collection of stuff i want to see in steven universe:

  • garnet and pearl from the old days
  • garnet and amethyst from the old days
  • rose and any/all of the gems from the old days
  • how pearl and rose met
  • how pearl went from being a pearl to being a renegade pearl
  • at least one episode that just talks about what the war was like generally
  • white diamond? pink diamond?????
  • amethyst meeting the other CGs
  • the first day of baby steven’s life
  • the CGs as babysitters
  • greg as a dad to a much younger steven
  • sadie liking a girl
  • sadie dating a girl (kiki??)
  • canon proof of the lars is trans headcannon
  • ruby and sapphire kissing on the lips
  • blatant exchanges of affection between pearl and rose
  • the rest of the CGs in spacesuits (we’ve already seen pearl’s)
  • garnet doing standup comedy
  • stevonnie in battle
  • more semi-sort of-temporarily-healed corrupted gems like centipeetle
  • centipeetle’s true form
  • pearl making the first strong step towards being gay for another gem
  • garnet and peridot fusion
  • steven fusing with a CG
  • steven fusing with any gem at all
  • lapis getting to have a genuinely good time with no troubles
  • more pearls
  • the first time rainbow quartz was made
  • the first time opal was made
  • that massive fusion w/ all the CGs and rose
  • was alexandrite a coping mechanism for the CGs in the earliest stages of their grieving?? did alexandrite ever even form before that??
  • greg steven and amethyst roadtrip time
  • pearl developing her swordfighting skills
  • connie saving the day
  • connie bringing peridot to the local library
  • where lion came from
  • visuals of homeworld

and much more! reblog with your own if you want :^)

  • Framework
  • The Story So Far
  • What You Don't See

I still think on you, the place, the time
And all the solitude
There’s nothing I hate more
Than pushing you away with my fucked up attitude
I’ve been counting paces
Since the last time we touched faces
It’s a lot like trading spaces
Where I’m the dormant one and you’re away

How’d this happen?
Found your way in
So distracting
Splitting me in half again

Can’t ever sever the ties I made
The knots are strong
The framework’s laid
No matter how many things I save
The tangible will always be what I crave
But I’ve been resting cases
And writing just to erase this
It used to just seem so basic
When I knew every single word to say

Thought I’d burn the seams if they frayed
Thought I’d prove the point that I made
However long you’re gone I will wait
I will wait

The Cleanse

In Hill’s Of White, In Copses Cold

I Commune With Gods Of Old

One Who Eat’s Worlds With It’s Breath

Another Sings The Song Of Death

One Whose Eyes Do All But See

One That Looks Some Whart Like Me…

As I Speak In Frozen Glade

A Deal Is Struck, A Pact Is Made

The Ancient Ones Must Pay Their Price

In Return For Sacred Ice

“Blease,” I Ask With Bated Breath

“Purge That Feel When No G. F.”

You were ice
and I was fire.
But together,
you said we made
the best team.
But now you’re in love
and no longer spend time with me.
I’m happy for you,
just like any partner.
But I do miss
our time together.
All the adventures we’d go on,
all those sleepless nights.
They will never be the same,
but I hope you find happiness.
Because now you’re light
and I am darkness.



This year, coachella has handpicked some special Tumblrers to capture the festival through their unique lenses. If you’re FOMOing at home, or for some reason find yourself with exceptional cell service on the grounds, here are some blogs you should heed to.

Bobby Hundreds
Co-founder of the LA-influenced apparel, fashion and lifestyle brand, The Hundreds

Bryant Eslava
Fashion photographer

An online burger index curated by LA restauranteurs at The Oinkster

The festival’s official Tumblr

Food is the New Rock
Fat guy Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch) and music geek Chuck P (KCRW) talk food and music with musicians and food people who like music and food 

Laura June Kirsch
Professional concert photographer with a new-found obsession with the GIF

Lust for Life
LA-based fashion and lifestyle photography blog

Megan Thompson*
A commercial photographer and director from Los Angeles

Milk Made
The official blog for Milk Studios, covering fashion, beauty, music, art and videos

Operation Every Band*
A music blog that attempts to review all bands performing at a single festival

We the Urban
A blog dedicated to the best in fashion, art, music and design


The Ace Hotel and Swim Club are hosting events, parties and art installations each day for the two weeks around the festival.

Keep your eye on Big Boi. His half of the mighty OutKast will be capturing some of the moments around the group’s epic return to the stage.

(photos via coachella)

*Capturing weekend #2, April 18-20