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I know most of u hate Halsey for stupid reasons but no offense…. she literally is working her ass off and has been for the past 2 years and it’s paying off and she did a huge fuckin show at Madison square garden this year and she literally came from being homeless and dropping out of community college and being a lost teenager who didn’t rly know what to make of herself to like??? Living her dreams??? And making music that people care about??? And she’s really inspiring no matter what u think of her??? She still struggles w her mental disorder and she uses music as a channel of communication and coping??? and she writes about sex and love and happiness and sadness and all the shit in between those things and she keeps going and producing what she loves and knows and loving her life and recognizing how lucky she is even tho people shit all over her for it and they whitewash her and they pretend like she’s a joke and she’s just like hm … okay anyways …. and idk that’s just cool and she’s cool as hell

Little things I love about Hamilton, in no particular order
  • The seamless transition between Winter’s Ball and Helpless
  • “Did you forget Lafayette?” asks Lafayette with his hair down
  • All of Hamilton’s monologue in The World Was Wide Enough
  • The strains of It’s Quiet Uptown that can be heard at the end of That Would Be Enough
  • Aaron “Talk Less” Burr going off at Hamilton in court “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • Madison’s quiet, sobbed “Please.” after It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Daddy’s calling.”
  • “Call me son oNE MORE TIME!”
  • All of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  • “Oceans rise, empires fall”
  • The overlapping melodies near the end of Nonstop, all coming to a head under Washington’s refrain of History Has Its Eyes On You
  • “I’m not hear for you.”
  • “Where have  you been?” “Uh, France.”
  • Farmer Refuted, aka Hamilton thinks you can shut your fucking mouth you dumbass
  • Burr somehow being surprised that Hamilton shows up to his house in the middle of the night
  • “Meet me inside.”
  • “Geoooorge Washington!”
  • All of It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Washington cannot be left alone to his devices.
  • “You must be out of your goDDAMN MIND”
  • T Jeff’s smug ass during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “Siddown JohN YOU FAT MOTHER-”
  • “Aaron Burr, sir” with every single meaning it has throughout the show
  • The transition between Hurricane and The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “You don’t have the votes”
  • The transition between Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot (that brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard it without youtube loading and every time since)
  • “I’ll show you where mY SHOE FITS”
  • “John Adams shat the bed”
  • “That’s an order from your commander.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” 
  • The fact that Hamilton literally threw away his shot during his duel with Burr
  • Phillip’s heartbeat during the Stay Alive reprise and it’s subsequent faltering and fading away
  • The less sad fact that Burr killed Alex because he couldn’t stop talking shit
  • A. Ham basically telling Burr that he wasn’t sure which bout of shit-talking Burr was referring to during Your Obedient Servant, but I meant every single one of them
  • Alexander “will destroy everyone including myself” Hamilton making that name true during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Both Burr and Ham sound like they’re gonna cry a little during Dear Theodosia
  • Aaron and Alexander’s intricate relationship, constantly flickering from sibling to foe to friend 
  • “ ‘President John Adams’, good luck!”
  • Burr’s awe and bitterness in The Room Where It Happens
  • “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” for three people
  • Anthony Ramos plays both Hamilton’s boyfriend and his son?
  • Take A Break, also called Eliza’s Pretty Sick Of Your Lame Excuses, Spend Some Time With Your Fucking Family
  • “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
  • “There you are an ocean away, do you have to be an ocean away?”
  • Guns And Ships, all of it
  • Actually, all of Lafayette
  • “John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.”
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women, aka Alex Acknowledges That Eliza Is Way Too Good For Him
  • “Southern, motherfucking Democratic-Republicans!”
  • Jefferson and Hamilton are literally always ready to fight
  • Also every single one of Jefferson’s lines
  • everything
  • i love everything
  • i’ve been thinking about this list for almost twelve hours
  • i love this show
  • shout out to Lin Manuel-Miranda for making me obsessed with some old dead dude who literally never stopped talking and also happened to help found the country and set up the basis for our monetary system
I'm sorry but.....

All these fucking rants about how awful the season finale was, etc, and most if not all are coming from Kichie stans. I guess all these seasons of a romantic connection between Richie and Kate went nowhere. He barely had any scenes with her. They’re also more than bitter over us getting SethKate moments when there was no RichieKate to be seen. Just bitter as fuck. Like it’s nobodies fault but your own for reading into things and expecting more than what you got.

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Headcanons for Modern Day AU JeffMads (Thomas Jefferson & James Madison):

• Thomas is the leader of the campus’s frat, and James is his second who is always by his side. While Jefferson has the classic douchebag leader vibe, Madison is more of an introvert who doesn’t really care about the parties or the beer or the girls, but simply stays in the frat to be with Jefferson.

• Though Jefferson and Madison show intense homophobia towards the queer couples of the school, it’s only a facade. They have a secret romantic relationship that had lasted since freshman year of high school and because of their place at the college they are forced to keep it secret. The only person that knows is Aaron Burr. He accidentally walked in on them making out.

• The Thomas vs. Alexander battle all started when Hamilton completely demolished anything that Jefferson believed in debate class. After that, Jefferson forced his frat buddies to beat him up and harass him at least once a day. And you better believe that Alex fought back.

• Laurens was furious that Jefferson broke his boyfriend so much. So in return, John broke Thomas’s nose.

• You better believe that Thomas Jefferson vapes.

• James Madison has an intense case a asthma. He’s had it since elementary school.

• Aaron Burr is rather meaningless to Jefferson and Madison. He’s like the friend that you deal with and tell him that he’s great but in reality you don’t like him that much. They won’t let him in their fraternity, but will share gossip and secrets as well as hatred for Alexander Hamilton with him.

• To sum it all up, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are gay douchebag frat boys who hate pretty much everything.