madi cosplay


After 3 weeks of work, the cosplay is complete! I’m super glad to have attended Indy PopCon this past weekend as Dr. Flug! It was very exciting and I met many amazing people (as well as some fellow Villainous cosplayers)!

Although, this con wouldn’t have been as great without my awesome friends who went with me! Shoutout to @mike-the-anime-guy for the killer Black Hat cosplay on Saturday and @thejaratelady who is PaperHat garbage and took that picture of us! Love you!!

big-pink-space-momma  asked:

Hi there! I love your work and I was just wondering what your drawing setup is? It's so colourful and lovely :)

Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoy my work ♥︎ 

But hmm…. my drawing setup? Well I use Photoshop CC:

And I use a Wacom Intuos 3 that I’ve had for about 8 or 9 years. And I wish I could take a picture of my physical work setup (in case that’s what you meant) but I don’t really have one since I don’t have a desk to claim as a dedicated workspace;; 

I tend to just work on the couch or the dining room table and clear up my stuff afterwards. Wherever there’s space that’s unoccupied really…. uvu;;;


ahahahhahaha it’s done a cosplay for katsucon is finally done. I took great care making sure the colors and the shape of the dress were exactly right, and i can honestly say im completely happy with the whole thing. the ONLY thing i would do differently for a future con is make my own puppycat, but until then, the little guy hiding in my hair will do just fine.

edit: i swear the shoes are purple btw, the lighting in my room is awful but trust me they look they way they should