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2015 WJC, Team Canada


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Jefferson: “What do you usually do when I’m gone?”

Madison: “Wait for you to come back.”

You’re Distracting Epilogue

A/N : WOOOHOOOOO guess who found their old flashdrive. Turns out that it was under my friends seat in her car. Anyway, this means I can post the epilogue now. I have had this ending in my mind since I first started writing the series and I am so happy I finally get to share in with all of you. Remember to submit some asks!

Title: You’re Distracting Epilogue

Rating: Teen

Warnings : Jealousy, posessiveness, fluffy as hell

Word Count: 803


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5

I was walking through the court yard and making my way towards a bench by the tree where I saw a certain fluffy haired guy waiting for me. It had been months since me and Thomas became official and it was amazing. I can easily say I am in love but I for me it has been more than that. Ever since we got together Thomas has taken it upon himself to make sure I am doing well. He makes sure that I can do things on my own and offers help when I can’t. I can honestly say I have never been felt so secure with someone. I realized Thomas had been staring at me dopily as I walked over. I was only a few yards away and chuckled as Madison smacked Jefferson on the head, trying to get him to pay attention to him. Madison had been so supportive despite the fact that Jefferson never seemed to hear a word Madison said when I was around.

               I felt someone grab my arm just a few strides away from the table. I quickly turned a bit annoyed that I was stalled from my pursuit. My eyes met a chest and I slowly raised my head to find a decent looking blonde haired boy. My eyes widened as he smiled down at me and pulled me even closer. “Hey, how are you?” he smirked as I fidgeted. I have never felt more uncomfortable until I felt someone grab my other arm, effectively ripping me out of the blonde boys grasp.

“She’s taken.” I heard a familiar voice growl behind me. I watched the blonde boys face distort into fear before taking one last look at me and scurrying away. Hands slowly wrapped themselves around my waist as I leaned back into them. “Did you have to wear that tank top today?” I heard a frustrated voice grumble in my ear before I felt a soft kiss just below my ear.

“Did you have to scare that boy half to death for talking to me?” I sighed.

“We both know that he wasn’t looking to just talk.” Thomas growled back. I rolled my eyes and slowly turned around chuckling. I looked up from the broad chest in front of me and into his eyes grinning. “Why do you do this to me?”

“I didn’t do anything. I walked out of the house.” I laughed.

“Exactly!” He groaned loudly. I chuckled before pulling out of his arms and going to sit on the park bench next to an exasperated Madison.

“Y/N!!!! Y/N!!!! WAIT!” I heard someone shout. I turned around with a grin on my face knowing that there was only one person who would shout loudly without fear of embarrassment in a college cafeteria. Thomas stopped walking beside me and turned around to face Alexander frantically running towards us. I felt Thomas quickly wrap his arm around my waist. I reached out with my arms and pulled Hamilton into a hug just as he reached me.

“Hey, where have you been? You haven’t answered any of my texts lately.” I stated as I pulled away and pocked at his chest. Thomas went stalk still beside me. Hamilton smirked noticing the tension coming from Jefferson.

“I see you got the one you really wanted. “ Hamilton taunted at me. I just blushed and nodded my head. I watched Alexanders face soften. “I did too.” He smiled slightly and blushed. I was shocked and gave an audible gasp as Laurens came up and wrapped an arm around Alex’s waist mimicking Jeffersons stance with me. I remembered Laurens. He was Alex’s closest friend. I smiled as I remembered the new years party we had and I had been slightly confused as Laurens watched Alex get up from the couch and just looked longingly after him. Now I get it. Alex’s didn’t have a thing for the schuyler sisters. He had a thing for John.

“You find your friend?” Laurens chuckled looking at Alexander with the happiest smile on his face as he let out a sigh.

“Yeah I am the friend.” I laughed. I looked back to Alex and smiled. “I am glad you are having fun.” I winked with a smirk and watched as a blush spread over his face and Laurens laughed out loud over his boyfriend’s embarrassment. “Well I have to head out text me if you aren’t ‘busy’ later.” I said with my fingers making air quotes.

Thomas began chuckling as we walked away. “I guess I don’t have to worry about Hamilton now.”

“Eh it won’t stop you from being jealous. It’s your thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He grumbled.

I laughed as a guy walked past looking at me and Jefferson huffed pulling me closer to his side.

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prompt: jefferson is affronted on madison's behalf at the "you're mad as a hatter, son, take your medicine!" line

madison’s an angry crier

  • Hamilton: We don’t have to be adversaries, James. We both want what’s best for our nation.
  • Madison: *thinking* Why is Hamilton being so nice to me?
  • Hamilton: And if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • Madison: *thinking* Wait a minute. Is he coming on to me?
  • Hamilton: I mean, if I should slip something into your pocket, what’s the harm?
  • Madison: *thinking* Oh my God! He is coming on to me!
  • Hamilton: After all, negotiations make strange bedfellows.
  • Hamilton: *wink*
  • Madison: *thinking* AAAH!
  • Madison: Sorry Mr. Hamilton, but I don’t go in for these back door shenanigans. Sure, I’m flattered. Maybe even a little curious. But the answer is no!

It’s hard to express what the new Broadway musical Hamilton means to me through only words, because in person my hands are moving impossibly faster than my tongue. Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken stodgy old wig-wearing who-cares characters from history books and turned them into PEOPLE. Living, breathing flesh with the emotions and yearnings of actual individuals, which - you know - is who they actually were. But beyond that, he’s made them visually accessible. They look like you and I. The actors in these roles are Latinx, Black and Asian. When we say “representation matters” I don’t think any of us imagined representation like this.

Lin-Manuel is a wonder. Sondheim and Jay-Z in one brain. You’d never know it, but it took him an entire year to write one song, the opening number “Alexander Hamilton.” Year Two saw him write a second song, “My Shot.” And the man kept at it, producing a score that is beyond anything Broadway has heard or seen since Next To Normal or maybe Avenue Q or maybe since - yes, I’ll say it - Rent.

What inspires me so much about this man is his audacity to be amazing. He told Vogue a few months back, “You go through the I’m a Fraud phase. You go through the I’ll Never Finish phase. And every once in a while you think, What if I actually have created what I set out to create, and it’s received as such?” That a man who is arguably one of the greatest in today’s industry can do what he does and still feel what he feels touches me on a spiritual level. As an author and filmmaker, I’ve felt those things to, but never would I have perceived something as Hamilton to be possible.

But these are our stories. Lin-Manuel’s father was passing American college a generation ago without knowing a stich of English. A Sony exec I met shared her story of living in her college library for several weeks because she couldn’t afford to pay housing. The son of an immigrant with the middle name Hussein is president during a racially-heated period in history. I look at these heroes and I ask myself why have I allowed expected limitations to impede on what I can achieve?

Look at all that marvelous melanin in the above images! Look at those names! Was this cast, this project possible two years ago? In the head of Lin-Manuel Miranda it was. So what’s in my head that I’ve been holding under lock and key? What’s in your head? It takes time and effort, but are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to wait for it?

Life doesn’t discriminate
between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes
and we keep living anyway
we rise and we fall and we break
and we make our mistakes
and if there’s a reason I’m still alive
when so many have died
then I’m willing to wait for it.

- “Wait For It”, from Hamilton, book, music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

📷 of Hamilton cast shot by Annie Liebowitz for Vogue, July 2015


                  You want some  c o m p a n y ?

Eliza's Predicament

Eliza: “Look at where you are; look at where you started. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle!”
Eliza: Like seriously, how have you not been murdered?! Alex you need to frEaKING CALM DOWN AND LEAVE BURR ALONE! GeT bAcK ovER HERE ALEXANDER!

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I was so glad to see that you like Hamilton because I've basically been listening to it on repeat for weeks. Do you have any favorite songs from the album for musical and/or historical reasons?

There isn’t a bad song on the Hamilton: An American Musical cast recording, so let that be said first of all. It’s all worth listening to, and everything is good, from a historical standpoint and from a musical standpoint.

Here are my personal favorites (I’m limiting myself to a Top 5, even though that’s like choosing between my two dozen, non-existent children):

1. Wait For It – This is my favorite song of 2015 in any genre. I genuinely believe that Wait For It transcends the story and the style and could be a hit on the radio. As much as I love Hamilton, that can’t be said for most of the songs, but Wait For It could and should be on the radio.

2. Cabinet Battle #1 – Here is a perfect example of everything revolutionary and amazing about Hamilton. A rap battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton with historically accurate lyrics about Revolutionary War debts, states’ rights, and the formation of the American financial system. Good rap, good history, with special appearances by George Washington in the Mekhi Phifer hosting role and James Madison as Jefferson’s hype man! If this isn’t good enough for you, bend over and I’ll show you where my shoe fits.

3. Say No To This – You did Eliza wrong, Alexander, but I understand. I wouldn’t be able to resist Jasmine Cephas Jones (aka Maria Reynolds), either, especially after I heard her hit that note when she sings, “If you pay, you can stay”. I grew up listening to 90′s hip-hop and R&B, and the only thing better than a great rap song from the 1990′s is a great slow jam. Say No To This is Hamilton’s great slow jam.

4. Satisfied – While the ladies of Hamilton mainly hold things down throughout the show with their beautiful singing voices, Renée Elise Goldsberry (as Angelica Schuyler) proves that her name better be in the conversation when talking about the best rappers from the Hamilton crew – something that was reinforced when she showed Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Black Thought (from The Roots) how it’s done in the Hamilton BET Cypher.

5. Alexander Hamilton – By limiting myself to a Top 5, I really made it difficult because I feel like I’m short-changing Leslie Odom, Jr., who is so amazing in Hamilton that he actually makes Aaron Burr likable and a sympathetic figure; or Daveed Diggs, who is the best pure rapper in the show and dripping with charisma as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson; or Christopher Jackson, who is George Washington. And I don’t just mean that he plays George Washington; Christopher Jackson IS George Washington. Period. Christopher Jackson will always be George Washington for me, beginning with the first time I heard him on the Hamilton cast recording. So, I’m going to choose the first song from the album – and the first song that Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed to the world, back in 2009 at the White House, when he spit some amazing bars about “the ten-dollar Founding Father without a father”, back before everyone knew what that was referencing, and told everyone that he was working on a “mixtape” about Alexander Hamilton. Because I’ve heard that song so many times – and I listened to that White House performance hundreds of times before the Hamilton musical ever hit the stage, plus it is used in various ways and with various alterations as a reprise throughout the cast recording – it is sometimes overlooked. But that song is a fucking masterpiece, just like the play itself and every soul that embodies the characters within it. That song is pure hip-hop, just like the musical itself, and it’s taken to another level by the history that is passed along through the lyrics. But the lyrics themselves? It’s beyond my ability to properly review or summarize how good this song is lyrically, and that’s why it is a perfect jumping off point for a lyrical, historical, musical dream like Hamilton: An American Musical. Stop reading what I’m writing and go listen to the album!

Safe Sex

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“Ugh,” Madison grunted. Chris flinched when a bra hit him in the face. He’d been trying to sleep while Madison got ready for work.

“This one is my favorite,” he held up the black and red bra.

“It shrank.”

“That’s incredibly sad. I’m keeping it.” He scrunched it into his hand and rolled over so he could go back to sleep. He’d just dozed off when another bra hit him in the shoulder.

“I’ve told Grace a million times not to put my bras in the dryer!” Madison huffed.

“Wear the one you wore yesterday.” He said, not opening his eyes.

“It shrank!” Madison grumped.

“How could it have shrank if hasn’t been washed?” Chris cracked an eye at her. “You’re pregnant!”

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