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I don’t really care how obnoxious this is. I’m in love, I’ve been in love for over two years, and I’m going to be in love for the rest of our lives here and beyond. I just love this girl SO MUCH, no person has ever meant so entirely much to me or felt so much like my own heart living outside of my body. My soul mate, my girl, my Madilynn. I am so proud of the beautiful person you have become and continue to become, how free and confident you are and how much happier being able to be brave and show the world who you really are has made you. I adore you to pieces and I look forward to our endless life together.

Baby Series: He Gets A Tattoo Of Your Kids' Names


Haz is the king of tattoos, so once Claire was born there was no hesitation with heading to the tattoo parlor and getting inked up. He went with the cliche hand and foot prints for her because he’s sort of a cheese ball when it comes to that sort of stuff, which is why you love him. After Andrew came he didn’t want to do the same thing, so he went for the second most cliche tattoo out there….the heart with a ribbon around it….instead of ‘Mom’ though, it obviously said Andrew.


Madilynn is only a few months old and you can already tell that she’s no girly girl! She’s more of a rock & roll, tom boy sort of a gal, and Liam adored that about her because it made her unique from all the other babies you’d see around town. When it came to getting her name tattooed on him, he wanted it to represent her personality, so he used no pink, and made it as edgy as he could.


Louis, much like Zayn, loved to get tattoos. It was actually pretty simple for him, he rushed to the tattoo shop as soon as you told him you were pregnant and got the names you had previously talked about inked on him. ……thank god you didn’t change you mind between then and the births…otherwise that would be a bit awkward for everyone. But you know Louis..he likes to live on the edge.


Zayn loved getting tattoos, as everyone knows, so when each child was born, there was no doubt in your mind that he would get them on his body somewhere, somehow. For Colby, Zayn just got the normal writing most people get when they want script since Colby was a simple, good baby. Faith was different though, she fought for her life the first few months out of the womb and against all odds she survived. Faith was a miracle baby, and quite frankly the biggest definition of a “daddy’s girl” you had ever seen. For her Zayn decided to get a heart because he couldn’t love anything or anyone (except you and Colby…y'all are all equals) more than her, and the heart rate line to represent her past. You thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world <3.


Niall never had any tattoos because he never had anything important enough to get marked on him for the rest of his life…until your children came along. The day Theo was born Niall drove straight to the tattoo shop. He did the same thing when Liam was born, except that time, he decided to get a graphic of a baby in his hands as well. Both boys, although fully mature, could fit perfectly in Niall’s hands so you took the exact same picture for both sons, then when it came time for his tattoo the baby was morphed so that it resembled both of them (so neither would get jealous in the future)