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Sugar is Brittana’s love child; Rory is Klaine’s; Madison and Mason are St Berry’s; Jane is Quinncedes’; Spencer is Quick’s; Unique is Kurtcedes’; Myron is Hummelberry’s; Alistair is Kadam’s; Kitty is Quinntana’s.


Summary: Alexander and Laurens admit LAMS is real. 

*Lauren’s POV*

A girl catches your eye, and suddenly she looks all too familiar. You tug on Alexander’s cardigan, “Isn’t that the girl who broke your heart?” You nod in the direction to the brunette wearing the navy sweater.

Alexander glances at her, then shakes his head. “I broke her heart. At least that’s how I tell it.”

I stare at Alexander, an eye of worry and astonishment. rises through both of us. He stares at the woman, longingly, while I look at him the same way. If only he were to know…

“Gentlemen!” A stern voice rings throughout the hall, and conversation falls flat. Mr. Washington continues, “Escort your ladies out into the lobby, we have some business of a new nation to discuss.” He bows his head and signs for us to begin moving. I watch the lady link arms and follow a kind looking man out of the room with the rest of the company, only to have my eyes stand still on Alexander’s meandering eyes and his nail in his mouth as he nervously chewed on it.

“Just admit I’m right,” I murmured to him, referencing how she ultimately dissected his heart and proceeded to weave it in his body again upside down.

“Laurens, please, not now.”

We shuffle to our seats, and begin the long process of reviewing the Bill of Rights. So many of us agree with it, however many other’s don’t… it’s a mess in the court. It didn’t really matter to me, but I had to keep my seat in Congress so I paid attention.

Every now and then I felt eyes looking at me, staring into my skull, and every time I turned around it was Alexander- his beautiful arched brows defining the way his eyes bent and molded with his sharp face.

“Looks like we’ll be stuck here a while”, I say, trying to break my own awkwardness of finding the beautiful man staring at me. Alexander just looked down and smirked, then resumed his focus on Madison’s lobbying and ranting of the proposal.

The meeting finally ends, and Alexander walk ourselves out not bothering to pick up a lady in the lobby. “Madison’s ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow,” Alex laughed as we were leaving the congress hall.

I didn’t have the time I wanted to respond when Jefferson cut in, “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

Alexander stopped himself, and met eyes with Jefferson, glowering his eyes at the man across the room. “Thomas, who are you? Why are you here? It’s not like you make decisions for yourself, much less the nation…”

“Excuse me?” Jefferson halted his prance and turned to Hamilton, pivoting himself to be eye to eye with him. “Hey Madison, come on over here.” Madison looked from across the hall of people.

Alexander rolled his eyes, and began mocking Jefferson. “Oh yeah?” Hamilton began, “You’re going to bring your unofficial slave over here now to defend you? Sounds like it, you can’ even make choices for yourself.”

Madison swiftly made his way to Hamilton, coming within centimeters of his face. I know it wasn’t the time, but I was kind of jealous. “Hamilton,” Madison began, “Watch yourself, you federalist.”

“Oh, was that supposed to offend me? Don’t pardon my beliefs, at least I actually fought for this country” Alexander grunted, refusing to back down. “Why are you here? You are a democratic republican who would rather the union be split into 13 nations divisible by rights.”

“And you’d rather put another king in charge!” Jefferson spat. “It’s not like you actually fought anyway, you led one order, other than that you were your Daddy’s aide to camp!”

Hamilton spun on his heels, fists balled and white. Through clenched teeth, Alexander insisted, “Don’t say a word against him.”

I could see it in Alexander’s eyes: his rage pouring through and about to shatter themselves against his opponents. I had to do something; I couldn’t just stand there. I fled to the double doors, swung them open, and hassled Mr. Washington to the lobby where I saw the three men now fully engaged in a fight. Hamilton was taking both Jefferson and Madison, and although Alexander did have more military experience, it sure wasn’t helping him win.

“Gentlemen!” Washington’s voice rang out. Immediately, the three men froze, and when they realized who was speaking to them, immediately dropped the fight and dusted themselves off. “Madison, Jefferson, I do not want to see you right now. Get out of my hall,” Washington sighed. Madison and Jefferson were quick to scatter off of the floor. “John, please, wait for your friend outside.” I nodded my head, then sullenly walked out before I was stopped. “John!” I spun on my hells, anxious for what he was going to say. “Before you leave, I’d like to thank you. Although it was startling for you to rip me from my desk, I don’t want to have thought of the blood that I might have found on my lobby floor when I left and locked up for the night. I think you saved your friend Hamilton from a terrible fate…” he trailed off. Alex and I met eyes, and we exchanged a mute signal of sorrow and anxiety.

I met eyes with Washington and we exchanged an awkward smile, then I proceeded to stoop out of the hall and sit on the stairs, waiting for Hamilton to be released from his lecture from Washington.

I began to think of Hamilton… Alexander Hamilton. What a beautiful name. A name that could be sung by angels, a name that could be paired with mine. With my mind on his mouth, I think what it’d be like to kiss him… to hold his strong competitive shoulders and brace him against me as our groins pressed against each other. I’d trail my lips off his and move down to where his jaw began to curve, then his neck, all as he begins to moan-

“John Laurens!” Hamilton was practically marching out of the hall. I didn’t know what to say to him, so I didn’t. “Why?”

“Why what?” I asked.

“Why did you have to go and get Washington?” he snapped.

I was stunned, and suddenly became defensive, “Excuse me? Alex, in case you didn’t see you were going to be killed!”

“I would have been fine! You just had to run to the boss and be a god damn tattle tale,”  he barked.

“Alexander listen to yourself! I didn’t want you to die! They practically called you a monster for your beliefs, I-“

“I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” he yelled.

“It does mean shit! It means shit because they’re your competitors and they made a fool of you!”

Alex ran his hands through his hair. “You don’t get it,“ he whispered, and then his voice raised,” You don’t fucking get it! You shouldn’t have even been there!”

I dropped my gaze from his eyes that had turn from the loving warm I knew to cold, strange ones. “Okay Alex. You win,” I sighed. “I’ll just be going.” I stood up, wrapped my scarf around my neck, and began strolling down the street. I walked about 30 feet, when I heard Alex call out-

“Where are you going?”

I didn’t respond. I kept walking.

“John! Please?”

*Hamilton’s POV*

I hadn’t moved from where Laurens left me, the beautiful bastard. I lost my cool with him, all in the sake of my name, when I’d much rather take his name to be my last name. I stand outside Congress’s hall until the sun starts to set, watching Lauren’s footsteps slowly be covered by more snow.

I begin to walk to a house, though it wasn’t mine. It was John’s. I knew that’s where he had gone, he had to have, it’s not like he was a drinker.

I stepped onto his porch, sliding off my hat. Should I do this? Should I go in? The arrogant part of me said no, and not to let him have the knowledge that you were weak and felt sympathy. Another side of me said I should go apologize. That’s what Washington says I need to work on, and what the majority of his private speech to me today was about.

I take a deep breath, slumping my shoulders. I knew that the lock on the door was broken so I just let myself in.

Immediately, I heard sniffles and the sound of someone who had just been crying. I follow the noise, and there Laurens was, in his desk.

“John?” I swear, he jumped 3 feet.

“Geez!” He screams, spinning around on his chair. “Fuck Alexander,” he spits at me, eyebrows furrowed. “First you yell at me, and then you just barge into my house?”

“I’m sorry, I-“

“Whatever,” he mumbles, burrowing his head into the bend of his elbow.

“John, I’m sorry to barge in with no warning, but, I had to see that you made it home safely.”

“I did,” he replied. “You can leave now.”

I refused to let him order me to do something he really didn’t want me to do… I could see the cracks in his lies and the true want of his desires.  I decided to go out on a limb, and asked, “John, are you crying?”

“I told you, I have seasonal allergies.”

“John, please. Please look at me,” I coaxed, but he didn’t. “John…” I stood there for a moment, looking at his hunched over body. It killed me to see him like this, and to think I contributed to this…

I leaned over him and began to run my hands soothingly up and down his back, curling some stray ends of his hair behind his ear. I began to pull at the collar of his jacket, cuing him to loosen his body so I could drag his heavy water cat away from him. He obliged, allowing me to gently set the clothing down. I pulled up a chair next to him, watching him in his agony.

After a little while, he cracked, “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“It’s okay to cry…”

“No, Alexander, it’s not,” he sniffed. “I’m a man, I shouldn’t be-“

“John,” I started. “Crying is natural. I’d rather you do it in the privacy of your own home than in the hall.”

He rolled over to look at me, red cheeks and tears pigmenting his face. “You don’t have to stay here,” he said, almost cold. He was expressionless. 

“But I want to.”

“I just need to be alone right now,” he said, burying his face once again.

I sighed, hesitantly getting up. I wasn’t about to leave- oh no. I went to John’s bedroom to get him a pillow for his poor head that was currently trying to find comfort on a wooden desk and a skinny arm. I grabbed the first one I could reach, then headed right back to his office, but when I returned John Laurens wasn’t there. He couldn’t have gone far, so I was going to go find him to make sure he hadn’t done something stupid when a new piece of paper caught my eye. It hadn’t been there on his desk when I had left. Curious, I began reading it,

You confuse me
You exhilarate me
You confound me
You make me happy
You seem warm

The list of your went on and on, “You make me want to love again” and “You catch my eye everyday” catching my attention in particular. A part of me was glad that he had something to look forward to, seeing a girl and all. At the same time, my selfish desires felt betrayed by Laurens, but of course how could we be together? How would it be possible for Congress to ratify two people of the same gender to-

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” It was John, seeing me leaning over his desk reading the papers.

“Oh, so you’re back,” I respond, but it comes out a little more cold than I would have liked it to.

“I left to go get ink to write, I thought you left like I suggested,” John spat. It seemed the hostility was mutual.

I tried to soften the tension, “I thought you might want a pillow for your head, do you?” I offered it to him, holding it up in the air a bit.

“I’m fine,” he gritted. “Just let me write.” John pushed me to the side, still fuming from tears and his new found anger at me.

I walked to the door, but stopped midstep. I couldn’t just let this slide. I had to do something… so I tuned around. Hanging out in the door way, I asked, “Have I ever lied to you?”

John slammed down his pen and glared at me. “Alexander-“

“No, really, have I?” I asked. He continued to glare at me, obviously thinking about all the sticky situations I had gotten him in. “Look, I know I’ve gotten you in a couple of fights and accidentally have played you up with some businesses, but I’ve never actually lied to you.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I just-,” the thing is I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think I’d get this far. He raised his eyebrows at me. “Okay, I just, I thought that you could use some company.”

“Some company?” he asked me as if I were speaking a different tongue.

“Yes, some company.”

“Look, Hamilton, if you don’t have anything to say, just leave,” he commanded.

I wasn’t going to fight him anymore. I had to leave. Reluctantly, I straightened up my shoulders, and began putting on my jacket. He must’ve heard the wrustle of the jacket lining, because he suddenly asked me, “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

“I’m sorry?”

John set his pen down once more, and actually turned to face me. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking,” he said, and began to rub his hand across his forehead and into his hair.

I swear to God, my breath caught in my throat. Did he know? What the actual hell?

Laurens rose to his feet and began to meander his way to where I was locked in the doorframe, eventually taking one of my hands and placing the thumb of his other hand through one of my belt loops. “Say it,” he mumbled against my ear. “Say it and you can have what you want…“


“We all know that you try to protect the people you love by not showing them your argumentative side…” he trailed off, his gorgeous lips still dangerously close to my neck. “So why did you try to push me away from your fight this afternoon? And why haven’t you gotten in a fight with me yourself?”

I could feel myself blush… fuck. Why did he have to do this? But I gave in, and told him, “When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”

He smirked, our eyes meeting. He came closer to me, and closer, until our lips eventually met. It was small, concealed and private at first, but when I realized he was actually kissing me like he wanted to, I pushed my bottom lip onto his with even more force, causing him to smile into the kiss.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me,” he said.

This time, I smirked, “I just might be.”

Nash Grier - Another time and place (part 2)

First time being out and about since the news of our breakup got out and I was feeling a bit nervous. Someone apparently gave out some information about our personal life and about four days later every fan knew that Nash was single again.
The Jacks made me go out and have lunch with them and as badly as I wanted to stay at home and continue not doing anything, they convinced me to join them. The reactions to the breakup had been very different. Some were dancing in their happiness and some were crying over our late-romance. In the meanwhile, I was still trying to get back to my life I had before Nash even though it was one of the hardest things ever. I got used to that boy so easily that I felt like I was missing something from my life since we ended our relationship. I was starting to get scared that I may not be able to move on, but I refused to acknowledge any negative thoughts.

“Hey, you look great!” Johnson complimented me as I stepped out of the house for the first time in about a week. If I was really dramatic I would say the natural light hurt my eyes, but let’s just not go there.

“Thanks,” I smiled nicely and after he opened the door of the car to me I sat into it. “Hi Timberlake,” I greeted the new version of Jack, he dyed his hair blonde and I loved teasing him about it. He just rolled his eyes and then gave me a quick hug.

“Madison is joining us, if it’s not a problem.”

“No, sure. Awesome, I haven’t seen her in a while,” I smiled and I was happy there would be another female at the table.

Arriving to the restaurant a group of girls immediately recognized the guys and asked them for photos, while I stepped aside and tried to stay unnoticed, but I didn’t succeed.

“Hey, you are Y/N,” one of the girls stated pointing at me and it drew all the other girls’ attention to me.

“Uh, hi,” I mumbled really not feeling like answering questions from them.

“Is Nash coming?”

“Are you guys getting back together?”

“I think you should date Sam.”

They were talking at the same time and I was starting to feel really uncomfortable, but then thankfully Madison arrived and realizing the situation she grabbed my arm and just dragged me inside without a word while the boys finished taking pictures with the girls.

“Thanks, but they are gonna hate you for being rude,” I said as we walked to our table.

“It’s whatever. Half of their fans already hate me, so I’m willing to take about six more people to that list,” she chuckled winking at me. I smiled and then turned to the table with the intention of sitting down, but she stopped me.

“Oh no, Honey, you are not sitting there,” she shook her head pulling me to another table that had only two chairs next to it.

“What? What’s going on?” I asked confused. Right at that moment the Jacks walked inside with Justin, as in Bieber behind them and Nash by his side. “No, what is happening?” I asked feeling the panic taking over me. I wasn’t ready to see Nash again, I needed some more time.

“Keep calm, it’s okay,” Madison whispered and then Nash looked at me. He was mid-sentence, explaining something to Justin, but he instantly froze at the sight of me.

“I-I didn’t know… What is going on here?” he asked looking at his friends while I felt more awkward than ever in my life.

“We thought that you two should talk,” Madison spoke up.

“Yeah man. Maybe you should reconsider this whole breakup thing,” Justin added smiling at him and then at me.

“And a public restaurant was the best place for this?” I asked awkwardly laughing.

“We couldn’t trick either of you to go to the other’s house, so yes, it was our last idea. Take a seat and have a talk,” Johnson told us escorting us to the table. “We’ll be over there. Don’t make a scene,” he warned us and after we took our seats they walked over to their own table and pretended like nothing was happening while my hands were literally shaking.

“I literally didn’t know you would be here,” Nash started and I shook my head.

“I know. They tricked both of us,” I chuckled glancing over at our friends that were trying to look casual but in the meanwhile they were definitely creeping on us.

“So… How have you been?” he asked being obviously nervous and comfortable.

“Honestly or should I lie?” I sarcastically asked looking down at the menu.

“I feel you. This week has been horrible,” he admitted and it kinda felt great to know it was hard for him too. It would have been devastating if he already moved on.

A short silence came between us and I wasn’t sure what I should have said, and fortunately he was the first one to speak up.

“I miss you, Y/N. I know that we fight a lot, but… Not having you at all is worst.”

As if a huge weight fell off my shoulders, Nash said the words that I wanted to say but didn’t have the courage.

“I totally agree,” I said exhaling the air I had been holding back.

“You do?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah. I got used to you too badly,” I laughed shaking my head and it made him chuckle too. He put his hand to my hand that was on the table and gave it a squeeze.

“So, are we back together?”

“We have to talk about a lot of things tho,” I said reminding him that it’s not how it works. We had to work on our issues.

“I know. Why don’t you sleep over at my place tonight?”

“I’m in,” I grinned knowing well enough that it would be more than just talking tonight, but I was more than okay with it. “Uh, guys, can we sit at the same table now?” I asked turning to our precious friends.

“Sure, we had another table reserved, so let’s just sit over there,” Gilinsky said and I was amused by their detailed plan.

“You guys are crazy,” I chuckled as we all moved over to the bigger table where everyone had a seat.

“I think you want to say thank you and that we are geniuses,” Johnson corrected me.

Nash and I sat next to each other and when I felt his hand grabbing mine under the table I couldn’t hold my smile back. I knew we had a lot to work on our relationship but I was happy we gave it another shot.

Nash leaned closer to my ear so only I could hear what he was saying.

“Remember what we said when we broke up?” I looked at him.

“That maybe we needed another time and place?”

He nodded.

“Maybe the other place was another state of mind. This is out other place.”

I smiled at him and then pecked his lips. God, I loved this boy and I didn’t want to give up on him anytime soon again.