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Girls  A 4-hour playlist which includes upbeat, slow, and cover songs all focusing on girls who crush on girls, girls who love girls, girls who have had their hearts broken by girls, and other lesbian things.

i. Jenny – Lily Sevin | ii. I Like Girls – Monica Raymund | iii. Closer – Tegan and Sara | iv. She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert | v. The Only Exception – Paramore | vi. Accidently in Love [cover] | vii. She Looks So Perfect [cover] | viii. Sex – Lauren Aquilina | ix. Underneath a Beating Heart – Rosi Golan | x. Rude - Kina Grannis | xi. Hey There Delilah – Jasmine Thompson | xii. I Do Adore – Mindy Gledhill | xiii. Do I Wanna Know – MS MR | xiv. Electric Feel – Katy Perry | xv. Stubborn Love – Ciara Catalla | xvi. I Miss You – Lauren Bonnell | xvii. Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith | xviii. Get Lucky (ft. Tanika) – Naughty Boy | xix. Kiss is on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xx. Come and Get It – Jamie Dee | xxi. Sophia – Laura Marling | xxii. Valerie [cover] | xxiii. The Girl – Emma Taylor | xxiv. Sweater Weather – Kina Grannis | xxv. Riptide – Sarah Close | xxvi. Everybody – Ingrid Michaelson | xxvii. R U Mine? – Charlotte Williams | xxviii. Kiss on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xxix. Addicted to You – Avicii | xxx. Cupid’s Chokehold – Shannon Saunders | xxxi. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance – Kate Nash | xxxii. Stay With Me – Madilyn Bailey | xxxiii. Love Love Love – Of Monsters and Men | xxxiv. Laughter Lines [cover] | xxxv. Teenage Dirtbag – Mary Lambert | xxxvi. 2 Atoms in a Molecule [cover] | xxxvii. Let Her Go – Jasmine Thompson | xxxviii. Creep – Monica Raymund | xxxix. All of Me [cover] | xl. Everybody Talks – Maddie and Julia | xli. Girlfriend – Icona Pop | xlii. Little Numbers – BOY | xliii. In Your Arms – Kina Grannis | xliv. Losing My Religion – Ceyda Tokgoz | xlv. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson | xlvi. I Choose You – Sara Barielles | xlvii. I Wouldn’t Mind – He is We | xlviii. Girl – Daisy Nicole Clark | xlix. Girls – The 1975 | l. Chocolate [cover] | li. Can’t Stand It [cover] | lii. Counting Stars – Angel Haze | liii. Teenage Kicks [cover] | liv. Girls – Beatrice Eli | lv. I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster | lvi. Tattooed Heart – Ariana Grande | lvii. Fireproof [cover] | lviii. A Part of Me – Kayleigh Lazzara | lix. Bloom – Nikki Melcher | lx. Anyone Else But You [cover] | lxi. Toxic – Jayme Dee | lxii. Say You Like Me [cover] | lxiii. Hold On We’re Going Home – Pia Mia | lxiv. Baby Blue Eyes [cover] | lxv. Photograph – Laura Rocca | lxvi. Back to Life – Dresses | lxvii. Anchor – Mindy Gledhill | lxviii. She’s So High Above Me – Alison Tusik | lxix. You And I – Ingrid Michaelson | lxx. Love is Easy [cover] | lxxi. Sunset – Ka Lia Lang | lxxii. You Always Make Me Smile [cover] | lxxiii. You Make Me Happy – Lindsey Ray | lxxiv. Crimson and Clover – Alison Tusik | lxxv. Hot Venom – [cover] | lxxvi. Merry Happy – Kate Nash | lxxvii. Us – Regina Spektor | lxxviii. Flowers In Your Hair – Natalie Bart



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i’ll never let you go: a playlist for a love that saved the world — listen

a thousand years — angela july cover | heaven — fuslie cover | run — jasmine thompson cover | save me — gotye | i will follow you into the dark — daniela andrade cover | helium — alex goot | you set my world on fire — loving caliber | perfect — ed sheeran | let her go — nicole cross cover | once in a lifetime — landon austin | all of me — madilyn bailey and jason chen cover

Couple aesthetic // Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Sagittarius rising, Taurus venus (f) x Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon, Scorpio rising, Scorpio venus (m)

Requested by: @doctor-madilyn-strange


SOOOO in love with this show and these dorks!

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow, Arrowverse

Song: The Greatest by Sia (Madilyn Paige cover)


It didn’t matter what choices we made, we would’ve ended up right here, on this fucking bed, sitting next to each other in prison.

anonymous asked:

I kinda see Wiser by Madilyn Bailey as a chp 13-14 umfb!victuuri but at the same time like ??? Idk

I’m wiser from the mess you made I feel no pain
Wiser from the storms I braved yeah I want to say
Thank you thank you
For breaking my heart showing me who you are
I’m wiser from the waves you made

That definitely sounds a lot like Yuuri in the very early chapters when Viktor broke his heart

I WAS SCARED OF PRETTY GIRLS; a playlist for girls falling in love with girls and, just once, living happily ever after

i. riptide (cover) – taylor swift // ii. the heart wants what it wants – selena gomez // iii. what do you mean/often/young god – halsey // iv. take me to church – ellie goulding // v. runaway (cover) – chloe black // vi. sinners – lauren aquilina // vii. locked out of heaven (cover) – bridgit mendler // viii. escaping song – eisley // ix. rude (cover) – madilyn bailey // x. my life would suck without you – kelly clarkson // xi. we are young (cover) – ray gibson // xii. lucky ones – lana del rey // xii. girls like girls – hayley kiyoko

[ l i s t e n ]

Gemini sun/Pisces moon/Sagittarius rising/Taurus venus (f) and Sagittarius sun/Capricorn moon/Leo rising/Scorpio venus (m) couple requested by @doctor-madilyn-strange

where once was light, now darkness falls by bubbleshield by bubbleshield
#3 most liked on 8tracks. Angsty Azula mix.

1. The Rains of Castamere - The National 2. Death is a Disease - Clint Mansell 3. Abraham’s Daughter - Arcade Fire 4. Elastic Heart - Sia 5. Titanium - Madilyn Bailey 6. Gold - Imagine Dragons 7. Final Test - Steve Jablonsky 8. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde 9. Gollum’s Song - Emiliana Torrini 10. Death is the Road to Awe - Clint Mansell 11. Dry Bones - Gungor 12. Dream is Collapsing - Hans Zimmer 13. Polaroid - Imagine Dragons

Reylo Playlist

My own playlist of Reylo Songs:
*the ones in bold are my favorites, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best ones cause I love all of them :)
* Alina Baraz, JOY., Layla, and Ruelle are my go-to ones for Reylo

  1. Don’t shy from the light by: Neulore
  2. Where do we go from here by: Ruelle
  3. Gold by: SHELLS
  4. Worth the fight by: Broods
  5. Recovery by: Broods
  6. Falling away by: Glades
  7. Where’s my love by: Syml
  8. High and Low by: EZA
  9. Here with me by: Susie Suh
  10. Paraffin by: Meadowlark
  11. Wild things by: Micky Blue
  12. Dark and stormy by: Micky Blue
  13. Ocean eyes by: Billie Eilish
  14. Haunted by: Maty Noyes
  15. Set sail by: Frances 
  16. Grow by: Frances 
  17. Veins by: Keyes
  18. Game of survival by: Ruelle
  19. Madness by: Ruelle
  20. Bad dream by: Ruelle
  21. Hold by: Daniela Andrade
  22. Run and hide by: Sabrina Carpenter
  23. Throw it away by: Kina Grannis
  24. Electric by: Shannon Saunders
  25. Waves by: Luna Shadows
  26. Compass by: Zella Day
  27. War of hearts by: Ruelle 
  28. Live like legends by: Ruelle
  29. Take it all by: Ruelle
  30. Weightless by: Layla
  31. Don’t forget about me by: Cloves
  32. Get up, Get on by: Jill Andrews
  33. I’m not ok by: Jill Andrews
  34. Unfold by: Alina Baraz
  35. Show me by: Alina Baraz
  36. Drift by: Alina Baraz
  37. Fantasy by: Alina Baraz
  38. Can I by: Alina Baraz
  39. Make you feel by: Alina Baraz
  40. Strange enough by: Vérité
  41. Young God by: Halsey
  42. Control by: Halsey
  43. Smokestacks by: Layla
  44. Ashes by: Madi Diaz
  45. Half light by: Banners
  46. Falling by: JOY.
  47. About us by: JOY.
  48. Crazy for you by: JOY.
  49. Before I sleep by: Joy Williams
  50. Indigo puff by: Layla
  51. Speechless by: Glades
  52. When it comes to us by: Frances
  53. Lullabies by: Yuna
  54. You and I by: Pvris
  55. Oh My Love by: Layla
  56. Blood Love by: Young Summer
  57. Bird by: Billie Marten 
  58. Stars by: Alessia Cara
  59. Outlaws by: Alessia Cara
  60. I was made for loving you by: Tori Kelly
  61. Vapour by: Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  62. The Ocean by: Mike Perry
  63. Sunset lover by: Petit Biscuit
  64. You’re mine (The chase) by: Meiko
  65. False alarm by: Matoma
  66. Runaway by: AURORA
  67. The Raid by: Wafia
  68. Out of it by: Mothica
  69. Dynasty by: MIIA
  70. The Emotion by: BORNS 
  71. Heartbeats by: Daniela Andrade
  72. Fear on fire by: Ruelle
  73. Up in flames by: Ruelle
  74. Oh My My by: Ruelle
  75. Deep end by: Ruelle
  76. Until we go down by: Ruelle
  77. Dear, Home by: EXES
  78. Lights by: Melanie Martinez
  79. Castle by: Halsey
  80. Lift me up by: Mree
  81. Landslides by: Zara Kershaw
  82. Salvation by: Gabrielle Aplin
  83. Only love (acoustic) by: Pvris
  84. Until the levee by: Joy Williams
  85. Moondust by: Jaymes Young
  86. Colors by: Halsey
  87. I walk the line by: Halsey
  88. Empty gold by: Halsey
  89. I get it now by: Fjord
  90. Light the sky by: Grace Vanderwaal
  91. Anchor by: Novo Amor
  92. Monsters by: Ruelle
  93. Magnets by: Disclosure/Lorde
  94. Sleep baby sleep by: Broods
  95. Between the devil and the deep blue sea by: XYLO
  96. Dust to dust by: The Civil Wars
  97. Someone that loves you by: HONNE 
  98. Elastic heart by: Sia
  99. Nothing to no one by: Gin Wigmore
  100. Hunger by: Ross Copperman
  101. Like I’m gonna lose you by: Jasmine Thompson
  102. I’ll be good by: Jaymes Young
  103. Black mud by: Layla
  104. Ghosts by: Ciele
  105. Wolves without teeth by: Of monsters and men
  106. Sacrifice by: Zella Day
  107. Waves that rolled you under by: Young Summer
  108. Wildfire by: Natalie Taylor
  109. Queen of peace by: Florence + The Machine
  110. Like I’m gonna lose you: Jasmine Thompson
  111. Black magic by: Keyes
  112. You should know where I’m coming from by: Banks
  113. I will be there by: Odessa
  114. Wildest dreams by: Madilyn Bailey
  115. Afterlife by: XYLO
  116. Empire by: Of monsters and men
  117. Human by: Of monsters and men
  118. I of the storm by: Of monsters and men
  119. Make it holy by: The Staves
  120. White noise by: Pvris
  121. Wild things by: Alessia Cara
  122. Scars to your beautiful by: Alessia Cara
  123. The fire by: Kina Grannis
  124. Waiting game by: Banks
  125. Eyes wide by: Meadowlark
  126. Coattails by: Broods
  127. The Fall by: Layla
  128. You by: Jill Baylon
  129. Awakening by: AURORA
  130. Rebirth by: Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  131. HEAVEN by: Troye Sivan
  132. Capsize by: Frenship
  133. Human by: Daughter
  134. Fly by: Meadowlark
  135. Human by: Gabrielle Aplin
  136. Shadow by: Birdy
  137. Silhouette by: Birdy
  138. Lifted by: Birdy
  139. Wake up with me by: Gabrielle Aplin
  140. Shallows by: Daughter
  141. Technicolour beat by: Oh Wonder
  142. White blood by: Oh Wonder
  143. All we do by: Oh Wonder
  144. Shark by: Oh Wonder
  145. Landslide by: Oh Wonder
  146. Without You by: Oh Wonder
  147. Back around by: Shannon Saunders
  148. Colour me green by: Shannon Saunders
  149. Storm by: Ruelle
  150. Dreams by: Gabrielle Aplin
  151. Warm day, cold war by: Bronze Radio Return
  152. In my veins by: Andrew Belle ft. Erin McCarley
  153. She’ll move by: Lucy Rose
  154. Shiver by: Lucy Rose
  155. Frail love by: Cloves
  156. Cold is the night by: The Oh Hellos
  157. Room by: Jillian Edwards
  158. Like home by: JOY.
  159. Sweater weather by: Jade De Mure
  160. Let it all go by: Birdy
  161. Habits of my heart by: Jaymes Young
  162. Wild ones by: Bahari
  163. I want it all by: Natalie Taylor
  164. Arsonist’s Lullabye by: Hozier
  165. Heavy weather by: Billie Marten
  166. Amsterdam by: Daughter
  167. Home by: RHODES
  168. Love life by: Natalie Taylor
  169. Falling for you by: Norman Doray
  170. Ribbon by: Billie Marten
  171. Holy by: Pvris
  172. Breaking down by: Lenachka
  173. Tethered by: Sleeping at last
  174. Skylines by: Glades
  175. Anywhere place by: Katie Costello
  176. Coming up for air by: Frances 
  177. Yellow light by: Of monsters and men
  178. Cosmic love by: Florence + The Machine
  179. Heavy in your arms by: Florence + The Machine
  180. Bodies and Beats by: Shannon Saunders
  181. Hurts like hell by: Fleurie
  182. Crazy in love by: Sofia Karlberg
  183. Midnight by: Coldplay
  184. Eyelids by: Pvris
  185. Sons and daughters by: Allman Brown
  186. Wings by: Birdy
  187. Shelter by: Birdy
  188. Fight the fire by: Layla
  189. Be together by: Wild Belle
  190. Start a riot by: BANNERS
  191. Bare by: WILDES
  192. Fool’s paradise by: XYLO 
  193. Heads or Tails by: JOY.
  194. Shore by: Daniela Andrade
  195. I’m in it with you by: Loreen
  196. One way or another by: Until The Ribbon Breaks
  197. Light by: Sleeping at last
  198. Turns you into stone by: Fleurie
  199. Saturn by: Sleeping at last
  200. I get to love you by: Ruelle
  201. Surrender by: Natalie Taylor
  202. Control by: Natalie Taylor 
  203. Come to this by: Natalie Taylor
  204. King by: Lauren Aquilina
  205. Leave your lover by: Echos
  206. I found by: Amber Run
  207. Come around by: Daniela Andrade
  208. Hunger by: Of monsters and men
  209. We sink by: Of monsters and men
  210. Winter sound by: Of monsters and men
  211. Cover us by: Natalie Taylor
  212. Volcano by: Emily Hearn
  213. Lean on by: Lennon and Maisy
  214. Together’s where we belong by: Jill Baylon
  215. The ladder by: Andrew Belle
  216. No light, no light by: Florence + The Machine
  217. Shake it out by: Florence + The Machine
  218. Never let me go by: Florence + The Machine
  219. This is the hunt by: Ruelle
  220. Aloha by: Mome
  221. Across the sea by: The Sweeplings
  222. Hurts so good by: Astrid S
  223. Atic by: Astrid S
  224. Breathe by: Fleurie
  225. Caves by: Haux
  226. I want to love you by: Lenachka
  227. Go slow by: Lenachka
  228. Heartburn by: Wafia
  229. Sweater weather by: James Harris
  230. 1000x by: Jarryd James
  231. Love somebody by: Ta-ku
  232. Jagwar by: SHELLS
  233. Headlights by: Meadowlark
  234. Empty streets by: Kota Banks
  235. I’m yours by: Alessia Cara
  236. Perfume by: SHAED 
  237. Tell her you love her by: Echosmith
  238. Adore (acoustic) by: Jasmine Thompson
  239. Invincible by: Ruelle
  240. Hurricane by: Halsey
  241. Coming Down by: Halsey
  242. Hold me down by: Halsey
  243. begin again by: Purity Ring
  244. Say you won’t let go by: James Arthur
  245. Die trying by: Michl
  246. Unbreakable by: Jamie Scott
  247. Anything you want by: HYDDE
  248. Crash by: Trella
  249. Thru by: Vallis Alps
  250. Loved You Before by: Natalie Taylor
  251. Technicolour by: Daniella Mason
  252. Waves by: Dean Lewis

- I recommend you listen to some of them, you may have heard some of them already. Use them for your imagination cause I know I do 😊. I think you’ll get a feel of the type of music, the style of it all, and what I was going for when I put it together. Take a listen! Most are on spotify! List is always changing, whether I add new ones or take some away that I may not find relevant anymore and such :)