madeline tosh


It is now time for a yarn haul!
Here are a few of the things I picked up over the past few months.
Over Thanksgiving week I purchased some majorly discounted Madeline Tosh yarn. I was super psyched about that because I have been dying to try out her yarn, just never willing to shell out the cash.
I got 7 skeins in total for around a hundred bucks.
2 of Euro Sock, one in Light Bright and one in Comfort.
2 of of DK Twist in Comfort.
3 of 80/10 Fingering in Havana/Optic
I currently have no idea what I am going to make, but whatever it is it will be pretty!

I also did a little bit of shopping at a local yarn store in my home town. I picked up three huge hanks of Cascades Eco Wool for a fisherman cabled sweater I plan on starting. It was also on sale at the time, and huge plus is I didn’t have to pay shipping for it since I forced my husband to carry it in his backpack on our return trip 😆

And that is all for now! I will hopefully have a current project update next week, and will let you know where all this yarn is going to go.


WIP wrangling!

I exist with a constant case of cast-on itius, often enabled by my (possibly excessive) yarn stash (hoard).

Because of this constant need to cast on, I often wind up with many projects on the needles, some of which wind up a little neglected.

So this week, I have been focusing on cleaning off the needles, and resisting the urge to cast on new projects, which is easier said than done.

First up, I knit a pair of socks for the eat sleep knit Meowmas in July swap. These started off as “pixel stitch socks” by purl soho, but the white was lost in the light yarn (“fly” colorway in hedgehog fibers) so it turned into a more standard sock after the cuff. They will be shipped off as soon as the stitch markers I ordered to go with them get to me.

Next up is my nimbus shawl, using Madeline tosh 80/10/10 fingering, in the “Neo hippie” colorway from their monthly subscription. I am happy to finally be making a dent in the project.

The pile of hexipuffs is being added to the box of about 300 hexipuffs that I have made, which will one day hopefully be large enough to become a blanket.

Finally, my Star Wars double knit scarf, which will be a Christmas gift for my little cousin once it’s done. It’s about 1/3 of the way complete at this point.

Are you all WIP wrangling this summer, or starting lots of net projects?

FO: Burton Vestigan

It’s cool if I live in this vest until the end of fall right?

After months of delay, I can finally mark this sweater as complete! I used Madeline tosh chunky in the moorland colorway, and the only modification I made was the pockets, which I switched from being square front pockets to being side pockets, that are large enough to hold things like my phone.

Super cozy, and an awesome pattern that I would recommend to anyone on the mark for a thick, quick, vest.



Like many other knitters I can’t stand just tossing the end of a skein of yarn after a project, so I hoard all of my leftovers. I already have a beekeepers quilt in progress, but since there is a mitered square knit along being hosted by eat sleep knit, I decided to break out sock yarn scraps from projects with yarn from there.

Leftovers include yarn from my play date cardigan, dinosaur walk socks, and tour de sock round 4 socks. There’s also a few Madeline tosh unicorn tails that I picked up when I was in GA last weekend. Isn’t vacation yarn the best yarn?


So I’m starting this project sometime within the next few weeks.  I’ve actually already ordered a bunch of Koigu and Madeline Tosh sock weight yarns to make socks with and eventually make hexapuffs. 

This one may just be the end of me…..

Oh and I’m totally in love with this girl she’s quite possibly the most adorable human being in the history of ever.