madi stop it


This was my response to that Sarner post, I reposted it, because tumblr is not allowing me to reblog the original post.

Omg can we just not???!! So many people in this fandom would gush and faint if Flint would leave everything behind to be with Thomas Hamilton. I’m pretty sure this Sarner lady would love that too. God forbid Silver does the same. You can’t compare Silver and Madi’s relationship with Silver and Flint’s friendship. Silver has always done and given so much more than Flint has in return. Flint has put Silver (and the rest of the Walrus crew) through shit Madi would NEVER EVER do to him, simply because it’s not in her nature. Till this day Silver is still doing what Flint wants. The only person who actually gives a shit about what Silver wants, who actually gives a shit about him being his own person is Madi. How are you gonna disrespect a Black woman like that? Are you fucking kidding me? She isn’t just some random chick getting in the way of your two faves. She is a fully realized character, with her own individual story, a woman who’s people freedom she’s fighting for because a bunch of white colonial motherfuckers wanted to get rich and stay rich!? Remember? The entire economy of that world thrived on colonialism and slavery??? Madi Scott is not only a woman who based on actual historical context is fighting to stick it to the man, but also from a moral and ethical perspective has every fucking right to do so. That’s what Silver sees. And than you have the pirate who is full of grandeur and ego who wants revenge on England because they took his love away from him and doesn’t care who has to sacrifice to get his war, friend or foe. As long as everything goes HIS specific way. Let’s be honest. We all know if Thomas could see Flint now, he wouldn’t exactly agree with this revenge plot and that’s an understatement. Silver and Madi have and always will have more in common then Silver and Flint ever will. And how are you gonna act so surprised when Silver has repeatedly warned Flint that when it comes to Madi, he’s at his most vulnerable therefore he will not choose his war over her. He knew. Also the fact that Silver doesn’t believe in Flint’s war anymore isn’t exactly news either, this has been building up the entire season. He believed in Flint, but now he’s losing faith in him. That’s called character development folks, people change, deal with it. Besides, it isn’t as if Flint ever bothers to let Silver in on his plans for his war anyway, he suddenly adds and changes things and asks him to just trust him. Yeah right. Then you have Madi and Silver who discuss everything together before they go ahead with a plan. That is trust, that is mutual respect. Madi taught him the true meaning of love and friendship; to be with someone who let’s you be free to be yourself and live your own life on your own accord. And that’s what Silver wants, his OWN life.
Silver, Flint, and Billy would all be

dead if not for Madi, so try being more respectful to her, she saved your faves lives. She made Silver see how fucking stupid he was not getting his leg tended to, she reasoned with her Mom to delay her from killing them all until she spoke with Mr. Scott about them. She secured the weapons needed to help them win this battle with the British, she fought in the war her damn self. But she’s hated because she’s coming in between your fanon ship. Or she’s only speculated about as the “Miranda” of this Silver/Flint relationship. How sway? SHE’S A FUCKING QUEEN FFS. I’m tired of going in her tag and seeing people asking for her to be killed off when she’s done nothing to deserve this hate.

Marco had just come in from a day at the club, a little later than he would have been if he hadn’t have been running a few small errands. “Madi?” he called out, stopping and listening to hear if she was home since he didn’t see her in the living room. Hearing noise of the tv from the bedroom Marco walked back, keeping the small shopping bag he brought in with him by his side as he walked in, hiding it until he wanted her to see it. “Jesus. Have you eaten all of this?” The site he saw was one he certainly wasn’t used to: Madison sitting on the bed with various snacks spread around her, none of her usual health foods in sight.