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You’re Who?

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Title: You’re Who?!

A/n:  WAZZUP! Im so happy to be back and writing again! so sorry y’all for the big hiatus, but noW WEre back!  yAy

Warnings: none yet since this is just the teaser

Life wasn’t easy for a hero, you knew that and still you somehow managed to keep it all in balance. From dealing with the flirtatious speedster to your day job with the most adorkable nerd ever, you realized that you were lucky enough to have everything under control. Although your social life was quite dull from all the heroics you still tried to find time for some normality in your life.

Your powers were not the easiest to manage either. You seemed to be connected to every form of plant life, feeling their energy coursing through your body. Every time a tree was cut down close to you it felt like an itch. The plants told you that this force  connected you to all plant life.  This force that the plants spoke of, it gave you the ability to manipulate and communicate with plants in incredible ways, though often you lacked the control you needed to use your abilities to your full potential.  When you became over- emotional or scared your powers went into overdrive. You started requiring less food and more time in the sun. You were still discovering parts of your ability everyday. And thats why some people  on the meta task force thought you were dangerous. Your lack of control.

“Yes Iris, I will be over for dinner later, Ok see you later, bye.” You said into your phone. After hanging up, you set up a phone alert to remind you that you had dinner at the Wests’ tonight, as they had invited you to meet their long lost sibling Wally. You said you would go out of support for Iris,oping that there wouldn’t be any trouble tonight.

In your opinion, the one bad thing about being a hero was the lack of free time. Whenever you and Iris would get together and have lunch, it was always interrupted by some meta-human running wild. Once there was a night where you were out for fifteen hours straight, that had been a fun one to explain to Singh. One of your abilities was to photosynthesize, which helped immensely after those long nights, although it never beat a good night’s sleep or a big meal.

You put your phone down on the counter and started getting dressed. Sunlight made its way around your apartment, golden rays hitting every one of your plants. You finished getting dressed and walked over to the windowsill. The plants hanging above your head swayed in the gentle breeze as you soaked up the sun. After grabbing your bag, you locked up and briskly walked to work.

As you arrived at the CCPD, you bustled up the stairs and into the lab. Barry was busy working with the centrifuge as you put all of your stuff on your desk.

“Whatcha working on Barr?” You asked cheerily.

            “The Madison Case,” he responded, leaning down as he checked the settings for his sample.

“Which one is that?” You asked, your head tilting to the side..

“Basically, there was a robbery at J Madison Bank and a Meta ran away with more than sixty percent of the cash in the bank. They got in a fight with that new urban legend. Thorn, I think they call her,” said Barry as he continued to fiddle with the centrifuge.

“Okay, well, what’s the problem then?” You replied.

“Well the issue is the Meta that got the cash was apparently part shark. Witnesses say that the other Meta, Thorn, was part plant. Neither blood sample is reacting to any of the tests I’ve tried so I can’t get a DNA match…” Barry said, trailing off defeatedly.

“Huh, have you tried putting the half-shark sample in salt water? Maybe because it’s part shark, putting it in its natural environment might reveal the DNA so that we could try to get a match.” You suggested.

“Ok then what about the other one, the one that’s part plant?” Barry asked, looking up at you.

“I don’t think we should mess with it,” You quickly responded.  Barry’s brow furrowed, confused at your suddenly sharp tone.

“I mean the Meta who tried to stop the half-shark is just a myth, right? I don’t think we should waste our time with an urban legend. And until we get orders from Singh to go after all Metas, I think it’s ok if we push it to the side,” You continued.

“But Thorn she’s rea-” Barry tried to interrupt but you cut him off.

“Barry, you sound like Iris and the Flash it-”

“Bu-bu-but the Flash does exist, so who’s to say that the Thorn doesn’t.” His fingers flitted through the air as he talked, his face going red with frustration. He tried to collect himself by looking out the window, mumbling on about how Iris was right about the Flash. You started to listen, but quickly tuned him out as you heard a desperate cry from across the room.

It was the venus fly trap you got Barry for his birthday. He didn’t have a pet and you had thought he could use someone to talk to when you weren’t around. It was crying to you, begging to be healed. You responded mentally, reminding it that it was to dangerous to use your powers while Barry was in the same room. However, you knew that you couldn’t leave its cries unanswered, so instead you did the next best thing.

“Hey Bar, have you checked on your venus fly trap lately? She looks a little frail.” You called out, interrupting his train of thought. He sparked up quickly.

“Uh I haven’t given it any miracle grow in a couple days, maybe that’s it?” He asked, his face scrunching up.

“Miracle Gro? Are you trying to kill the poor thing!” you said incredulously. You reached under your desk, pretending to grab something. Instead, you created spores from your skin and put them in a plastic baggie before taking your hands out from under the desk and handing it to him.

“Give her this, twice a week, preferably in the-,”

*Morning!* The plant interrupted.

“-Morning, right when you get to work.” You finished.

*Your welcome,* you thought to the plant.

*Thank you,* she replied half heartedly.  You watched as Barry sprinkled your spores onto the plant. As you watched the plant perk up, you felt a sudden boost in energy.

“See, she already looks better,” You said, quietly proud of yourself.

With love,


Madison and the BoUS: A Love Story
  • James Madison: The Bank of the United States is unconstitutional. There's absolutely nothing there that gives you permission to create it.
  • Alexander Hamilton: Et tu, Madison? You wrote the Federalist Paper on implied powers.
  • James Madison: Things change. I've changed.
  • ---
  • President James Madison: There, I have let the Bank's charter expire. We are free.
  • Alexander Hamilton's Ghost: lol good luck during the next war
  • ---
  • President James Madison after War of 1812: Wow our finances are in the hole. So much fiscal disorder. Maybe...we should...have some kind of institution to regulate...finances...Maybe a...National Bank...
  • Alexander Hamilton's Ghost: OH MY GOD

Sometimes, a man needs to go out far and deep into Nature to get The Big One. The fight is arduous, the groans are genuine,  but boy when you lug out that 36incher twigfish out of that white water…Gawd…I got a lump in my throat. It’s too beautiful!

  • Hamilton:
  • You're voting down a measure that would reinvigorate the economy of the union because nobody invited you to the cool kid's table?
  • Madison:
  • Got your attention.
  • Hamilton:
  • You know, I'm so sick of Congress I could vomit. What do you want?
  • Madison:
  • To settle the issue by committee.
  • Hamilton:
  • The President can't change human nature.
  • Madison:
  • What can he offer then?
  • Hamilton:
  • The capital.
  • Madison:
  • Put it on the Potomac, let every Virginian know and we're fine.
  • Hamilton:
  • We'll keep the banks.
  • Madison:
  • Whatever.