madelinetosh yarn

Ended up frogging this project and setting it aside. It was supposed to be a hat to go along with the cowl I just finished. Sadly it just wasn’t coming out the way I had intended. So for now, or at least until my disappointment and annoyance subsides, I have hidden it away.
It is still so beautiful though… I will try hand warmers next, and maybe a headband?


Finally got a change to take some pictures of this guy. Both sleeves are the same and it’s Madelinetosh yarn so you know this beauty feels as dreamy as it looks!

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Sorry guys no pattern for this one. The sleeves were so challenging that I honestly don’t know how I pulled it off. I am working on a pattern for a straight forward polka dot sweater since I got so many likes and comments on the body, but it is still in the works!