madeline bray


Nicholas Nickleby: Madeline Bray [ISFJ]

Introverted Sensing (Si): Madeline is sensible and attentive to their immediate needs. She knows how the world works and how to make her way in it through the traditional methods (selling her artwork, searching for things to do to accommodate her father’s lavish, selfish needs, and even considering marrying someone who can provide for her to erase her father’s debt). Madeline is not a risk-taker, but instead focused on practicality and necessity.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): She confesses to Nicholas that she is “tired of being strong.” She is easily hurt by her father’s insults and slights, and concerned at the way others perceive her; Madeline is distressed that both times she has met Nicholas, she has been in a heightened emotional state and/or in need of assistance. She finds it hard to walk away from the people she loves, though they do not always treat her with kindness. Madeline is open-hearted and generous with her affections, able to offer emotional support to Nicholas when he needs it.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Her insight into others shows that she has spent time thinking about them in an attempt to understand their situation and how she might improve it. Madeline chooses her words carefully. She can be objective and critical when she needs to be, as regards her plight and her father’s meanness, but much prefers peacekeeping to pointing out logical fallacies.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Underneath her quiet demeanor lies the heart of an artist, showing an ability to see the world not merely for what it is but what it could be. She sees equal potential in her pairing with Nicholas; he offers her a chance at a new life free of fear and she gladly accepts it. Prior to their involvement, Madeline lived in constant concern over what the future might hold.

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Other Characters: this wonderful adaption by Douglas McGrath is much shorter and more condensed than the Dickens novel, so it’s hard to peg all of them accurately, but based on the screen presentation:

Kate Nickleby: ISFJ. Sensible, down to earth, emotional and kind.

Smike: ISFP? Deep internalized emotion and very sensitive, but more inclined to act on his feelings than talk about them.

I think the traveling theater troupe is headed up by an ENTP. Mr. Squeers and his awful wife are both wicked ESTJs. Uncle Ralph is harder; workaholic Te-dom but Ni/Si is debatable. I kind of think ENTJ.

Tom Courtenay as Newman Noggs, Anne Hathaway as Madeline Bray, Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas Nickleby and Barry Humphries as Mrs Crummles in Nicholas Nickleby (2002).