madison scene


Deleted scene from season 2


Ngl I’m not really feeling my new sketchbook. Anyways some doodles that I don’t really like as much as the last ones… Just thought I’d update. I’ll probably color them eventually bc I need validation & people seem to like that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Anyways, my hopes for future chapters I guess ^^????? No idea. Sorry @slvrhvk I never seem to draw ACTUAL scenes… Ngl this was probably just an excuse for me to draw Jeffmads smooches bc I’m actually The Worst.

Also Aaron is upset bc he wasn’t invited to the murder party. Doesn’t matter what universe, he will always be perpetually out of the loop.

Edit: i forgot to mention this is for How to Get Away with Revolution so it’s a sequel to this post for this fic 


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Claire: it’s hard to imagine life without cell phones.

Marlena: Yes, but we managed. In fact, we had to be home if we wanted to get a phone call from somebody. Yeah, not hanging around the mall shop, checking our cell phones all the time.