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But fame is a strange thing. Some men gain glory after they die, while others fade. What is admired in one generation is abhorred in another. We cannot say who will survive memory.
—  Madelline Miller, The Song of Achilles page 363
Sherlock/Spectre parallel

As a continuation of this post

This is not as much a Spectre parallel as it is the entire Craig!Bond parallel masterpost. Please tell me if there is a theory I forget to credit to the original poster. Also, if you can add more parallels, that’d be great!

Most of these parallels are already covered by @pawsoffmykitty‘s awesome meta here. I’ll just be adding a few minor ones.

Spectre opens with M sending a posthumous message to Bond, containing orders on his next enemy.

The Six Thatchers ends with/The Lying Detective starts with Mary sending a posthumous message to Sherlock, containing orders to “go to hell” to get John to save him.

Bond then goes to assasinate his targets during the Day of the Dead in Mexico. 

Suffice to say there are a lot of skulls in this celebration.

The skull glows. Sorta kinda. (glowing skulls from @skulls-and-tea‘s post here)

Bond attends the funeral of one of his targets and shags the target’s widow to gain information on a criminal network her husband was part of. 

Unfortunately we didn’t see Sherlock shag John while they plot to bring Mary and Moriarty down, but you know where I’m going with this.

Bond retrieves a ring from the target in his mission, which leads him to the leader of Spectre, who turns out to be his half-brother.

Sherlock retrieves a note from the target in his mission, which leads him to the person in charge of Sherrinford, who turns out to be his sister.

Spectre is an extensive criminal network whose leader was involved in the murder of Vesper Lynd (the Bond girl in Casino Royale with whom Bond is rather attached), the entire incident in Skyfall, and the murder of Judi Dench’s M.

“Miss me?” is a code inherent to Moriarty’s posthumous message. He is linked to Sherlock’s faked death threats toward Sherlock’s closest friends and the entire incident in Sherrinford. To take this into a bit of a reach, Moriarty is under Eurus’s thumb, and she murders Victor Trevor.

And then this parallel, first pointed out by @pawsoffmykitty too here.

Also this one by @waitedforgarridebs.

Blofeld uses White’s (Vesper’s murderer) daughter, Dr. Swann, to expose Bond to the secret of Spectre and his position as Bond’s secret brother.

Eurus uses Culverton Smith’s daughter, Faith, to expose Sherlock to her existence as his secret sister and…uh. Have we known the closure for Moriarty’s organisation?

This one is an operation of sorts that can make Bond forget everyone he ever knows.

This other stuff is a drug that can make Sherlock lose parts of his memory. None of this happened. Fucking Chekhov’s gun.

Speaking of gun this gun sequence needs to cease.


- A critic calls Sherlock S4 too Bond-esque with all the actions. Mark replies in the form of a slam poetry.

- Quantum of Solace is basically Bond’s revenge trip to hunt White down because he killed Vesper. Reminds you a bit of Sherlock…hunting Moriarty and his henchmen down…because he THREATENED to kill John…oh my God

- Spectre has two Bond girls, the target’s widow (a sort of red herring, Bond only shags her for the information) and Dr. Madelline Swann (the actual Bond girl). This does not happen with other movies. I think this has something to do with Mary appearing to be Sherlock’s sidekick in TST and the one Sherlock will go to hell and back to save (the Thatcher busts, confrontation with Ajay, the flashdrive) instead of John?

- @gosherlocked post here points out that the girl in the plane as a metaphor for Eurus’s subconscious is the same actress as the girl in Bond Air whose grandfather died (see my last Bond meta).

- this thread started by @waitedforgarridebs about the similarity of music between Casino Royale and TFP, and the fact that David Arnold composed the track for both.

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There are no bargains
Lions and Men.

I will kill you

and eat you raw.

- Madelline Miller, The Song of Achilles.

Here you go, Lord Tywin Lannister showing his more beastlier side! This would be pre GoT but after Joanna’s death. I had this idea like 2 months ago and finally got around to doing it!

Done in Illustrator and Photoshop. They’re both A3 size so it’s HUGE. Best if you view full res!

For joannalannister, and ghostrelic.