Well, mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue
You should’ve raised a baby girl
I should’ve been a better son
If you could coddle the infection
They can amputate it once
You should’ve been
I could have been a better son

[Not related but I love these guys]


rach_fong When you pay $30 for#thefrontpagebroadway#generalrushtickets then in the last act of the show get upgraded to the 5th row because a security guard feels sorry for you and then you spot @imsebastianstan as you exit!?!? #nyc2016 #wegonslaybroadway#inthegreatestcityintheworld #buckybarnes#madhatter #standingroomonly #civilwar#teamcap #imdying

smonxx Important update: Sebastian Stan is the cutest.

__sabreezy_That moment when you just casually run into Bucky from captain America. Only half my face is in the pic and priscillas top half of her head lol


-Anon request

Since even before the curse was broken, you had been caring for Grace and the two of you had grown close over the time and she saw you as a big sister most of the time. But when the curse was lifted, you knew you had to help her find her father and she helped you find your own family.

One day you’d just finished asking around Granny’s Diner for any sign of your brother, and were stepping outside when you felt someone grab you and pull you into the alley between two buildings.

You gasped and was bout to scream when the stranger covered your mouth with a glove hand and growled, “Don’t make a sound and listen to what I tell you, OK?”

At your nod, he removed his hand and shot you a wicked smile- he was rather attractive, with tousled dark brown hair, a firm stature and a handsome face; except his eyes shifted in a maddened way that made your skin crawl.

“My name is Jefferson-”

“You’re Grace’s father!” you exclaimed, before you were shut up again with the covering of your lips.

He raised his eyebrows in such a way that said ‘I told you to do something and I meant it’.

“I am,” he confirmed, still keeping his hand over your mouth and at this point you realised how close you were to him- his warm, muscular body was pressed flush against yours. “I’ve seen you with her. You’ve looked after her all this time and she loves you but now you’re looking for your own family and you’re going to leave her-”

You tried to shake your head no, both because a) you loved Grace just as much as she did you and wouldn’t leave her even if you did find your brother, and b) because this guy was creepy and had you against a wall and you were gonna do anything you could to get into his good books.

Ignoring you, he pushed you slightly harder into the wall with his arm and hips to still you, and continued, “And that’s not gonna happen. You’re going to stay with her and you’re never going to leave her, alright? When I come to find her later you will pretend this never happened. Best not to worry Gracie, right?”

Giving a small nod when he let you, he smirked and stepped back slightly.

“Good,” he smiled, giving you a quick look up and down. “Guess we’ll be seeing each other soon, then?” and with that, the aptly-named Mad Hatter sidled off and disappeared into the street.

Breathing deeply and shakily, you voiced the only word that would surpass your lips,



-Anon request

Dating Jefferson would involve…

  • Learning about his daughter and helping him make contact with her after the curse breaks
  • Kissing him thoroughly
  • Taking him out of his house and making him go down into town
  • Having dates at Granny’s Diner because you know Jefferson’s still a little nervous about going out in public, but you help start him off small
  • Sweet kisses from him
  • Helping him make hats, but insisting that it’s only a fun activity and that he doesn’t have to obsess over it
  • Awesome sex
  • Holding hands in public and kissing him on the cheek whenever you leave the house
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