Susan, Oh
Susan, Oh

Madeliene - Susan, Oh

I don’t know how but Madeliene was one of the first bands/projects that I ever listened to on bandcamp and I listened to them ALOT and then I got more songs on my ipod so I didn’t listen to them as much but every couple of months they’ll come up on shuffle or i’ll remember the name and go to my itunes to listen and just….goddamn so good.

Also this is/was another thing that Cam of Old Gray/Sorority Noise is/was in so if you’re a fan…listen it’s really great…or don’t, i’m not a cop.

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"javert couldn't consciously abuse his power if he tried" tell me did you actually read les mis or...

Aight so first off I don’t like your tone you sound elitist and rude as shit

Short answer is no I have not finished the book I’m still working through it, however from the amount I have read plus watching various interpretations in various productions have led me to believe this:

I have no illusions on who Javert is and I am not defending him. I fully acknowledge he is a dickwack fuckerface with v little remorse for his actions. HOWEVER would you like a theory for why that is?

He sincerely believes because he is on the side of the law, he is never wrong. The one time he uses his authority for personal reasons was when he got angry that Madeleine let Fantine go when, by rediculously unfair legal standards, she should be punished. He was angry at the “injustice” and put in the letter to reveal his suspicions about Madeliene being Valjean. When he’s told he’s wrong, what does he do? Yes that’s right! He goes straight to Madeleine to be dismissed, bc he was wrong in his mind, and therefore not suitable to do his Job. Now I ask, does that sound like someone who uses his position for personal gain?

I’m not saying he isn’t harsh and/or cruel with his execution, he totally is. But from experience of being a regrettably awful and manipulative child, I can tell you that most manipulation and abuse of power is that, if done consciously, the abuser benefits from it. Javert does not benefit from the systematic oppression he works for; he is just as much a pawn to society as anyone else in the story. (How much he is privy to it and looks the other way for the sake of law is, admittedly, debatable)

Bro literally kills himself bc he realizes he is in the wrong and his worldview of black and white is actually grey and the Law is not absolute truth. Do you really think a dude who offed himself because he couldn’t deal with fully knowing everything isn’t either right or wrong could actively use his power for his own jollies?

Tbh though even if I never read a page of the brick it doesn’t make my opinion less valid??? Like I could have only seen the 2012 movie once I could still have a solid view of a character and not have to explain that to an uppity book snob so

Have a super day/evening/whatever the fuck