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  • Hamilton: We don’t have to be adversaries, James. We both want what’s best for our nation.
  • Madison: *thinking* Why is Hamilton being so nice to me?
  • Hamilton: And if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • Madison: *thinking* Wait a minute. Is he coming on to me?
  • Hamilton: I mean, if I should slip something into your pocket, what’s the harm?
  • Madison: *thinking* Oh my God! He is coming on to me!
  • Hamilton: After all, negotiations make strange bedfellows.
  • Hamilton: *wink*
  • Madison: *thinking* AAAH!
  • Madison: Sorry Mr. Hamilton, but I don’t go in for these back door shenanigans. Sure, I’m flattered. Maybe even a little curious. But the answer is no!


Today I got up early because my friend Alli asked me to appear in the music video for her new song called “Roll ‘em up” she told me that I had to wear jean shorts, so I decided to wear a black laced bralette with some ripped jean shorts and my black ankle boots and I also brought a grey sweater just in case I got a little chilly.

When I was ready I took my car keys and left to the set. As soon as I got there Alli found me and walked towards me with Madison behind her “Y/N!” They both exclaimed hugging me tightly and I couldn’t help but laugh as I hugged them back “Come on we gotta introduce you to the boys” Madison said as she dragged me to some boys leaning back at the blue car. The brunette one was Madison’s boyfriend, I knew that from the Instagram pictures she has “Boys, this is Y/N, Y/N this are my boyfriend Gilinsky” she said resting her arm in the brunette’s shoulder. A point for me “and Johnson” She pointed at the blonde one. Really cute if I say so myself “Sup?” I said casually “Hey, cute name” The blonde one awkwardly flirted smiling and I smiled back. “Nice hat” I flirted back smiling mischievously

“Oh yeah I forgot, you need to wear this” Alli said handing me a jean jacket with pink letters at the back that said “Pink Ladies” I chuckled “This is a new level of ridiculousness, even for you Alli” I teased and she gently punched my shoulder “Oh, shush, their cute” She replied playfully.


“Now for this scene I need Y/N and Johnson in the back seats of the car” The director instruct us, Johnson kindly opened the door for me to get in “Thanks J” I said getting inside “You’re welcome pretty lady” He flirted and I blushed slightly as I pulled myself aside so he could also get in, closing the door behind him. “Ok guys I need you to just mess around a little bit, kinda like a flirting way” “Which won’t be difficult since they’ve been doing it all day long!” Alli exclaimed from the distance and I stretched out to the window to show Alli my middle finger jokingly “I love you too honey” she sarcastically said and J and I laugh as I got back in my place putting my hands together to make my laugh quieter but it didn’t worked at all.

After we stopped laughing I realized he had rest his arm on my shoulder and I grinned at him “What?” He asked playing innocent “You are such a flirter” I said and he smiled “No, I’m not” He said chuckling “Liar” “Ok I may flirt with you, but you can’t deny that you flirt back” I grinned “Shut up” I mumbled pushing him slightly.

For the next scene we had to be in the restaurant, again I was with Johnson and we sat in front of each other as some staff guy placed a chocolate milkshake with two straws in it on the table. We tried to fight the urge to laugh but we couldn’t, it was just too funny, and eventually when the director told us to we leaned forward to our straws to drink it, we looked in to each other’s eyes and we smiled and finally the scene was over.


I was staring at Y/N chatting with Alli and Madison when Gilinsky started talking “You wouldn’t dare to kiss her” He said casually, I turned back at him confused “Why do you say that?” I asked clearly confused and Gilinsky cocked and eyebrow at me “Would you?” He asked “Yeah” I replied confidently and he crossed his arms and smiled playfully “Ok, then go over there and kiss her” He said pointing at the girls “In front of them?” I asked loosing confidence in my voice he nod and rest his hand in my shoulder “I’ll tell you what, you go over there kiss her, and ask her on a date, if she agrees I’ll pay for the date if she declines I’ll clean the house for a month” he offers, I looked at her before taking a deep breath and nodding.

I walked calmly towards her trying to forget that Madison and Alli are there. Finally when I’m right in front of her I kiss her softly, wrapping my arms around her waist and she cupped my cheeks with her hands deepening the kiss until we pulled apart “Would you go on a date with me?” I asked her as she now wrapped her arms around my neck “Of course” She said instantly “Pick you up at 8?” She bite her lip “Can’t wait” I place a quick peck on her lips before go to Gilinsky ones more.

“Damn dude” He said and I shrugged smiling like an idiot “Told ya” I replied playfully triumphant


Protective (N.M.) requested

Request: “ if you could do a nate maloley imagine where he gets protective because sammy flirts with me?”

We were getting ready for TCAs and we were about to leave the house but we were all waiting on Sammy. Johnson was chatting with Ali, Madison and Jack were taking selfies as usual and I was with my boyfriend Nate just sitting and talking about how who ever wins its gonna be okay bc you don’t need awards to define you… And finally Sam arrived “Wassup squad! Damn J you got a fine ass suit, talking about fine ass, whats up (Y/N)” Sammy said that with a following wink. I just giggled and said thank you because I taught it was just another one of Sammys jokes, but I could see Nate getting annoyed and nervous. “You okay baby” “Yeah, (Y/N) I’m fine, nothing to worry about” 

Nathan was looking Hella good in his tux, so good that he wsa taking my breath away! I was wearing this beautiful dress which nate picked for me

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So we were about to get in the car and Sam grabbed my ass passing by, I just stood there shocked and Sam was looking at me from the car with that fuckboy smile.. I could see Nate was trying to get himself together, not to make a scene and he was hoping that Sammy will stop.

We were getting to the red carpet and that was my first time on it so I was amused of how stunning everything is.

After we got in I decided to go and look around and I saw Sam and wanted to talk to him about his behaving. “Hey, Sam I was wond-” “ (Y/N), Babe! whats up?!” I leaned on the wall crossed my hands and looked at Sam “Whats up? Thats all you have to say?!” “Chill babe” he said and leaned closer “What are you doing Sam?” “Shh, chill” Sammy said while he was getting some of my hair of my face.

“Thats it!” Nate said while jumping on Sammy “Woah dude stop!” “I’m going to kick your ass if you get near (Y/N) one more time!” “Nate, baby stop! He is drunk I felt alcohol when he came near me! He didn’t mean any of it!” Nate got up and picked Sammy up “You’re off the hook this time bro, but watch out next time” Nate said and took my hand”

“You know babe you’re really hot when you’re jealous” “You really think so, (Y/N)?” “Oh hell yeah baby” “ Well no one gets near my girl without regreting it! Besides no one can make you feel as good as I can” “Oh really? Well will you show me that tonight” “You bet babe”

I hope you like it, especially mya-maloley ;) 

Oh I gotta mention that was really laughing my ass off when i was writing how Nate Maloley was trying to get him self together and I realized that Nate Archibald (On the gif in the background) had a resting bitch face lol