madhat cosplays


As promised, a video tutorial of the build for my arc reactor and my friend’s pepper pott’s rt

uhh extra instructions here and here UwU no seriously go read those links they’re VERY important yo

It’s super cheap and really easy to put together like holy crap 10-15 minutes TOPS if you know what you’re doing, and it’s like, $30-ish for one and %60-ish for two at the store we bought all the stuff from?

I haven’t built my faceplate yet, but I’m doing the mark 3 arc reactor, and my Pepper and I are most likely going to be spirit gumming these suckers to our chests because both our chests have to be bare;;; But you could totally glue it to an old shirt or something idk.

If you have any questions or anything shoot me an ask I guess?????

Happy cosplaying <3


So Wondercon was amazing oh my god it was my first time at Wondercon and I had a BLAST

If you find yourself in these pictures, message me so I can credit you because all of you were fab <3


Palladium poisoning Tony Stark and Dave Strider

Pepper Potts and John Egbert

Workshop Tony Stark


Scalemate cape Karkat Vantas

Scalemate cape Terezi Pyrope

James Bond

Feferi Peixes / Vriska Serket

Terezi Pyrope

Jake English

Pirate Vriska Serket

Aranea Serket



Just finished my wireless build of the mark 3 arc reactor screeech

I still need to build a faceplate but other than that this baby’s done UwU

Isn’t she beautiful ahhhhh

Video tutorial will be coming later tonight I promise okay.

See my Pepper’s matching RT build here