madeline baker


Here’s a WIP of a little project: “ La Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Bonflan “

You can see is about pastries and bread and everything ! A parisian bakery and all the city inspired directly by Montmartre and olds shops of Paris! 

I don’t know what I’m doing exactly with this but i like doing it ! 


On 10th February 2010, the severed head of an unidentified female was discovered along a desert road south of Barstow in San Bernardino County, California in a discarded backpack. It’s thought she died just days before being found and since her head was the only body part located, fingerprint matching is, of course, unavailable as is identifying her by any unique scars, tattoos or other markings she may have had on the rest of her body.

Identifying Jane Doe and enabling her to finally rest in peace is extremely difficult. Not much information has been released, but it’s thought that she was Hispanic and between the ages of fourteen to nineteen with both her eyes and hair having been dark brown. Apparently, her hair was straight and around neck-to-shoulder in length. Additionally, Jane Doe had many dental fillings, making it extremely probable that at some point in her life, she received sufficient care.

Unfortunately, due to the injuries inflicted upon her, authorities have found it difficult to learn much more and as far as I’m aware, Madeline Baker, Sarita Camacho, Kyndall Canning, Kelsey Collins and Daryen Cravalho have all been ruled out as possible identities.