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One More Breakdown?

I like breaking down reasons why I ship certain couples, which in turn gets people to ask me what I mean about certain characteristics I attribute to certain couples, one of those characteristics is subtlety, which goes hand in hand with details. Details are what make storylines, characters’ personalities, and fictional relationships work, they’re what bring these ships to life. 

Like Silvermadi aka Joadi. As I’ve said a few times now, they don’t share much screen time in seasons 4 and 5 but when they are together, there are so many details in their interactions, so much subtlety to their dynamic that they become very nuanced in a very short period of time.

For instance, just the way John looks at Madi. Luke Arnold did that exceptionally well because he always does this thing when John gazes at Madi: 

Where his eyes flutter in the slightest way, or the way his nostrils flare slightly

That lends to the idea that John is overcome by emotion whenever he looks at her and that brings their love to life.

Same with the way Madi reacts to him in this particular scene:

I really enjoyed this because she’s going through a series of emotions, her eyes are searching his expression and when his hand touches her face, her eyebrows raise slightly because she’s concerned, this feels like a goodbye and yet when he kisses her forehead and presses his against hers

she’s at home, her expression says as much and her eyes are soft when she looks up at him, it’s a poignant moment but one that is full of their affection for one another.

But what I really like about this is illustrates in the two below scenes because I find them very telling:

Here, Madi and John sort of shift together, move together, when Flint walks toward them, they close in together, slightly turning toward each other, which subtly shows a united front, they’re of the same mind, which is further demonstrated by how pissed they look when Billy arrives and before that when Silver asks where Billy is, even when they’re not next to each other, the other is always in the frame with them, slightly behind, as support/backup

like here, she’s still the last one to be moved out of the frame:

and the switch between who is at the foreground also indicates the narrative weight of each of their grievances, they’re both angry at Billy but that anger stems from interrelated, yes, but still different reasons and yet their emotional support of each other is shown through their positioning as well as their dialogue.

Which leads to the second gif

I really like the exchange of gazes here because Madi is enraged that one of John’s men attacked one of her own and she’s explaining that rage to John but his facial expression matches her severity, they’re sharing the rage.

Essentially the show does many different things to show their bond through details and subtlety and it’s one of the reasons I ship them :)

*not all of the gifs are mine!*


New video!

Couple: Silver/Madi (Black Sails)

Song: “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran.


Madi x Silver | Black Sails 03.04 

“[The Queen’s] daughter, I believe. From the deference she’s shown, I imagine she’s next in line.”