madison in waiting

  • Hamilton: We don’t have to be adversaries, James. We both want what’s best for our nation.
  • Madison: *thinking* Why is Hamilton being so nice to me?
  • Hamilton: And if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • Madison: *thinking* Wait a minute. Is he coming on to me?
  • Hamilton: I mean, if I should slip something into your pocket, what’s the harm?
  • Madison: *thinking* Oh my God! He is coming on to me!
  • Hamilton: After all, negotiations make strange bedfellows.
  • Hamilton: *wink*
  • Madison: *thinking* AAAH!
  • Madison: Sorry Mr. Hamilton, but I don’t go in for these back door shenanigans. Sure, I’m flattered. Maybe even a little curious. But the answer is no!

                  You want some  c o m p a n y ?


2015 WJC, Team Canada

anonymous asked:

I was so glad to see that you like Hamilton because I've basically been listening to it on repeat for weeks. Do you have any favorite songs from the album for musical and/or historical reasons?

There isn’t a bad song on the Hamilton: An American Musical cast recording, so let that be said first of all. It’s all worth listening to, and everything is good, from a historical standpoint and from a musical standpoint.

Here are my personal favorites (I’m limiting myself to a Top 5, even though that’s like choosing between my two dozen, non-existent children):

1. Wait For It – This is my favorite song of 2015 in any genre. I genuinely believe that Wait For It transcends the story and the style and could be a hit on the radio. As much as I love Hamilton, that can’t be said for most of the songs, but Wait For It could and should be on the radio.

2. Cabinet Battle #1 – Here is a perfect example of everything revolutionary and amazing about Hamilton. A rap battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton with historically accurate lyrics about Revolutionary War debts, states’ rights, and the formation of the American financial system. Good rap, good history, with special appearances by George Washington in the Mekhi Phifer hosting role and James Madison as Jefferson’s hype man! If this isn’t good enough for you, bend over and I’ll show you where my shoe fits.

3. Say No To This – You did Eliza wrong, Alexander, but I understand. I wouldn’t be able to resist Jasmine Cephas Jones (aka Maria Reynolds), either, especially after I heard her hit that note when she sings, “If you pay, you can stay”. I grew up listening to 90′s hip-hop and R&B, and the only thing better than a great rap song from the 1990′s is a great slow jam. Say No To This is Hamilton’s great slow jam.

4. Satisfied – While the ladies of Hamilton mainly hold things down throughout the show with their beautiful singing voices, Renée Elise Goldsberry (as Angelica Schuyler) proves that her name better be in the conversation when talking about the best rappers from the Hamilton crew – something that was reinforced when she showed Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Black Thought (from The Roots) how it’s done in the Hamilton BET Cypher.

5. Alexander Hamilton – By limiting myself to a Top 5, I really made it difficult because I feel like I’m short-changing Leslie Odom, Jr., who is so amazing in Hamilton that he actually makes Aaron Burr likable and a sympathetic figure; or Daveed Diggs, who is the best pure rapper in the show and dripping with charisma as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson; or Christopher Jackson, who is George Washington. And I don’t just mean that he plays George Washington; Christopher Jackson IS George Washington. Period. Christopher Jackson will always be George Washington for me, beginning with the first time I heard him on the Hamilton cast recording. So, I’m going to choose the first song from the album – and the first song that Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed to the world, back in 2009 at the White House, when he spit some amazing bars about “the ten-dollar Founding Father without a father”, back before everyone knew what that was referencing, and told everyone that he was working on a “mixtape” about Alexander Hamilton. Because I’ve heard that song so many times – and I listened to that White House performance hundreds of times before the Hamilton musical ever hit the stage, plus it is used in various ways and with various alterations as a reprise throughout the cast recording – it is sometimes overlooked. But that song is a fucking masterpiece, just like the play itself and every soul that embodies the characters within it. That song is pure hip-hop, just like the musical itself, and it’s taken to another level by the history that is passed along through the lyrics. But the lyrics themselves? It’s beyond my ability to properly review or summarize how good this song is lyrically, and that’s why it is a perfect jumping off point for a lyrical, historical, musical dream like Hamilton: An American Musical. Stop reading what I’m writing and go listen to the album!

Eliza's Predicament

Eliza: “Look at where you are; look at where you started. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle!”
Eliza: Like seriously, how have you not been murdered?! Alex you need to frEaKING CALM DOWN AND LEAVE BURR ALONE! GeT bAcK ovER HERE ALEXANDER!

Be My Frankenstein - Kyle Spencer X Reader - Part 2: Hold The Line

REQUEST:  Pleas do a part 2 to be my Frankenstein please need Kyle — sent by anonymous



You brought Kyle back to the house and silently led him in your room. He hadn’t said anything on the drive over, for which you’d had to steal a car since your friends had left you at the morgue. He grunted a lot and looked pretty scared, but you had kept a hard grip on his hand and it seemed to calm him down. Madison and Zoe were waiting on your bed.

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Madison waited until Scout could get up and walk to call a taxi.

Lurching on her feet, the tiny blonde followed her mother closely into the taxi, only stopping when the sudden stench of fair food made her suddenly feel like she was about to throw up. Madison leaned out the taxi window, frowning at Scout. “C’mon sweetie, we’re going home.” Reaching her hand out, Madison eased Scout into the back of the cab with her, letting her daughter curl up on the seat with her, her head on her stomach, listening to her sibling inside.


So like ofc it was about the founding fathers but it was mostly about Jmad and Tjeff and it was when TJeff was still in (uhhh) France but after the war and The federalist papers were still being written and so Tjeff and Jmad weren’t together and before Thomas left they were like Ok so we can sleep with whoever we want when we’re apart right bc were just bros right and Yeah of course bro get laid bro lol and so at some point in a letter Thoas mentioned how he was in Paris meeting lots of different ladies and so Madison was like wait what and Thomas was like yeah bro haha that’s cool right and Madison was like yeah of course bro that’s totally cool I mean we’re just bros BUT SECRETLY HE WAS FURIOUS and so he decided that he could get some too and next time AHam came over he was all hello Alexander ;) and AHam was like sure and hanky panky and federalist papers and chill happened for a while and later when Hamilton was fucking shit up and Madison wasn’t happy with his political shit they stopped and then Jefferson came back and Jeffermad (but no homo) is back on and then later they hate him and James is bitching and he’s like ugh I can’t believe I blew him and Jefferson is like haha that’s funny and Madison is like …… and Thomas is like WAIT WHAT and then Alex walks in and James is blushing and Thomas glares at him and Ham is like OH and smirks and walks out winking at Madison and then the door closes and Jefferson is hella pissed and Madison is like WE WERE ON A BREAK

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