5 Reasons to Read Madhouse

Madhouse is my new webcomic debuting October 4th! Here are some reasons you might like it.

1) The clothes. Everyone dresses like fantasy royalty 100% of the time.

2) The colours. I want to make art that feels like you’ve wandered into a fairy tale.

3) The history. Madhouse is based on an 18th-century novella by Eliza Haywood, one of England’s proto-feminists (this reason might only apply to literature geeks like me, but that’s okay).

4) The characters. Annilia and Marathon, the star-crossed lovers—she, young and optimistic; he, a bit of a drama queen:

Osepha, Annilia’s trusted servant who works to bring them together:

Giraldo, Annilia’s uncle, conspiring to steal her inheritance:

And Horatio, Annilia’s hapless cousin:

And finally 5) The love story. Annilia is willing to risk everything for the right to love the man of her choosing. Marathon is willing to do anything to give her the life she wants.

The first five pages go live Wednesday, October 4th.

“They ask me what’s better than sex, and I say world domination.”

A gift for my good friend! She and I are both Ace, so I wanted to make something I could put my heart into and something she could enjoy! Lady Ace was inspired by Lady Justice (especially the blindfold part) and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out!

Happy Birthday, @steeevers!

Done with Copic Markers, Prismacolor Pencils, and a White Gel Pen.

“I wanna be an architect…”

Sarah Lynn is complete! I’m beyond happy with how this came out, and happy that I got to work on making my galaxies/space backgrounds better! Thumbnail sketch can be found here.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

Made with Copic Multiliners, Copic Markers, Prismacolor Pencilcs, and a White Gel Pen.