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Is the EDM fandom alive as of November 2017?

I just realized it’s been over a year since I asked this question last and I’m sad I missed September so I’m a little late. WHAT HAPPENED WHY IS TIME FLYING BY SO FAST?! Anyways, thought I’d ask again as a tradition. Every year I’ll check in! ;p ♡

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(Also if I had to pick a gif of the year it’d be this one, @frp539. Absolutely love your work!! It’s so adorable!)
THANK YOU - A Tribute to my Heroes
From my Instagram: "I know I said I'd put my edits on @pixxeleditz, but this one is different. I may be a broken record from the last Pixxel's Picks, but I c...

From my Instagram: “I know I said I’d put my edits on @pixxeleditz, but this one is different. I may be a broken record from the last Pixxel’s Picks, but I can’t express how much these musicians and their music mean to me. No matter how much fan art, [fan edits, fan animations, fan videos, etc.], or dedications I do, I will never be able to show how much these amazing people have influenced and inspired me. Not only that, but they’ve gotten me through hard times every year of my life ever since I started getting into electronic music. I fell in love with it, and I’ve been so addicted to it. I don’t think there’s ever been a day in the past 4 or 5 years where I haven’t listened to at least one song by one of these artists. Whether it be in the car with my mom, at school, at work, or doing my art, the music always seems to follow me. My day always turns sour and terrible when my headphones break right during school, because the beats and melodies are what get me through my day.

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I finally got around to cleaning up this blog and I really want to shine the spotlight on the fans! So if alot or most of your blog is actively dedicated to one or more content of:

  • justice
  • any edbanger members
  • kavinsky
  • deadmau5 and/or mau5trap records
  • skrillex
  • daftpunk
  • zedd
  • porter robinson
  • madeon
  • video violence
  • bloody beetroots
  • EDM in general

-shipping tolerated!
-fanart and original posts encouraged!

Send me an ask and I will put your URL into my page dedicated to edm fanblogs! 

Feel free to reblog this.