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Here’s the jeffmads song part 2, from James’ perspective!

I used the same chords but constructed a less funny and probably sadder song!

But wow, I didn’t think it would end up at almost 5 minutes…

That aside, this is “With Me”! Enjoy!

Wow that's gay
  • James Madison: You lost in a fight? With Hamilton?
  • Thomas Jefferson: Yes!
  • James Madison: Thomas, he's shorter than me, how did you even lose?
  • Thomas Jefferson: He bit my dick.
  • James Madison:
  • Thomas Jefferson:
  • James Madison:
  • Thomas Jefferson:
  • Aaron Burr: Hah, gaaaaaayyy

Madison:*Mumbles to Jefferson* I love you.

Jefferson: What was that?

Madison: Nothing!

Jefferson: No, no, no your not getting out of this one you just said you’d love me~

Madison: I did not!

Jefferson: *Shouts to Burr*Hey Burr he finally said it!

Madison: I made a terrible mistake.

Jefferson: It’s alright Jemmy Jams I love you too.

Madison: I love you so much.

Jefferson: I love you too.

Madison: This is real.

Jefferson: I know.

Madison: You’re my husband.

Jefferson: You’re my husband, too.

Madison: You married me in front of people.

Jefferson: I did. I was there.

Dear Mr. Gecko,

I just wanted you to know that that shirt seems buttoned pretty hastily and in a bit of a shabby way, and that the lady behind you with her “adoring gaze” is hiding pretty badly whatever you’ve just done in there, and since I’m sethkate trash, I’m immensely grateful for all these little details,

P.S. I’d like an invitation to the wedding, if it’s not too much bother.

                                                                                              Sincerely Yours,

                                  A HUGE fan of the Seth Gecko and Kate Fuller Team.

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I just said that out loud didn’t I?

## This is my first fanfiction ever.

Based in the “Choices” book “The Sophomore”

The MC= Jyn (who is “with” Becca)


Jyn couldn’t help but smile as Becca and Madison chatted away. It had taken almost the entire quarter of Jyn mediating but their friendship was finally on the mend. They were going on about what sort of things they’d been up to since their falling out, though Becca was leaving out anything about their clandestine relationship for obvious reasons.

The coffee shop was otherwise bizarrely quiet. Zig was cleaning something behind the counter, Kaitlyn was sharing a drink with Anissa at the next table. Jyn found it a bit odd that they were drinking coffee through a straw, but that’s just the sort of couple they’d become, sharing everything regardless of how weird it made them look. Tyler and Abbie were pouring over an Uskea catalogue. They had gotten over their rough patch without Jyn’s help, much to her relief. Now they were communicating much better about what each of them wanted and needed. Which included some new décor for their flat apparently. Zack and Chris were quietly discussing student council with Arjun in the corner.

“So, you never did tell me what happened between you two..” Madison said suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Becca asked

“Well you were practically at each other’s throats last year and now you and Jyn are practically inseparable.”

The only response Becca managed was “um…”

“Logan had even joked that the only way you two would get along is if you got a room and screwed each other’s brains out” She had done air quotes while talking to demonstrate they were Logan’s words not her own.

Jyn couldn’t help but chuckle while thinking “well that’s pretty much how it happened”

Jyn looked up as a crashing sound came from behind the counter. Zig had dropped a glass. Though she noticed she was the only one looking in that direction. Everyone else in the shop was staring at her with stunned looks on their faces. She turned her head slightly back towards Becca and Madison, Madison sharing the same look as the rest of the room, Becca was wide eyed with a look of sheer terror on her face.

It was Becca’s face that made Jyn realise, her hand moved instinctivly to her mouth, “Oh God! I just said that out loud didn’t I????”

I’m so proud of them. 6 years ago, Tyler wasn’t sure if Twenty One Pilots was going to work out. He wasn’t sure if he was meant to make or play music. Everything seemed like it was crashing down on him and he felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. He was ready to give up, but he didn’t. He pushed through his droughts. And now, 6 years later, him and his best friend are playing sold out shows all over the world, 2 of which include Madison Square Gardens. They did it. 

They aren’t the only ones who did it. You did it, too. You used their music to help you through rough times. You helped this band get to where they are today by supporting them and their music. When you make it out to a show, you decided it was worth it to keep going. Their shows are rooms full of people who all decided it was worth it to keep going. Tyler decided it was worth it to keep going. And look where he is today. 

We did it. 


So a lovely anon sent me a prompt asking for multiple things, I plan on doing all of them because they were awesome, so thankyou for that anon :) Here’s the first one, Amelia finds out her teenage daughter is drunk. This also kinda ties into a recent prompt on @omeliafics so that’s fun too :D

Amelia sat on the stairs and rested her hands on her knees, looking out through the front door and into darkness. She couldn’t see a thing, but that didn’t mean she was going to stop looking. One of her daughter’s hadn’t come home, and now it was past midnight. She had been going out of her mind for hours, calling the hospital, calling the police, calling anyone she could think of. Owen was at the hospital, on-call, long night, so Amelia was left on her own in their big house left to wait, and wait, and wait.

After another half an hour of sitting, and waiting, and looking out into the darkness, and trying not to lose her mind, the door slowly pushed open, and her 17 year old tip toed inside, not realising the downstairs lights weren’t off even though it was almost 1am. Then she was met with the now angry face of her mother.

“Madison Michelle Shepherd-Hunt.” Amelia said, her anger level rising so high that sparks would have been coming off of her tongue and her head would have been engulfing itself in flames, if they didn’t live in the real world where that wasn’t actually possible.

“Oh, mom.” Maddie said, taking off her black leather jacket and hanging it on one of the available hooks in the porch area.

“Don’t ‘oh mom’ me. Where were you? It’s almost 1am! I was worried sick. Your father was worried sick!” She said in what would have been a shout, if Charlotte wasn’t asleep upstairs. “Oh god, I sound like my mom…” She said, in a brief moment of understanding how her mom must have felt. “You smell like alcohol.” She said, whipping herself back into reality.

“That’s what happens when you hang out in a bar.” Maddie said, not meaning for it to sound as bad as it actually did.

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You know, when I got here earlier today, we were sound checking. I was standing on the stage, looking around at an empty arena, and I could only think of this three word phrase, and after sound check anyone I’d run into backstage, people I know people who work with us, all I had on my lips were those three words. I wanna tell you what those three words were. The first one I would like to define, clarify. The first word is we. And when I say we, I don’t just mean me. I don’t just mean that other guy over there on the drums. I don’t just mean our label, booking agency, publishing, all those people who are here tonight checking us out, watching what it is that you guys created. It’s not just our family, it’s not just our friends, it’s not just the other bands who play with us. It’s not this amazing crew that tours with us. It’s not just… our amazing crew that tours with us, again. And somehow it’s not just you guys in this room, but it’s the thousands of other people who are going to hear about this show, too. It’s all of us combined. Listen. So that was just to define the first word: we. That’s what I mean when I say we. The phrase is this. I couldn’t stop saying it all day. Anyone I saw, they just said ‘what do you think of this, man?’ I just said ‘we did it’. Listen. Every single one of you that listen to me say that right now, you can yell afterwards. This is a celebration. WE DID IT! Would you please give it up for my very good friend, I wouldn’t be up here without him: Josh Dun on the drums!! Well we almost gave you everything we had. I promise you we’re gonna give you everything we have left.
—  tyler joseph, 8/10/16, Madison Square Garden night 1