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Playlist #1- Midoriya Izuku

Here are some songs for Deku that I though fit quite well with his character and role. I hope you enjoy!

d e t e r m i n a t i o n

  1. Best Day of My Life by American Authors
  2. Revolution by The Score
  3. Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon
  4. What Do I Know by Ed Sheeran
  5. Stand Up by The Cab
  6. Missing You by All Time Low
  7. Believer by Imagine Dragons
  8. Unbelievable by Owl City ft. Hanson

i could never find the right way to tell you
have you noticed i’ve been gone?

Nothing long of time (1 /2)


Kitamoto says, “If you guys want people to believe you about yokai stuff, why don’t you just get this weird cat to talk in front of them? It’d convince me.”

Tanuma blinks. “I guess… I never thought about it?”

set in the full circle au

story tag / ao3


Satoru is experiencing the strangest sense of deja vu as he listens to Natsume’s ugly cat complain about all the trouble it’s going through. He’s heard this grumpy old man’s voice before, he thinks. He remembers hearing Natsume talk to it once, a long time ago.

“It’s always you that seems to find trouble, brat,” the cat says without any real heat, jumping from Tanuma’s lap to cross the floor to where Satoru is sitting. It puts its paws on his knee and lifts up to get a better look at him, staring without blinking through narrowed green-black eyes. “There’s definitely a cloud of something nasty hanging over you. Let me see the curse mark.”

Satoru slides his sleeve up out of the way and offers his arm. He’s too surprised to do much more than obey, and throws Taki a bewildered look over Nyanko-sensei’s round head. She smiles encouragement at him, and even does a really good job of not looking worried.

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anonymous asked:

Can we see the headcannons for what genre of music does the squad usually/loves to listen to? (Excuse my bad English ;-;)


A/N: Pfffff your English is perfect!! And if anyone would like to request/ send an ask in Spanish, I don’t mind, just know that I’ll likely reply in English x)&
Not really good at other languages though, but bad English is never a problem!!
Kay! Here we go!

Black Hat:
-Orchestral music and Jazz are his favorite genres, being old fashioned.
-He does enjoy newer music, as well, especially the stuff from weird contemporary composers.
-Occasionally one of Demencia’s songs are tolerable, there are a few of those he enjoys. Just don’t tell her that.
-Danse Macabre, Bach’s Little Fugue in G Minor, Black Angels by George Crumb, Bad Boy Good Man by Tape Five, Toccata and Fugue in G minor, Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington/ Billy Strayhorn, and much of the music of Danny Elfman are examples of what he likes.

Dr. Flug:
-He listens to music while he works sometimes to clear his head.
-Up beat music is always fun, but nothing too crazy.
-There is a bit of variety to what he listens to because he doesn’t listen to any specific artist or genre.
-If he likes a song, he downloads it.
-The Middle by JimmyEatWorld, Get Up Offa That Thing, Subame La Radio by Enrique Iglesias, Fireflies by OwlCity, All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan.

-She’s in the same boat as Flug. There is a bit of variety here.
-From Electronic music of varying styles, to metal, to punk, to really anything up beat, also violent instrumentals make her happy.
-She doesn’t really pay attention to lyrics all the time, just to how she feels while listening. If she’s excited, she’s in.
-However if a song’s lyrics speak to her, that’s awesome!
-She moved pretty fluidly between genres, not especially caring if the band is labeled as a specific genre. She likes what she likes.
-Poem by Taproot, Pop Culture by Madeon, Perhaps some Panic! songs, Smothered by Spineshank, I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin ((Don’t tell her but Black Hat likes this one too!!)), Silence Speaks by While She Sleeps
-Also, Rap God by Eminem ((she’s not especially into rap or Eminem, she just saw someone do the fast part on the internet and decided to listen to the whole thing. She put it on her phone cuz why not?))

-Music is amazing!!
-He likes just about all of it, unless the music is super aggressive.
-5.0.5 listens to music with Flug a lot so he likes those songs pretty well.
-He also likes songs meant for younger kids and the intro songs to his favorite anime or TV shows!
-He also really enjoys the songs from Steven Universe (or whatever show is similar in their universe, but it’s cute stuff like that, you get the point).

All Together/ In the Car:
-Demencia picks the music so long as it doesn’t give Flug a heart attack or Black Hat a headache.
-Sometimes BH takes over radio control. Because the boss can do whatever he wants.