have trouble pronouncing “frustrated” to the way you laugh when your tired.

From how confused you get in math class to the look you get when your about to sneeze.

I lay here thinking about your tiny details,wondering if you even noticed mine.

-Amika R.

Spin the Bottle

WHO: Kitty Wilde, Hunter Clarington, Sam Evans, Kurt Hummel, Adam Crawford, Mercedes Jones, Spencer Porter, Jane Hayward, Jesse St. James, David Karofsky, Madison McCarthy, Mason McCarthy, Sebastian Smythe, and Sugar Motta.
WHEN: Saturday, September 25th. Midway through Sam’s party.
WHERE: Sam Evans’ House ~ Sammy E’s Partay
SUMMARY: A festive game of spin the bottle spins out of control. There’s lots of mackin’, shade, salt, and jealousy galore. Adam’s nationality is widely debated and ends in a fist fight. Read on.

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anonymous asked:

To everyone, what is one thing that made you fall in love with your significant other

Darcy: Barry’s humor. He knows just how to make someone laugh even with the dumbest jokes you would ever hear.

Barry: How bold and outgoing Darcy is. Example: she threatened to tase me when we first met.

Tony: Pepper’s sympathy and how caring she is. Whenever I have an anxiety attack she’s there to help calm me down.

Pepper: I’m going to be honest, Tony’s humor I enjoy and just how he does actually care for others. 

Bucky: How caring Tracey is, she’s always there for others. 

Tracey: Bucky is selfless and it’s amazing how he has grown through his recovery.

Sharon: Steve’s leadership and how he handles certain situations. That and how he’s daring and selfless. 

Steve; Sharon’s humor. She always has something to make me laugh. She cares and will do what she can to cheer me up.

Thor: Jane’s passion about the things she likes. She will go on a rant about her work and I love seeing how her eyes light up.

Jane: How sweet and caring Thor is. He’s like a puppy, I swear. 

Natasha: Clint’s a dad. He cares about others and will do what he can to take care of them. He’s serious at times and humorous at others. He knows just what to say to you if you’re having a bad day. He’s amazing.

Clint: I love how intimidating Natasha is for people who first meet her, she purposely does it. One because its someone new she doesn’t know so she will be on guard, but after a while she will purposely do it even if she trusts and likes the person. She likes messing with people, but she does care.

Bruce: How patient Betty is with me. She takes time to make sure I’m okay. She even helped figure out how to get the Hulk to calm down with the lullaby.

Betty: Bruce is the sweetest and most thoughtful guy you will ever meet. He’s also really sassy and I love that because you wouldn’t expect that from him.

(Yes, I know the lullaby is Bruce and Nat’s thing, but I’m 100% Bruce and Betty and in my stories I have it where Betty taught Natasha the lullaby for missions. Sorry Bruce and Nat shippers, i respect and can TOTALLY see why you ship them, but I prefer Betty and him.)