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IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING TRAUMATIC READ A SPLITTING OF THE MIND (mental institution au okay this fic is so merciless i felt so worn out i cried so much FUCKING OUCH) IF YOU HAVEN’T AND ALSO I KNOW YOU’LL FORGIVE ME (tutor!gerard, frank ages twice as fast as gerard jUST FUCK ME UP DOWN LEFT AND RIGHT)

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I'm Coming Home (I'M SORRY)

Your Muse Has Been Missing For X Amount Of Years. Send “I’m Coming Home” For My Muse’s Reaction To Finding A Voicemail On Their Phone Of Yours Saying Just That

Madi seen she had a voicemail. She called the voicemail inbox.

"I’m coming home, baby." It was a voice she knew to well. Alois Trancy. He had been gone for a good 6 years.

She felt tears flood to her eyes as she sat her phone down. Her knees began to feel wobbly as she backed into the wall, her knees bending as she skidded down the cold wall. She laid her head in her arms as she sobbed hard. Her husband was coming home.


8V Wow so I never ever draw Madi except when I’m RPing with Tom, it seems… and aside from the headshot, when I finally do it’s after Tom’s insPIRED me to draw him in a Guilty Gear outfit…

Anyway that’s Madi, sketchy Madis— He’s usually found wearing a well-worn bomber jacket over a casual long-sleeved crewneck shirt..

He’s fun 2 stylize ANYWAY a synopsis of his character: Omega-grandpa-status asshole straight outta’ Mongolia

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✵ (Eyyyy)

Send me ✵ to catch my muse under the mistletoe!

It was another of Ciel’s parties. Madi decided to come, even though she dreaded them. She never knew anyone except for a few people and they had their thing going on with themselves, leaving her in the dust. She sat on a chair, completely oblivious to the fact she was sitting right under a mistletoe. When Alois came trotting up with a smirk on his face, Madi looked up at him with confusion. “Alois? What’s that look for? I thought you were hanging out with Ciel.” She looked back down at her fruit punch and swirled it around in the glass.

//Probably back when they were teenagers maybe