madison dance


“She [Sia] wanted me to imagine I’m a wolf, and we’d been living in the cage for a while. That’s why I’m always hissing in the video and chasing and crawling. He [Shia] is just normal. In the beginning of the video I am the strong one, trying to beat him down and then towards the end when he lifts me and throws me around and stuff, that’s when he starts to battle me back. But by the end we’ve become friends, I guess you could call it.”



Just dance

Jack Johnson Imagine

Word count: 728

Request: Hi I really love your imagines and was wondering if you could write one where you, jack and jack and a few other people are on holiday in this mansion thing and J has always had a small crush on you and you play just dance 2017 and you dominate everyone even him at every song (including groove) and he starts liking you even more ( cause you’re amazing and chill AF)  then you sit next to him on the sofa and end up falling asleep on him just after he told you how he feels. Happy New Year!! 🎉

We were on vacation with some off our closest friends. Well Jack G, Madison, Jack J and me. Bunch of other people as well. We rented this big mansion in the hills on Airbnb and it was pretty awesome.

We wanted to have a chill night so we played some Just Dance. Got a few beers. I think some off them are even trying to make a bonfire happen but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. These guys can’t even figure out how to turn on a stove. Oh well, we’ll see.

„Hey Y/N. Bet your ass you won’t win against me in Just Dance.“ Jack J teased me. „Oh it’s on honey!“ I grinned. Madison just dominated against Jack G. So now I would do the same with J. Although he seemed pretty sure of himself.

We stood in front of the screen both grinning like children. Soon our expression changed. We were so competitive it was unbelievable. We shouted and screamed. I saw J struggled a little so I took my chance and shone like a bright star. „Y/N. You won’t win this one.“ J said through his gritted teeth. I just laughed. The song soon ended and I actually won.

„Not fair she cheated!“ I turned to J with a disapproving look. „No I did not.“ I now crossed my arms. „You clearly did this song once.“ I chuckled. Was he really this bad of a loser. „Okay know what. Rematch. You choose the song. I couldn’t care less.“ A smirk appeared on his face. „It’s on now.“ He turned to the screen and chose the next song. Groove.

„Aren’t we full of ourselves today.“ I chuckled. He lightly gasped. „You’ll regret saying that when I smash you to the ground with these moves baby.“ I couldn’t help but laugh at him swaying his hips back and forth. „We’ll see.“ And so we started the rematch.

It was tough though I did win in the end. J looked defeated. We sat down on the couch completely exhausted and drained might I add. „Honestly. I gotta give this one to you. It was a challenge.“ I looked over to Jack. He had a smirk on his face. „You know you could give me a rewarding kiss for this“ He lightly mumbled but I still could hear him.

I raised my eyebrows. Was he serious? Is this a feeling, a joke or? „What?“ I now turned to him giving him my full attention. „Just forget it.“ He said trying to get away from me. I pulled his arm and he sat back down. „No. Tell me. Was this serious?“ I sat there anxiously waiting for his response.

„Okay listen Y/N. I had the longest crush on you. And yeah I would like to kiss you but I know you don’t feel the same way and that you have interest in way different people. But now at least I can say that I tried.“ He sighed and didn’t even dare to look me in the eyes. I grabbed one of his hands. „You are the real winner of tonight.“ I said leaning in for a kiss as did he.

„Bet your ass on it. I am also the luckiest guy on this hill tonight!“ He mumbled against my lips before he reconnected them. We ended up just cuddling and talking on the couch. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard someone step into the room.

„Hey guys! We got the bonfire going!“ It was Gilinsky. „Ssshh!“ J hushed him. „Don’t you see she’s asleep.“ He was whispering. „Sorry! By the way. Nice!“ I heard Gilinsky say and the door was being closed again. A little smile appeared on my face while I drifted off to sleep on Jacks chest.

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