madison cartwright

Love Notes and Presents (Ashton)

Every morning you wake up and start the same old routine. You get out of bed, get ready for the day ahead of you and make your way to university, just to do your work and come home. You had very little social life just now and all your friends were worried. You told your friends you were just to worn out at the end of the day but the truth was you were just feeling so lack-lustre at the moment. So worn down, under appreciated and tired. You hated the way you were living at the moment. You needed an escape something to take your mind off how horrible you wee feeling. You picked up your favourite book and drew yourself a bath. Dropping in a bath bomb you watched the colours seep through the water, effortlessly colouring every edge of the transparent liquid. You hoped the water could disperse your stressed as easily that. Turning the large metal taps off you cautiously dipped a toe into the tub before descending into the water. Settling into the warmth caressing your body you lift your book and allow everything around you to slip away. You had been caught up in reading your book for what felt like only a short period of time but you soon found your skin rising into goose bumps. Resting the book down away from the bath you became aware of the now could liquid surrounding you. Releasing a pleased sigh you raised yourself from the bathtub and tied a towel around yourself. You were glad you could allow yourself that much time to relax, normally you’d panic that you should be working and have left the bath very swiftly but today you stayed until it cooled. Yawning quietly you walked down the corridor and into the living room to make yourself something quick to eat. As you reached the living room you heard the familiar chime of your doorbell and slowly and lazily you wandered to open it. But when you arrived at the door you noticed the hallway was empty, you stuck your head out into the stairwell to search for whoever might have knocked but drew a blank when all you could see was an empty corridor. In your confusion you almost didn’t notice the small box sitting on your welcome mat. Furrowing your eyebrows as you stared at it, you weren’t expecting any packages but you bent down and picked it up anyway. It certainly had your name on it. It was a black box with a big yellow ribbon tied around it. With confusion still written on your face you turned on your heels closing the door behind you as you walk back into the living room sitting down on the sofa and unravelling the yellow ribbon. The whole thing was very unusual. It was very well wrapped and someone had clearly taken some time to do it but you didn’t understand why. It was nowhere near your birthday and Christmas was months away too. Having unwrapped the present you opened it peering into it. To your surprise inside the box neatly cushioned by lots of yellow crate paper was a small and slightly old fashioned teddy bear. You quickly reminded yourself of your collection of teddy bears on the end of your bed before smiling to yourself. You looked back into the box for some kind of indication as to who sent you this bear but there was nothing in the box. You put the box back down on the table, standing you smiled at the bear in your hand before running to your bed to place the bear with the others. You then reached for your phone to call your friends.

“Hey guys!” You cooed into your phone.

“Oh hey Y/N, how are you?”

“Good, thanks for the present by the way!” You replied

“Eh, what present?” Your best friends confused voice rung out down the line.

“You guys didn’t send me a teddy bear?”

“No, you got a teddy bear sent to you?”

“Yeah, I thought it was you guys. Maybe it was my mum…” You voice trailed off in confusion.

“Well sorry hun but it wasn’t us. We are planning on coming over tomorrow and bringing booze though!” They laughed excitedly.

You laughed back “Well ok, see you guys tomorrow, I’m going to go figure out where this bear came from then.” With that you hung up and began phoning your mother. She knew you were into bear so it must have been her idea. It would explain why the box was wrapped so nicely. When you finished that conversation you were left perplexed. She hadn’t sent the bear either. You knew very few people and now had no one left to ask. Sitting on your bed and staring at the bear again, you decided that maybe you didn’t need to know who sent it only that it cheered you up which was a gesture you really needed just now.  

 The next evening, like promised your three best friends came over to your house and yes they brought alcohol. You had been sitting chatting and catching up on some things for around a half hour before one of your friends remembered your phone call last night.

“Oh Y/N! Can we see the bear?!” All three of the girls gasped and were now staring at you ushering you to say yes. Sighing you stood and retrieved the bear from your bedroom, the girls all oohing when you returned with it. You sat it down on the coffee table so they could all take a good look at it. You really liked the little bear, he had individually sown arms and legs which meant that his arms moved a full 360 unlike modern stuffed animals. He had a hand stitched nose and little button eyes. He was completed by a burgundy bow around his neck. He was small but big enough.

“Aw he’s soo cute!” one of the girls cried. For a little while they fought over who was getting to cuddle him next while you continued to rack your brain looking for clue on who might have sent him to you. When the girls eventually caught the look of concentration on your face they handed you back the bear and spoke again.

“So I assume by that look you haven’t figured out where it came from yet?”

“Nope, if it wasn’t you guys and it wasn’t my family I really don’t know who it came from. Do tutors send out presents to good student? You questioned.

“No I don’t think so Y/N.” They laughed and you joined in. At this moment a letter flew through the letterbox. It startled you all a little but you got up to get it from the floor, peering through the peephole in the door to identify the sender but like yesterday there was no one outside. The girls were going crazy asking a million questions. You quietened then down before pulling the envelope open a little eagerly and reading the contents.

 Dear Y/N,

I hope you liked the bear, it’s just a small gesture to show you I appreciate you and all that you do because I know you’ve been needing one lately. Don’t ever feel down on yourself. You’re amazing and you mean so much to me.

 Love A

 You stared down at the letter. You felt a small tug at your heart as you were touched by the words. The girls reading the letter over your shoulder began to emit strange girly noises ranging from high-pitched screams to completely incoherent babbling. You weren’t really paying attention though as your eyes focused on the letter A scrawled in the bottom corner. Who was A? You knew so many people who’s names began with A. Tuning your ears back into your surroundings you noticed the girls too were trying to figure out what that A stood for.

“Alistair Carmichael!”

“Ooh ooh Alison Johnson!”

“Archibald Madison!”

“Arthur Cartwright!”

“Andy Beckett!

“Annabel Gibb”

Then one of the girls gasped, her eyes widened in light shock. You all turned to face her.

“Ashton Irwin”

The room fell silent for a moment.

“No… come on guys lets be realistic. It’s not going to be Ashton Irwin… Right?”

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