madinat al zahra

Abou l-Qasim al Zahrawi was born in Madinat al-Zahra (spain) 940-1013

    He is, among the Arabs, the best representative of surgery, a field in which his book Al-Taṣrīf had a great impact 

   About l-Qasim  lived all his life in Madinat al-Zahra (near Cordoba) under the reign of Abd ar Rahman III and Al-Hakam II, he is the greatest surgeon in the Muslim world and the Middle Ages


Medieval Islamic Art

  1. Blue and White bowl, Iran, 13th century, fritware, painted in cobalt blue under a transparent glaze
  2. Capital, 10th century Spain, Madinat al-Zahra
  3. Qur’an Bifolio- Probably Tunisia, late 9th – early 10th century, vellum, ink, gold, silver, blue dye
  4. Casket, 13th century Mosul, decorated with polychrome lustre
  5. Chess pieces, quartz., 10th century, Fatimid period