So I decided to do a follow forever! I know it’s short but I only follow like 100 people so… yeah. I thought to change it up a little, instead of just listing everyones’ urls, I would put a little message saying something I love about your blog! I love you all and I’m so happy I follow you guys!

♥ aprilswift- I love your blog so much and the posts are quality! ♥ ofbeinghonests- I’m obsessed with your sidebar picture, the taylor signature mouse thing, and your posts! ♥ anditwasthemomentiknew- I love your posts and I love seeing them on my dash! ♥ madelineswift- I’m in love with your sidebar. ♥ bemyoldselfagain- nice theme and quality posts! ♥ dressuplikehipsters- you were one of the first blogs I followed and I can’t even. Your sidebar, meaning the picture and the little quote, is perf. ♥ catchingswift- I’ve been following you for a while and I love your posts! ♥ stateofgraces- I love your entire blog and posts and everything. ♥ flashbacksandechoes- I’ve been following you for a while and I love your blog and posts and everything I can’t even. ♥ swlft- I’m obsessed with your theme. ♥ theangelscity- I’ve loved your blog forever and alfkjdslfj ♥ youplayitgoodandright- You’ve always been one of my favorite blogs and you have quality posts ♥ tragicswift- I’m still in shock that you follow me because I’m actually obsessed with your blog and it’s like unreal to me. ♥ voguetaylor- I love your url and blog and posts. ♥ whenyouthinktimmcgraw- I don’t even have words to describe how much I love your blog it’s just perf and I love your url. ♥ ohyoursweetdispositions- your sidebar gif is adorable and I love your blog. ♥ mosaicbrokenhearts- I love your blog so much and I love music/singing/songwriting/yeah too and your url is my favorite line from State of Grace I could go on forever about your blog but I’ll stop lololol ♥ eyesopen- I just love your blog so much it is perfection.