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littlement  asked:

which couple of victoria do you think is real ? and why ?

as i’ve been stanning victoria for so long i’ve knew and loved many pairing with her from khuntoria , kyutoria and almost all sujutoria to changtoria ..

i’ve loved every single one of them but it doesn’t mean i thought they were real some of them were just sweet and others were obviously just friendship 

but i’ve never been confused like i was with changtoria ! sometimes it looked like they were really dating and sometimes not 

so as an answer for your question i’ll say changtoria

tbh i’m 100% sure they did date at one point or an other during 2010-2012

there’s so many reasons that i don’t know were to start lol

i’ll begin from 2010 with one of the moments that made me believe they’re real

 11.09.10 SMT Shanghai you can see it here

as you can see it clearly changmin who was triying to be 

inconspicuous as much as he could (but failed xD) just told victoria to cover her shoulder !!  isn’t it what a sweet guy should do when he’s jealous \ he wanna protect his girlfriend ?  why would “just a friend” care about this kind of things or even how come does he have the right to do it?  17.10.10 vic , changmin and kyuhyun went to watch sung si kyung’s concert

of corse the two of them couldn’t go alone so kyu came as  third wheel ?

but funny how he seems to focus on the show Unlike chwang who couldn’t take his eyes of vic ?

31.10.10 Suju’s manager wedding 

who’s changmin giving this sweet and lovely look ?

does it look like a stare a guy give to his friend ?

or to the one he loves ?

18.02.11 victoria me2day update wishing changmin a happy birthday 

(yes this day\person was special enough to update after 5 months)

did she ever acted this way with some other guy friends ? i don’t think so ~ 

02.02.11 the first apparition of the purple bear which was seen after almost 7 months 

just tell me why whould two friends have couple cell phone chain and keep it that long even after it was broken and only the head was left ..

unless it’s really special ?

i’ll skip their endless moments during sm town tour , the way they secretly look at each other at press conference ,and always enter backstage together , their sweet messages for each other in their album’s thanks to 

didn’t you wonder why they don’t act as normal friends ? like why victoria doesn’t do the same with changmin as she does with kyuhyun and zhoumi ? when we perfectly know they’re close why they act like strangers in front of cameras but are always seen next to each other off camera

also during interviews when she’s asked about her friends , she never mentioned changmin , can’t it be more obvious …

i’m not even going to count how many times she promoted tvxq in her me2day and weibo ! again did she act this way with suju or other groups ?

what about the shirt from Madewell he bought for victoria ? 

what made it so obvious is that Madewell has only women clothes and victoria was seen wearing the same one only few days after this 

18.8.12 Sm town seoul 

what made this day special is this picture !

what kind of scenario came into someone’s mind while seeing this ?

changmin’s expressions were just EPIC 

like a kid who was caught doing something he isn’t allowed to do ?

what about vic’s hand …


and here we’re near to the end


victoria weibo update wishing everyone a happy chinese lantern festival by posting a picture of the food she made herself 

but guess who was caught on the reflection of the spoon ?

I of course agree that 2 friends totally have the right to eat with each other freely but victoria doesn’t think so ? this’s why she deleted the update after people noticed changmin ? 

unless they’re not only friends …

she could’ve just admited or even update a selca with him like she usually do with zhoumi or anyone else but what’s the difference ?

and the funniest thing was sm response !

it wasn’t like a big scandal which need an explanation but they quickly talked about it saying that they were’nt alone ( which is obviously NOT TRUE since you can perfectly see they’re alone)

and if you look deep about it they didn’t even deny any relationship

between them

ah idk why i made it this long , maybe because i miss this couple ~

after the scandal it’s like they’ve never heard of each other even while both of them are curently endorsing shilla duty free we didn’t see any moments for so long :( 

almost everyone think they broke up but i still have faith lol

let’s wait and see

but at the end of the day i don’t really care who victoria will end up with as long as it’s someone who can make her happy and give her what she deserves

i’m not delulu 

Style || Gingham

By Northern Style Exposure

All my fellow YEG Edmonton peeps, have you checked out the newly renovated Legislature grounds? I’m loving the new expanded foundations and this stone/glass vantage point, perfect for Edmonton photos ideas for a wedding or baby shoots. It’s a photographer’s dream, speaking of photographers, had the pleasure of Sasha Anderson snapping these pictures. I’m sure my husband and my Dad appreciated the photography break. 

On a summer note, I’m loving anything Gingham print this season. Luckily Gingham prints were all over the runway this past season, so it’s been a bit easier to find then in past years. I picked up this skirt from Shabby Apple, went with a girlie colour for a pop of colour for the summer months. I love the look of pairing a dress item, like this skirt, with this laid back denim shirt from Madewell. 

If you have any Edmonton photo location ideas, leave a comment to let me know!

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