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We are all about Beauty and Glamour. Of Course all of use can be sexy in our know special way.

Axel: Oh God The Touch of Diamonds Rarities find my stabilizing room!! THERE’S NOWHERE TO HIDE!!

Maya (Pony): Oh calm down Axel. It’s not everyday you can to hang out with different types of Mommy Rarities from other universes…


Maya: You and I both know that’s not gone to happen…


Every once in a while these Rarities from this A Touch of Diamond group seems to visit our Dimension just to see one Unicorn Equestrian. How each of them end up with a freaking Equestrian Counterpart is anybody guest! Oh, the fun these girls have when they visit their friend. Fun… For them…


MR: It is now time to unleash the fancy canon!

A new era of fabulousness and extraordinaire on Esquestria!


((A BIG BIG BIG thanks you for asklyingapplejack mod, for this nice contribution! I It is really and great from him to help me by contributing go follow his mod blog and all his blog

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Weekend Roleplay: Escape the Factory Part 1

We did another roleplay. Sadly, Raritrap has been too busy most weekends to keep his tale going, so the rest of us did this shorter story instead.

This one is pretty different. There is very little story. It’s basically an escape the room game where the poor mares have to use whatever items they can find to create a way for them to all escape.

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TODAY IT IS THE BIRTHDAY OF MADMOISELLE RARITY AND HER MOD (he just got 22… yes…. I am old and his art is not that great but he does his best)

MR has been going down latly but she will be always be your fancy lady that you always known!

NOTE: I know that many of you might do fan art for this nice events… BUT strangely I will be sad

Let me explain why, My twin brother has no more blog and no more people to support from the brony community that highly hates him after being abused of his kindness with requests and threaten him because he wasn’t doing porn.

it is very direspectful from them… Now he is drawing his own stuff and he is doing Pandas.

So if you want to drop by and send him a little message you are free to do so ( it is his mod blog) and if you wants to see what he really do in art you will be amazed! (

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