I’m funny I swear

Chloe: Sometimes I wonder who the bitch in the relationship is
Chloe: Then I realize…
Chloe: I’m the bitch in the relationship.


Michael: I could vore Rich. Can I vore Rich
Rich, holding a gun as tears well up in his eyes: no. no vore


Michael: Hey man, what do you want to eat?
SQUIP: The souls of the innocent!
Jeremy: A bagel
Jeremy: Two bagels


Jake: Bitch I hope the fuck you do you you’ll be a dead son of bitch I’ll tell you that


Brooke: //gets a Pinkberry coupon// //screaming// YAAAAS //drives by a Pinkberry// //louder screaming// YAAAAAAAAAS //throwing the coupon at the person inside in a kind and gentle manner// I’ll have two froyos, please


Jenna: You better not touch me again or I’ll fucking rip your face off, bitch


Jeremy: Hey, how you doing? Well, I’m doing just fine, I lied, I’m dying inside


Rich: //Sets a fire//

Everyone in Be More Chill: What the fuck, Richard?


Jake: Much dog, wow, so floof, many snuggles


Michael: Oh, can we do a presentation on drugs?? I can make the weed look real
Chloe: …How do you know what weed looks like?
Michael, nervously sweating: Just a hunch


Christine: Homework? Homework? Oh, where art thou, my darling Homework?


Jenna: Oh worm?


SQUIP: Everything terrible in the world is your fault
Jeremy: What?
SQUIP: Oh no wait thats for later


Michael: Jeremy is a furry
Jeremy: You watch furry porn once and suddenly you’re labeled for life


Christine: To quote Hamlet, ‘no’


Jenna: Wow I can’t believe reading books and riding bikes made me gay


Chloe: All the milk is gone
//cut to Chloe chasing a shirtless Jake around with a vacuum//
Jake: //screaming//


Christine: //rolling down a hill// I love nature!
//Gets a ton of grass in her mouth//
Christine: I have Changed My Mind


Chloe: Innit weird when ye hate someone and everythin’ they post pisses you off because like they tweet 'i love soup’ and you’re like aye I bet you fuckin do


Jeremy: Michael says blue brings out my eyes.
Rich: Wow, he’s a lot gayer than I originally anticipated, Jesus


Jake: //picking up a dog// Don’t worry, everyone gets a turn. //snuggles with the puppy// Hey, buddy.


Rich: Do you ever just know someone name by the way they look? Like //points at Jeremy// Alexander //points at Brooke// Rosie //points at Jake// Slick Rick the Third


Brooke: Chloe, maybe we shouldn’t go to tge party. I heard it ends at 10.

Chloe: //laughs// No, Brooke, it starts at 10.

Brooke, horrified: Starts at 10?!


Michael: //tells a horrible joke//

Jake: get out

Michael: Ohana means family, and family means no one gets kicked out!

Jake: And we have family issues, get out


Chloe: What the fuck did you say, Madeliene? No, step the fuck up, Madeleine

Has anyone else noticed the younger cast don't seem to be as close anymore?

I guess it’s normal, they are colleagues and don’t have to all be best friends too. They just seemed to be a lot closer. Even in interviews it seems like there’s more tension now, like they annoy each other. I think the only true friendships are Lili and Casey, Lili and Madeliene, KJ and Charles, and maybe Casey and Cole as a blossoming friendship. Cole also seems to get on with Ashleigh pretty well. Obviously Lili and Cole are the closest out of everyone due to the fact they’re in love! All the other friendships seem a little superficial and forced, and you could see at Comic Con that some of them annoyed others. I guess spending so much time together can be stressful on relationships, plus they seem to have contrasting personalities, so it makes sense they wouldn’t all be besties now the excitment of a new show has worn off.

Okay, I really like TRR’s characters (not you Drake), but the story is getting really repetitive now.

  1. New chapter starts
  2. Opens with the day of the new Cordonia event.
  3. Bertrand reminds you how important this even is, Maxwell is a sweetie
  4. Enter the boutique where you either pay diamonds to wear something appropriate for the event or default black shirt+jeans
  5. The event, Madeline sucks up to the queen. Olivia is a jerk. Hana and Prince are sweeties, Drake is an ass, Maxwell is cute
  6. Get away premium option with “The Gang” with a chance to progress the romance instead of, you know, including that in the actual story cause cutting content is cool.
  7. Return back to the mansion where Bertrand+Maxwell tell you about ANOTHER event tomorrow
  8. cliffhanger

it’s getting quite boring, the only twist has been Madeliene joining the competition which is more creepy than anything else, but now Hana, Penelope, and Kiara are out of the competition???? but are still hanging around??? How about? We talk? about that? No okay cool thanks

TRR Chapter 3 Thoughts

I just realized I never did a chapter 3 run-down. Maybe because I don’t have as much to say.Still, it’ll drive me crazy later if I look back and I did every chapter but chapter 3. So my thoughts…

- We all knew the maid wasn’t going to lead us to anything significant, but at least we know for sure that both Tariq and MC were set up
- I still think we won’t see Tariq until chapter 10, at least.
- So Kiara has the hot for Drake, huh? I think this is how she is going to be won over. There’s a reason it was established in chapter one that Penelope and Kiara are now Madeliene’s closest confidantes. Penelople genuinely likes MC (and hates Madeleine) but Kiara is a two-faced oppertunist, but maybe lust willl sway her? I would much rather she be used a source of information than be an laternate LI for Drake because… Nope. He deserves better. 
- Maxwell’s tattoo is cute (I love hippos) and the story behind it is super sweet. Personal confession: I have a tattoo on my back that I got after my dad died, so I totally realted to Maxwell’s story. 
- Also I really think he’s going to be a LI. Have we ever seen a non-LI shirtless before? I’m trying to think of a time and can’t. We didn’t even get to see all teh LIs in TC&TF shirtless (Jackson & Tevan) and my theory at the time was because they were introduced so late in the story that there was no point in producing the shirtless art for only one diamond scene. I think we can count on seeing Maxwell shirtless again.
[Edited- it was pointed out t me that we have seen Brian, Dinesh and Rourke shirtless and none of them are LIs]
- I like Justin. Though I”m super suspicious of everyone, this game has me super paranoid and wonder if he has an ulterior motive, other than the obvious one of hoping that he’ll be the Queen’s press secretary when this is all over. 
- I resisted the urge to buy the outfit for once. I’m only going to buy the ones that unlock special scenes.
- The spa scene was cute. We got to learn more about Maxwell and we got time with LIam. But how can the King slip off to the spa with two of his former suitors (including the one everyone thought he’d pick) without it being a big deal? He didn’t even seem all that secretive about it, just ‘sure, let’s go’. 
- I’m very surprised we didn’t get a maze scene since we were at Applewood. Maybe next chapter? 

That’s all I can think of. I liked the chapter a lot and I think the pacing is good so far, though I feel like the engagement tour itself will get a little tedious.

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What would you want to name your children

I like the name Noor for a girl, because it’s a pretty name and has a pretty meaning (light) and here comes the interesting bit:
There was a British secret agent called Noor Inayat Khan (code name Madeliene or Nora Baker and other one I can’t remember). She’s of Indian and American origin, and was a serious badass.

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Jake hc's/Jake had a twin named Lily/Jake has heterchomia with a bright blue eye and a brown eye/When Jake was six they got super super sick(seizures due to their fever-it was really bad)and their parents separated Lily from Jake because their parents didn't want Lily getting sick-and they thought Jake was going to die anyways-but Jake didn't and their parents felt really bad/Jake found Lily on Instagram bc she was taking selfies with Madeliene/The two of them are super close now - Rich 🔥

i’m getting so invested in this twin story omg this is !!! great !!! i love the idea of them being super close now 

Susan, Oh
Susan, Oh

Madeliene - Susan, Oh

I don’t know how but Madeliene was one of the first bands/projects that I ever listened to on bandcamp and I listened to them ALOT and then I got more songs on my ipod so I didn’t listen to them as much but every couple of months they’ll come up on shuffle or i’ll remember the name and go to my itunes to listen and just….goddamn so good.

Also this is/was another thing that Cam of Old Gray/Sorority Noise is/was in so if you’re a fan…listen it’s really great…or don’t, i’m not a cop.

Glad I Have You - Malia Imagine For Madeliene

Prompt can be found here.

When you were younger and imagined life as a teenager, you’d expected your only worries to be about who would ask you to prom and your friends gossiping about you behind your back; you’d never imagined having to help your girlfriend control herself from turning into a werewolf on the night of a full moon. 

“This is gonna suck.” Malia grumbled as you chained her arm up against the wall. 

You smiled warmly at her. “I think you’ll be fine.”

“Will you be okay? Are you sure you’re up for this?”

You finished putting the chain around her other arm and laced your fingers with hers. “Of course I’m up for it. I’m here for you." 

She shuffled around nervously, her gaze wandering to the window every few minutes as the moon pushed out from behind the clouds. Trying to keep her mind distracted, you started a conversation with her about how your day went at school and how you dreaded having to work this weekend. She cut you off midway through your rambles and was breathing heavily.

"I - I can’t, it’s happening, (Y/N),” she panted. Her eyes flickered from a dark brown to a vibrant, royal blue. 

“Malia, look at me, baby.” You cooed, reaching out to put your hand on her shoulder. 

As your hand got closer to her, a warning snarl escaped her lips and revealed her sharp teeth.

You were a bit worried being in such close proximity to her in her current state, but you truly trusted her and knew she would never hurt you. It just wasn’t something Malia would do.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you promised her, placing a comforting hand lightly on her shoulder. The moment your hand came in contact with her, she growled and lunged towards you. You let her grab you, looking into her eyes as she grunted at you and let her claws press into your arms; just enough that if she applied even the slightest amount pressure, your arms would surely be broken.

“Malia,” you whispered. Her rabid eyes snapped up to yours and seemed soften. Her grip on you released and she sat up. “You’re okay. I’ve got you,” you assured, leaning forward to wrap your arms around her. Her hands placed themselves on your back and you could feel her claws slowly diminish.

Pulling away and seeing that she was back to normal, you gave her a quick kiss. “See? I believe in you.”

“I’m so glad I have you,” her relieved voice whispered. Her lips crashed with yours and her arms engulfed you. Your fingers tangled in her long, voluminous hair and lightly tugged. Malia pulled away and rapidly blinked away her tears. 

Mustering up all the courage you could, you wiped away a stray tear and blurted, “I love you.”

The look on her face was something you’d never forget. It was as if a heavy weight was lifted off her shoulders. It was as if her dreams just came true. It was as if she’d seen her whole life coming together. 

“I - I love you too,” she stuttered. 

A warm blush spread across your cheeks. After untying Malia and the two of you hugging for a moment, the two of you fell asleep in each others arms, feeling nothing but bliss.