Try to buy local…always buy fair trade 🙌 Follow @fairtradeUSA, if you don’t already, to learn about products respecting people and the planet! There are strict social, environmental and economic standards that products must meet in order to obtain their Fair Trade Certified™ label. By selecting items with this label, even your smallest purchases help toward their goal to improve safe, healthy working conditions, protect the environment, enable transparency and empower communities across the globe to grow successfully. Happy Labor Day! Latest blog entry for how we started shopping local.

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loKal sKetch: the fancy affair

If you’ve been to the Renegrade Craft Fair in Los Angeles or the Brooklyn Night Bizarre, chances are you met Jen Ogelesco and Janel Foo, Co-Owners of The Fancy Affair ( They developed this online marketplace to represent and support locally made jewelry. The hallmark of their line – with designers from Portland, Austin, and New York City – is affordable, every day, signature pieces that are hand-crafted locally. 

Jen and Janel’s primary motivation for providing customers with locally-made, unique designs is to raise awareness about the products we purchase, where they come from, and who makes them without sacrificing quality and originality. All of their jewelry is made locally, in every way, all the way down to the materials that are sourced. “There needs to be more thoughtfulness in our purchases,” Jen states. Whether shopping for a hand-made birthday card or statement jewelry piece, seeing a tag that says ‘made in Brooklyn’ makes each purchase that much more meaningful. To Jen and Janel, “There’s a story there.” 

And there’s a story here too with The Fancy Affair. What sets these young entrepreneurs apart is not only their discerning expertise and eye for quality, hand-made, original designs, but also their personalized attention with meeting each customer’s needs, many whom are boyfriends and husbands who want to find that distinctive accessory that speaks ‘love’ to their better halves. 

Thank you to The Fancy Affair for doing their part to promote and support local artists and designers while maintaining integrity, quality, and a customized experience. They exemplify the heart and soul of what it means to be ‘made lokal.’

by jess kt