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Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Titled: ‘Tease’

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF 

Word Count: 1,392 

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A/N:   Request from @btrombley13:  You should write a Gaston x reader where, much like Belle, he just keeps trying to win her over but the reader just keeps denying. Maybe where the reader continously teases him, whether it’s by joking with him or wearing a dress which just compliments the reader in best ways. I just thought that would be funny and actually kind of cute. Cause lets face it, Luke Evans Gaston is amazing ^_^ have a good day :)

A/N: Sure! Of course! I hope this was what you were looking for!! 

For years, Gaston offered you his heart and hand, but you would respectfully decline his wish. You liked Gaston and all, but you feared of settling. You didn’t want to settle to early on in life. You were young and ambitious. Plus, Gaston and you have been companions longer then before Gaston showed you signs of love. You also didn’t want to see that kindled relationship be destroyed if things fell through. Gaston, on the other hand, knew he had you reeled in, it only just a matter of time. But since you and Gaston were still only friends, you were certainly not shy from the idea of messing with one another. 

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Spending the last few days of class before summer holidays in Yumenosaki Academy headcanons (that no one ever asked for)

aka what mod mademoiselle writes when she has free time

  • The AC in the school sometimes breaks, and in those cases Hokuto can be seen with a genuine fan to fend off the heat. The others just die during class. Midori considers suicide.
  • Every single spot in the shade being taken during lunch break, but hey, being the transfer student means everyone will fight to get you to sit with them, so it’s okay !
  • The school’s pool gets hijacked by adventurous spirits, namely Subaru, Hinata and Chiaki
  • Eating ice cream in a cold classroom with Nazuna while he blabbers happily about his favorite flavor
  • The Sakuma brothers never going out without sunscreen and a parasol
  • Kunugi-sensei being too hot with his suit jacket but not wanting to take it off because it would look less serious that way
  • Chiaki still insisting that the Ryuseitai members run laps during the lunch break and everyone hating him for it
  • Transforming the fountain into a miniature beach with Kanata
  • 2A having huge water fights during breaks : Subaru’s literally dripping wet, Makoto’s hiding, Hokuto’s trying to get everyone to stop, Natsume’s the worst cheater ever, Souma gets really into it and Adonis just wants to shield you from the water
  • Kunugi-sensei scolding class 2A for having a water fight and being literally soaked at the beginning of the next period ; Sagami-sensei just laughs it off
  • Staying late into the evening with Trickstar playing in the pool instead of training because “it’s way too hot to train, Hokke~”
  • Skipping classes with Kaoru to go to the beach and watching him surfing
  • Attendance being a mess because a lot of not-so-diligent students prefer skipping
  • Koga being more irritable than ever because “it’s too fuckin’ hot, dammit !”
  • Rei, Shu, Ritsu, Eichi and Mika often being at the infirmary because of the heat
  • Going out with everyone after classes to have something cold to drink
  • Keito having to scold almost everyone for dress code violation
  • Kanata playing with water hoses when it gets too hot, and thus the water fights began again
  • Knights leaving their usual studio and going to IKEA instead, where Ritsu just lounges off on the beds and enjoys the air-conditioning, and Leo plays hide-and-seek
  • Eichi actually fainting in the middle of the stairs due to the heat ; Shu saw it but left him there willingly
  • Madara wanting to hold a real summer festival on the last day before school break
  • Kanata takes actual baths in the fountain rather than dips, and Kaoru and/or Souma try to coax him into coming back to class
  • Making plans to go camping or to the beach with everyone because summer holidays are near
  • Sneaking on the school’s roof at night with Leo to stargaze and contact aliens ; Subaru finding out and joining
  • Trying to get some of the more reclusive boys to go out one evening and watch the stars together, like Shu, Hajime or Shinobu
  • Trickstar (especially Subaru) sneaking fireworks into the school and playing with them at night to light up the sky
  • Holding a party with everyone before the two month long holidays and promising to stay in touch

anonymous asked:

did John and Martha know each other before the 'one-night stand'?

They did.  Martha was the daughter of William Manning, one of Henry Laurens’s business associates.  John may have met her when he first arrived in London in October 1771 (but he headed to Geneva soon after).  If he did not meet her then, he certainly met her when he returned to London at the end of 1774.  On May 5, 1775, John scolded his sister Martha for failing to write to one of the Manning girls (presumably Martha):

I am annoyed that you have for so long neglected to write to Mademoiselle Manning, you should have done so right away_ she’s a very nice young lady; I have the opportunity to see her often at her Father’s, and the entire Family is very kind to me.

There is also some evidence that John was “courting” Martha, according to John Baker’s diary entry of November 1, 1775:

N.B. Courtship J. L[aurence] c. P[atty] M[anning].

However, it should be noted that courtship was not always instigated with the expectation of marriage, and we have no way of knowing what this “courtship” involved or how serious it was.

John and Martha likely had their “one-night stand” at the end of April or early May 1776, as their daughter Frances was born in January 1777.  I have speculated before that John sought out this one-night stand as a sort of “rebound” after his relationship with Francis Kinloch fell apart - the dates line up with John’s receipt of what I’ve termed the “breakup letter” from Francis.  As you can see from the couple of quotes above, John and Martha appear to have been fairly good friends prior to the one-night stand.  But as John’s tryst with Martha seems to have been borne out of rejection, internalized homophobia, and the heteronormative pressures of society rather than out of love, their relationship fell apart after this. 

Forever delighted that Gautier’s Respectable Bourgeois Parents encouraged him to write Mademoiselle Maupin  to the extent of (at his request) LOCKING HIM IN HIS ROOM FOR HOURS and refusing to let him out until he’d met his pagecount for the day 

like that is a “whatever makes you happy dear” Moment right there 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wondered if I could ask your opinion on whether or not Frances was actually John's child. Obviously I know we can't be sure either way, but I do wonder at it all: John almost certainly being gay does not preclude him from having had sex with a woman, but with her being a sister of his friend, already five months pregnant when they married, and the letter where he said he wed her 'out of pity for her situation', is it possible the marriage was more a mutually beneficial arrangement? (cont)

(cont) I mean, I imagine John would have felt a lot of pressure to marry and produce an heir and that as a gay man that might not be a wholesome obligation to fulfill, and for Martha, having a bastard child would have terrible repercussions. The marriage would serve both their interests in that case, and I wonder if it is mere coincidence that seems (to me) to point in this direction.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t already have this as a bit of a crack/maybe-possibly-true headcanon in the back of my mind.  You’re right, we can never really know if Frances was in fact John’s child.  All we know is that John married Martha because she was pregnant.  It is a possibility that Martha became pregnant by some other man who refused to marry her, and she turned to John for help.  This could explain why John didn’t feel much attachment to his wife or child, left before his daughter was born, and didn’t really write to his wife that often.

But in my opinion, John was likely the actual father of Frances.  One thing that really seems to support this idea is the following quote in a letter from John Laurens to his sister Martha, dated May 5, 1775:

I am annoyed that you have for so long neglected to write to Mademoiselle Manning, you should have done so right away_ she’s a very nice young lady; I have the opportunity to see her often at her Father’s, and the entire Family is very kind to me.

John Baker, a family friend of the Mannings, also noted some friendliness between John and Martha during a dinner he attended at the Manning household (unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to Baker’s diary, so I can’t give you the exact quote).  Based on these two remarks, it does appear that John was somewhat close to Martha (I don’t know if I would say that he was truly courting her, but perhaps he was at this time trying to convince himself he wasn’t gay, or he could have been planning on using Martha as a beard).  So it would make sense that John would be the one to have sex with Martha and father her child.  Additionally, John wrote the following to his uncle on the day before his marriage (John and Martha married on October 26, 1776):

I should inform you of an important change in my circumstances_ Pity has obliged me to marry_ but a consideration of the duty which I owe to my country made me choose a clandestine celebration, lest the father should insist upon my stay in this country as a condition of the marriage_ the matter has proceeded too far to be longer concealed, and I have this morning disclosed the affair to Mr. Manning in plain terms_ reserving to myself the right of fulfilling the more important engagements to my country.  It may be convenient on some accounts that the matter should be kept secret till you hear next from me, & you will oblige me by keeping it so.

The line “the matter has proceeded too far to be longer concealed” suggests that John had known about the pregnancy for a while, and it wasn’t something that was suddenly sprung upon him.

There’s also the fact that John probably didn’t want to get married.  He desperately wanted to return to America and fight in the war, and as you can see in the letter I quoted above, he was worried that Mr. Manning might make him stay in England with Martha.  So if the child hadn’t actually been John’s, I doubt that he would have risked giving up his opportunity to fight in the war, even if it meant he could help Martha and use the marriage to hide the fact that he way gay.

I definitely see where you’re coming from though, and I’d be happy to delve into this further.  It is a very interesting topic.  And if homophobic historians can apply the, “But can we really prove that they had sex/were in a relationship?” logic to queer relationships, then I’m happy to turn that back around on them.


So I wrote a thing because of mademoiselle-arel‘s stupid prompt thing. But like, idek what this is, nothing happens in it. I just have a fun time imagining this au. Hope you do too :)

Alphabetical seating had thrown a wrench into Regina’s plan. She was supposed to sit next to Emma Swan, her co-captain of the field hockey team at Boston University. Emma had gotten notes from another girl on the team and they were going to coast through this stupid core requirement without it taking any extra time away from things they actually cared about, namely field hockey. Unfortunately, Emma was seated a few aisles over, Regina could see her blonde ponytail from here.

This was ridiculous. If it weren’t for gen. ed. requirements (or the fact that Regina had pushed most of them off until junior year) she wouldn’t be in General Chemistry lab. Oh how she hated science… and alphabetical seating for that matter.

Where was her partner anyways? Class was supposed to start in a few minutes. She slid her phone in the outer pocket of her backpack at the foot of her stool and crossed her arms over the lab safety paper on the counter in front of her. Not a moment later she heard someone slide onto the stool to her left, a backpack brushing the side of her sneaker. He sounded out of breath and she vaguely remembered that this lab was on the third floor of an old building with no elevators, not that she had had a problem with a few flights of stairs. Regina glanced towards her partner, happily surprised to see that he wasn’t egregiously out of shape. Before she could get more than a glance at his build and tousled dirty blond hair, the professor began her instructions for the lab they’d be completing today.

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