Dibakar Banerjee: I will name a film by a maker whose consistency and whose courage I have actually admired a lot. When I saw the portrayal of that imaginary Bengali world in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, I cringed. Because that wasn’t Bengali-ness to me. And then I realized that from the first frame of the film to the last frame of the film, it is consistent. It is consistent! There is not a drop: suddenly he’s not becoming Gujarati, suddenly he’s not—he is in that imaginary world from the first to the last frame. So I’m saying that every creator has this one right and only one right: to do what he thinks is right without cheating.

Anupama Chopra: So you’ve got to stay true to your own logic? 

Dibakar: Exactly. From beginning to end. And it doesn’t matter if you cringe. Because some people will cringe and some people will embrace.

Film Companion interview with Bengali directors