Imagine standing at the end of your life looking back..would you really still give a shit about whatever it is you’re giving a shit about?
—  Matthew Leone

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10 Years

Brand New

Bloc Party


Evans Blue


Set it Off

Sick Puppies


New Medicine

Panic! At the Disco

Breaking Benjamin

Madina Lake

Five Finger Death Punch

Coheed and Cambria




Matchbox 20



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Justin Pivec, 35, was found not guilty in a bench trial that ended midday today before Cook County Criminal Court Judge Vincent Gaughan, said Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Pivec was charged with attempted murder in the 2010 attack on Matthew Leone, 35, bassist for the rock band Madina Lake.

Prosecutors had said Pivec was choking his wife while he pinned her against a fence early on June 29, 2010, in the 1300 block of West Ohio Street.

A domestic battery case against Pivec in the attack against his wife is still pending, with a hearing set in Branch 60 of Cook County Domestic Violence Court on July 27, according to court records.

Pivec’s wife, who was on the ground, bloodied, yelled to Leone, who was leaving his brother’s nearby condo, to call police, Leone and police said after the incident.

Leone tried to intervene, was punched in the face by Pivec and fell to the ground, where Pivec kicked Leone in the head and face approximately 10 times, prosecutors had alleged.

Leone sustained massive head injuries, including subdural and epidural hematomas, temporal bone fractures and nasal fractures, prosecutors said at the time.

He was hospitalized for days and ‘died’ twice on the operating table before police were able to talk to him about the attack and had to have a third of his skull removed to relieve pressure on his brain.