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So I wrote a thing because of mademoiselle-arel‘s stupid prompt thing. But like, idek what this is, nothing happens in it. I just have a fun time imagining this au. Hope you do too :)

Alphabetical seating had thrown a wrench into Regina’s plan. She was supposed to sit next to Emma Swan, her co-captain of the field hockey team at Boston University. Emma had gotten notes from another girl on the team and they were going to coast through this stupid core requirement without it taking any extra time away from things they actually cared about, namely field hockey. Unfortunately, Emma was seated a few aisles over, Regina could see her blonde ponytail from here.

This was ridiculous. If it weren’t for gen. ed. requirements (or the fact that Regina had pushed most of them off until junior year) she wouldn’t be in General Chemistry lab. Oh how she hated science… and alphabetical seating for that matter.

Where was her partner anyways? Class was supposed to start in a few minutes. She slid her phone in the outer pocket of her backpack at the foot of her stool and crossed her arms over the lab safety paper on the counter in front of her. Not a moment later she heard someone slide onto the stool to her left, a backpack brushing the side of her sneaker. He sounded out of breath and she vaguely remembered that this lab was on the third floor of an old building with no elevators, not that she had had a problem with a few flights of stairs. Regina glanced towards her partner, happily surprised to see that he wasn’t egregiously out of shape. Before she could get more than a glance at his build and tousled dirty blond hair, the professor began her instructions for the lab they’d be completing today.

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Forever delighted that Gautier’s Respectable Bourgeois Parents encouraged him to write Mademoiselle Maupin  to the extent of (at his request) LOCKING HIM IN HIS ROOM FOR HOURS and refusing to let him out until he’d met his pagecount for the day 

like that is a “whatever makes you happy dear” Moment right there