In the middle of Summer’s intense heat, let us all cool down with a splash of colours! Enjoy the cool summer breeze, the electric colours of the horizon, the calm colours of the sea and the trees! With MadHouseMNL cooling down has never been this hot!

As we Celebrate Colours this May 2012, we present to you, Sexy Hues! Allow us to prove to you that this summer, Colours are way way sexier than nude!


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Words and photos by: Renz Marione Bulseco

Summer is the most exciting season in the Philippines. It is a time when most of the students are free from the clutches of schoolwork. For some, it is a perfect time to go swimming at the pristine white sand beaches of Boracay, to explore the caves of Sagada, Mountain Province or to climb the country’s highest peak, Mount Apo with their family or friends.

The Philippines is truly blessed to have 7,101 islands, giving us countless ways on how to spend summer in our country. I’ll share some of my experiences on how I spent mine.


Baler is the provincial center of Aurora. Located at the eastern part of Luzon, Baler is one of the famous surfing spots of the country. For only Php 350, one can already learn the basics of surfing. It’s a great offer, after all.

If you are not into adrenaline-filled activities, you can always try hiking to Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls) located at the nearby town of San Luis, take a historical trail to Museo de Baler, Aurora Aragon-Quezon’s ancestral home and Baler Church, relax at Ermita Hill and Lukso-lukso Islets, explore the innards of the giant 600-year old Balete tree and enjoy cheap but yummy foods at The Rolling Stores.

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Baler has so much to offer and this province is worth visiting.


If you think that going to the beach is too mainstream, then why not try conquering the mountains? It can be a physically (and mentally) draining activity, most especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle but I tell you, everything’s worth it once you reach the summit. The Philippines is blessed with thousands of mountains and hills; at least there are so many to choose from! There are some mountains that are easy to climb such as Mount Pinatubo (crater lake trail) and Osmeña Peak while others require a great amount of strength and stamina.

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Do some research before your scheduled climb. Maybe there are mountains or hills near you, waiting to be conquered. Know the dos and donts of a particular trail. And most of all, prepare at least one month before your scheduled climb.


There are so many restaurants/eateries in the country, most especially if you’re from the metro. Just recently, my friends and I had an ultimate Cebu IT Park food trip. We literally hopped from one restaurant to another at The Walk and ate as if there’s no tomorrow. No kidding. It was a pig-out day with my travel buddies. T'was such a great day.

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One of Spain’s greatest contributions to our country was Christianity. Because of it, churches have sprouted like mushrooms during their time. Most of them got destroyed during World War II but a few of them managed to survive. The good thing was, the locals try to preserve its original Baroque architecture. Most of these old churches lie along the coastal towns of Southern Cebu and in Siquijor Island. There interiors were also marvelous as they were intricately decorated withmarbles and other precious stones.

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Summer in the Philippines won’t be complete if you don’t spend it on the beach. There are so many beaches in our country and it’s more thrilling if you visit those underrated ones. I’d recommend the island of Siquijor for it had a number of beautiful beaches that are very clean and peaceful.

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Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor is hard to resist. Yes? Or Yes?


There are so many ways to spend summer in the Philippines. You can plan an itinerary base on your preferences. More so, summer is more fun if you are with your family and friends.

Let’s enjoy summer!

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Get That Look!: Vintage Summer



If modish trends are overlooking to gratify your dainty side, it’s time to travel back to the prestige of the past for a promising style inspiration. Spicing up your wardrobe with a bubble of vintage feel is a fabulous investment in a timeless style which never fades. Getting the vintage look you like does not mean rummaging through thrift shops or sudden sales and using up all your time! You just have to pick prime pieces that will bring to life the gracefulness of eccentricity!

Kristine Garduque bravely flaunted her romantic and vintage style in our fashion spread! She'€™s utterly stylish in the peak of the summer’s heat!



“Fashion is a personal and artistic platform used for communicating to the society on how you are as a person and how you want to be remembered,” says Kristine Garduque, the 20-year-old fashion blogger.“

It’s speaking through interlacing threads, cotton, leather, lace, gold and silver as opposed to words, pauses and punctuations,” she continues. The blogger’s fashion style may be different from the usual trend that many female teenagers prefer because she is drawn to the 50s silhouette- slightly body-hugging top and flouncy skirts as she described her own approach to fashion but there’s indeed nothing simple about her style that is augustly prime and voguishly vintage with drops of modish and faddy surprises.

As she immortalizes the fashion of yesterday, she does not forget to recognize the present’s promising trends and twists. Even though some may say that her style is quaint and odd, she still exemplifies beauty, glamour and reinvention. And to prove how wonderful she is, here are her brave and bold answers to the society’s big questions!

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VANTAGE POINT: SM’s earth balling of trees

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What if SM Corporation tries the ecological footprint calculator? Using this quiz at will let us know the impact we have on our planet. Because the online application still doesn’t work in our country let this VANTAGE POINT Earth Day Special give you the ecological footprint of SMC.

SM is known as the ultimate builder nowadays. Their supermarkets, malls and condominiums are all over the country, corner after corner. They are deemed to make living and shopping convenient to the people. But also through these they are depicted as an “environmental killer”. Haters and bashers of SM Corporation (SM) became active online during and after the company have started their cutting or balling operations of 182 trees at Baguio City weeks ago.

These balling has caught the attention of various groups as well as online users. Initially many were mad due to the main act of ‘cutting’ the trees. The aftermath of SMC’s action created “impulsive reaction” of people who have watched news and read articles regarding the incident, most especially those from online community. Many has deemed SM as an enemy of the 'green guardians’.

As we celebrate the Earth Day 2012, we are sharing a new side to the story. Something you don’t usually hear in the news or read online. We invite you to read, understand and react.

Others deemed SMC’s operation at night as hiding the balling or cutting of trees in Baguio City. Do you know that cutting of trees at night was a directive from Department of Environment and Natural Resources? Because reballing the trees on a dry and hot summer day will mean greater possibility of death.

Regardless on death of 97 adult pine trees to be transplanted and the rest are young trees, SMC promised to plant 50, 000 saplings. Making the accusation on SMC as “mass murderer” invalid in a way. Every tree killed is equivalent to 274 saplings that the company will plant.

Transplanting the trees to a reservoir in Baguio City will help to eliminate the flooding at Baguio City. Floodwaters will be used for fire trucks, watering local parks, and other things that are in need of water supply. This will be possible with the help of concrete structure that SMC will be building on the same spot where the transplanted trees are situated.

Who would not want a clean and green environment? Sure we all do. And even SMC considers money most of the time, we think environment preservation takes up a huge item in their corporate social responsibility. SM is known for foreseeing and planning years and years ahead, and what are their plans for if they don’t consider preserving the environment. This could still be broken and forgotten. But as of the moment, based on our intensive research, the ecological footprint of SMC is not as harmful as most of us think.

As we celebrate Earth Day 2012, we also celebrate the fight towards a greener world with 'informed’ choices and voices. There’s nothing wrong disapproving SMC’s action most especially if you know what you are saying. Also, there’s nothing wrong on voicing out one’s opinion, but it is a must that we are all well informed. Eventually 'informed’ opinions will help in the reduction of too much hate and bashing.

After all, Earth Day 2012 is “designed to provide opportunity to UNITE voices in a call for a sustainable future and direct towards quantifiable outcomes.” This means uniting towards a greener world together with an uprising economical stature. Think. Research. Consider various perspectives.

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Chasing Heat

A Visual Summer Treat

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No matter how hot the PH islands is, we never get tired of waiting for the even hotter time of the year. We spend around ten months looking forward to summer, yet it always has its way of surprising us. Summer opens up our senses to white-sand beaches, to breathtaking views and some jaw-dropping spots. But these are just cherries-on-top. There’s more to summer than awe-inspiring destinations. The real thrill lies in spontaneous adventures, in boundless travels and in our endless attempt to chase the summer heat.
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Producer: Raj Bay
Photographers: Raj Bay, Rocky Zaragoza, Angelica Chua
Videographers: Rocky Zaragoza, Angelica Chua, Kendell Rojas
Hair & Make-up Artsist: Angeli Trina Casanas
Aline Macatangay (
King de Jesus (

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Event HotSpot: FLIGHTSEXY 2012!

Attended by over 300 Flight Attendants and a hundred more guests, FLIGHTSEXY 2011 was a sure hit! This summer, Altitude Promotions, together with Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and Don Julio, brings back the biggest Flight Attendant club night ever recorded in the Philippines- FLIGHT SEXY TWENY TWELVE! Expect a bigger, better and sexier party experience with Flight Attendants on APRIL 17, TUE at PRIVE Luxury Club at Fort Strip. All Flight Attendants with valid IDs are invited to party for FREE!

Not a Flight Attendant? You’re also invited! With Php 500, you can enjoy a night filled with sexy and gorgeous flight attendants with free drinks from bar and from the sponsoring liquors. Nothing beats an all night euphoric grinding and partying with sexy glamorous ladies and foxy gents. Shake those booties and give your best grooves to the music of DJs Jay Villaruz of Team F, Miko Syquia of Taverna Verde/Sexy Sound Machine and Mond Ortiz of Uno Bar / DeepEnd Music.

What are you waiting for?! Ready, Jet Set!

Contact Vince at 09175728469 for more details! Visit their FB Event Page:

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Chasing Heat: Beyond The Tanlines

In chasing the summer heat, it is important that we think not only of enjoyment and destination, but protection as well. Sun Block lotions has been a classic when it comes to summer topics. It is indeed one of most essential tool to use during summer. When going to the beach, one may forget to bring a bottle of shampoo, but never a bottle of sun block. So here, we are sharing to you some useful tips,facts and trivia about sunblocks.

First, did you know that there are as much kind of sunblock as we could think of? And it pays to know the must-haves in your beach tote! Here are some:

Body Sunblock is the usual lotion we apply to our skin.

Body Spray Sunscreen is a variation of the usual sunblock. Sunscreens aren’t lotions. They are oil sunscreen sprayed onto our body for longer protection. Oil based sunblocks stays longer and couldn’t be easily washed out by water or sweat.

Face Sunblock is a sunblock lotion made specifically for the face, with milder ingredients so as not to harm the facial skin. Oil-based sunscreen isn’t recommended for the face simply because it is too oily. And you don’t want to appear as if you’ve dipped your face onto a pot of cooking oil.

Stick Sunblock is an improvement to the usual sunblock. This usually looks like a lip balm, only bigger. You apply this evenly onto your skin and face like how you apply lip balm onto your lips.

Hair Sunscreens are the ones usually ignored. There are now available protection from your hair to avoid too much dryness and damage caused by intense heat. It is usually oil based to keep the hair smooth, flowing and moisturized.

After-sun Spray is also not the typical bottle you’ll see in a beach tote. But hey, it is of much importance! It helps your skin cool down and moisturizes the skin.

Second, we’re giving you facts, fallacies and everything else you need to know about sunblocks!

You apply sunblock so you won’t get darker skin. 

This is probably the longest running summer myth and one of the biggest misconceptions about sun block lotions. Sunblock protects your skin from damaging heat of the sun. It saves you from the hassle of sun burns, but not from tanning. So yes, swimming or strolling with the sun up won’t save you from getting darker, no matter how much layers of sunblock you put on your skin.

Sunblock with higher SPF is always better.
This is true, but not often. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number in SPF pertains to how long your skin is protected against the intense heat of the sun longer than the usual. In a regular noon time, heat can cause skin redness and sunburn within 10 minutes, and SPF prolongs the appearance of effect. For example, an SPF 30 keeps your skin protected from redness and sunburn for 300 minutes. According to dermatologists, the recommended SPF for beach or pool swimming is 45 - 65, more than that can already harm the skin and cause irritations and redness.

You only apply sunblock once a day.
This is also one of the misconceptions about applying sunblock. Application of sunblock depends on the SPF number. For instance, an SPF 30 keeps you protected for 300 minutes or for more than 4 hours. So this means, after 4 hours, you should re-apply sunblock again. Beach, pool or rain water and sweat washes out sunblock after a few hours. Thus you need to re-apply more often.

Third, we share with you tips in applying sunblocks to maximize it’s full potential of protecting your skin.

1. Apply sunblock in a shaded area. Apply generously and evenly. Avoid rubbing the lotion too much onto your skin. Let your skin absorb the lotion, it is best this way. Stay under the shade for another 30 to 45 minutes so your skin can fully absorb the lotion.

2. It is better to apply specific sunblock to distinct parts of the body. Sunblock for the face, body and hair are all different.

3. Approximately after 2 hours of swimming, you need to re-apply sunblock. If you’re just sun-bathing, apply every 3 hours. If you sweat often, apply every 2 to 3 hours.

4. For better skin protection, apply an after-sun lotion every after swimming. It helps the skin to cool down.

5. It is important to apply moisturizer after long hours of swimming. Water takes out the natural oil in our skin, so it is necessary to moisturize after.

Enjoy the summer heat without risking the health of your skin! Make sure you are not only equipped with bottles of sunblocks, but also the knowledge on how to use them! Continue chasing the heat for a more fun summer!

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Fast Food for the Soul: A Holy Week Menu

Lenten season has come to it’s toll this year as the Holy Week starts today, Holy Monday. This season of the Catholic calendar provides us ample time to reflect and nourish our souls and gain some spiritual growth. Lent, especially the Holy Week, symbolizes humility and sacrifice, thus we are in full observance of fasting and abstinence. And since we know deciding where and what to eat is not easy, we prepared a special menu for you this Holy Week! Here are some meals and snacks from within the metro, all affordable, healthy, easy to buy, and oh, we have struck out all the meals with red meat!

Jollibee -€“ Crispy Bangus Breakfast

Fish is a good substitute for red meat, so here is Jollibee’s fried-to-a-crisp bangus belly served with garlic rice. It gives a full sense of Filipino breakfast. Holy Week friendly and easy to grab breakfast since Jollibee outlets are everywhere all over the metro. Too bad the normal crispy bangus after 10am isn’t served with garlic rice. So just make sure you order before 10am.

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McDonalds - Pancakes

I think everyone has tried McDonald’s pancakes. This usually comes with hot coffee or chocolate. One of those meals you can get when you have an early busy day on a Holy Week morning, so if you don’t have time for finding food then get to the nearest McDonald’s, ‘cause usually there’ll be one near your place.

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Wendy’s - Garden Fresh Salad

Since no red meat is allowed, and fasting is a must, salad is the best in-between snack! Having most of the vegetables in one salad is the best substitute for full meals. Wendy'€™s offers the freshest guilt-free salads compared to what other fastfood chains have.

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Chowking - Chicharap

Chowking doesn'€™t have a vegetarian or even seafood meal but good thing they have Chicharap. The crisp fried chips makes anyone want to salivate and just for 32 pesos per box, everyone in the family can enjoy munching on these as they reflect this Holy Week.

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Chimara - Tofu Chips

If you want a healthier choice of chips, then you can order Tofu chips at Chimara. It’s best with sour cream flavor. Although, there are variety of flavors you can choose from. You can even mix and match your tofu chips flavors! Grab yours now and choose which one’s suitable for this week’s reflection.

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Army Navy -€“ Vegetarian Burrito

Flour tortilla filled with spanish rice, beans, onions,fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro and guacamole. The vegetarian burrito of Army Navy gives you all the red-meat free ingredients in one easy-to-eat snack. Best when you want a messy-free meal.

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Bon Chon -€“ Fish Ricebox

For 145 pesos, you can have a fish & rice meal. The meal comes with 3 strips of fish fillet with garlic/spicy sauce and rice. If you’re looking for a Korean sweet or spicy barbeque fish meal, then this will be just right for the the Holy week.

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Yellow Cab - Veggie / Meat-Free Pizzas

Pizzas are great for those late night movies or even family dinners but this Lenten season, you can substitute your meat cravings with a selection of veggie pizzas from Yellow Cab. Choose from a variety of pizzas available at their store. Good thing they have a number of Holy Day pizzas. Prices are available at their website.

Garden Special 
made fresh with choice mixed greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, onions, and green bell peppers this gives you a fresh and cheesy uptake on pizzas.

Gourmet Garden 
the zucchini, grilled eggplant, fresh tomatoes, black olives, capers, mushrooms, onions & bell peppers engraved pizza is a monster compared to the garden special.

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Tribeca Mushroom a trio of fresh shiitake, button & oyster mushrooms layered with cheese is a great when you want a simpler choice of pizza

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Anchovy Lovers dare to explore a fusion of black olives, anchovies, capers, roasted garlic, mushrooms & onions.

Roast Garlic & Shrimp.
The plump, fresh shrimps, onions & roasted garlic in signature wine-butter sauce gives you the best-tasting seafood pizza you can have.

Banapple - Savory Tuna Pie

Banapple’s Tuna Pie is one of the best tuna pies you can get at a low price. This tuna pie is so great that it’s hard to think of words to best describe how great it is for your meat-free week. One heck of a great deal for one slice of great pie.

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This season gives us a chance to simply meditate on the simple things that God has sacrificed and given for us. Making sure you have a cheap and simple meal this weekend that will give you a little contemplating power. Also make sure your faith with your diet and health is just right so you can have a cheap, healthy and reflective Holy Week.

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