Aaaaand here we go again with my six most-listened to albums of the last couple of days. As usual all titles are linked to youtube song examples. Enjoy (or not ;) )!

MANOWAR - Battle Hymns (heavy metal)
Yes, there are better ManOwaR albums (at least imo) but the last days I had a knack for their debut. Songs like the unbelievably brilliant title track, as well as “Manowar” and “Dark Avenger” are just classics for a damn reason!

GBH (Charged GHB) - Midnight Madess and Beyond (punk-metal or metalpunk or whatever)
Their third album with an even more metallic edge to it. Tight and energetic, often-overlooked and a total blast.

STAN BUSH - Call To Action (AOR/Hard Rock)
Though I don’t like the ‘97 remix of the song “The Touch” on this as much as the original, this collection of Stan’s more uprising tracks always gets me. And with “Dare” (also from the TF soundtrack) one of my all-time fave songs it always gets me.

BORKNAGAR - Borknagar (blackened pagan/folk metal)
One of my personal black metal classics. Quite a big way apart from what they sound like nowadays, this is arcahic, wild yet melodic black metal with great folk dots here and there acompanied by ferocious vocals and partly clean choirs. Outstanding!

IRONSWORD - Ironsword (heavy metal)
With their rough yet epic sounding heavy metal, blending early Maiden, early Manowar, Manilla Road etc. they def. deserve more attention. Though my fave album of theirs is “Overlords…”, this debut always gets it’s playing time.

SODOM - get what you serve (thrash metal punk)
While many may label “Agent Orange” or others of their early albums as Sodom’s best, to me this one takes the cake. Raw, fast and with a distinct punky edge as well as more Motörhead infleunces than on any other of their albums.

I’m gonna take a break from all this Voltron madess. This fandom is too toxic and as a shidge shipper it hurts. It hurts when Sheith, shance and Shklance shippers rejoice that theyre ship(s) can be together but don’t give a “hey its gonna be okay” to shidge shippers. It feels like no one cares about us shippers really.

Some couple of weeks ago I was asked why I chose science, and especially astronomy as main themes in my poetry. I can admit that science and poetry is an odd combination but that was one of the reasons, why I wanted to write this series of poetry. The Astronomy Series is the first poetry series I wrote and I am very glad with what it turned out to be.

I am a high school student and I have the study line; Science Classic. So the major subjects are math, physics and chemistry. And I don’t know what I am doing… because I definitely don’t belong. I am constantly living with the fear that I will fail high school. Most of the time I don’t even know what we are talking about in class and I am very lost but believe it or not I like it this way. It’s adventurous doing something you are not good at.
I’ve been inspired by my classmates and my physics teacher.

Most of my classmates have a passion for these main subjects at school and I admire that a lot. The way they know all kind of formulas and understand how the universe was made, and such… it’s really inspiring. My teacher really cares about these theories science has to offer, and you can see that in his eyes. He teaches us with a lot of passion and dedication. I think when you see people talking about the things they love, you really do get inspired.

I may not have good grades in physics but I understand physics; not in the way a scientist would but in a way a poet would. And my teacher may never know, but I do pay attention in class.

Look at the poetry I made.

—  Why Science? Why Astronomy? questions answered by Royla Asghar

i guess i’m a wild outlier because the number of things i find amusing about having your brains bashed in with a bat is negative zero.

the entire lineup cast of TWD deserves better than being forced to pretend it’s hilarious to pose for pictures with a ridiculous plastic bat when they’re in the middle of the last con they’ll ever share with two of their precious friends and coworkers.


L.O./.E Story EP 2.

Someone knows where i can watch ep 1 and 2 with subs english subs >.< ?

Strangers 34

New chapter is out amid the resbang madess! Expect an update whenever I’m satisfied with my word count for check-ins. Major thanks to marshofsleep, earth-shines and professor-maka for taking the time out of resbang mania, writing and editing and all that, to look this over. Chapter can be read here on FFN, and the rest of the story can be found here as well.

Chapter Summary: Soul goes with Maka to visit her mom, concerned that Kami isn’t actually making time for her daughter.

Choose Her A Name

August 2nd

Soul would not describe himself as a nervous flyer per se, but it’s close to the bottom of his list of favorite activities, right under wrestling alligators.

“You’re not nervous are you?” Maka glances at the way he clutches the armrest before take off.

“About meeting your mom? Why would I be?” In truth, he is extremely nervous, beyond the expected anxiety over meeting Maka’s mysterious other parent. There’s a dichotomy between the way Maka talks about her mom and what Soul has observed without even meeting her, and he’s nervous that his suspicions about Kami are correct.

Maka just gives a little ‘hmph’ in response before rooting around her carry-on bag for one of the oversized books she had decided are absolutely necessary. She’s such a nerd, and a pain in the neck. He must really care about her to fly to California to keep her company while her mom does who knows what.

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