literally hamilton is always there at the back of my mind like I can’t even hear someone start a sentence with “meanwhile” without interrupting them with “mADISON IS GRAPPLING WITH THE FACT THAT NOT EVERY ISSUE CAN BE SETTLED BY COMITTEE”


Heard about whats happening in Wisconsin? I wonder why the media isnt covering it.
OVER 30,000 PEOPLE MARCHED AND PROTESTED AGAINTS SB533 & AB450 Bills, they marched all the way to the legistative branch in Madison, WI.
Today was a day where students, workers and anyone in between did not go to work in order to show what “a day without latinos” trully looks like.

reasons I love “Washington On Your Side”

- it starts out so calm and cool with Burr creepin on Jefferson like I just imagine him like “psssst come here I’m starting an anti-Hamilton club”

- Daveed Diggs. that is all. like come on “someone load the gun and cock it” vfugdhjsknldjsnk

- Daveed and Leslie’s harmony during “it must be nice” 

- then Madison comes in and that’s when things start getting turnt and ohhhh great now they’re angry


- goes / grows & leads / weeds / seeds / misdeeds

  • People: so how close are you with madison
  • Thomas Jefferson: whaaaaaaaaaaat- [trips] [hundreds of pictures of james madison fall out of pockets] um. I have no idea what you're talking about [gathers pictures while frantically sweating] but we're just bros [thousands of letters to madison scatter across the floor] I'm holding them for a frieND I SWEAR