As you can see, I made her horns! Her horns are an iridescent red black, it shows up the most in the 2nd photograph. The effect is beautiful and a lot more noticeable in real life! Her wings, body blushing and outfit are still being worked on. Whew, I have a lot to do! I can’t wait till she is done and on my etsy. 

Sally on her proper body! Thank you for all the love on the pictures I posted before. I never expected that much attention, so it was a very pleasant surprise! I tried to be as accurate as possible, regarding her stitches, but because Sally never does a 360 degree turn while naked in the movie, I had to make some guesses. :P

Btw, someone asked if I sell my dolls, I do! You can find etsy here, though I don’t have anything listed currently. I will be listing my Triclops and demon Draculaura doll there very soon, when I finish them. I also take commissions, even though I haven’t gotten around to making a proper listing yet.

Just to put it out there, a commission is $60 plus price of a doll or the doll and cost of shipping. That includes a sketch plan that I will adjust until you are happy and pictures of every step. Any doll I sell comes with a free custom manicure and underwear painting! Oh, and body blushing is an additional $10 and I am open to other modifications, such as but not limited to, tattoos, tails or horns. Contact me on etsy if interested. :)


I finished painting her face! Her eyes and lips were heavily glossed, so now they really shine. I also added touches of red interference in her eyes, at certain angles they glow! I think I might make her an outfit first, but she will be up for sale in my etsy very soon!

Btw, thanks for the positive feedback about her wig, I’ve decided to keep it! <3


I started painting my vampire CAM. ^ v ^ I’m surprised at how much I like her now! Before, I had hated her face mold cause I thought she looked sorta bitchy and derpy. Just goes to show you how much difference paint and blush can make.

She’s going to have glittery green eyeshadow and a short, fluffy white wig. I still gotta do a lot of things, including fixing her slightly wonky gaze.

The wig I ordered for her from Monstrodesigns. It took a long time to arrive, but it’s beautifully soft and well made.

I’m still not sure if I like it on her though… I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so big. It fits perfectly, except it covers her ears and goes down to the very base of her head.

It’s cute, but I just can’t decide.

What do you think?

I tried several times to finish those wings I was sculpting for my demon girl, but they ended up looking fugly no matter what I did! ;^;  So I just gave up on sculpting them and decided to dye an extra pair of CAM dragon wings for her. They turned out fantastic! I just poured some black RIT dye into a cup of boiling water and dunked the wings in there for several minutes.

So now my Demon Draculaura has her wings, tail and horns! I just need to blush and freckle her body, then find/make her an outfit. I’m also going to be casting her some awesome resin shoes! More about that in my next post ~

I wanted to apologize for not posting that often lately. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and out of sorts these past couple of weeks. I have a lot of commissions to work on, plus all these other things I have going on in my life right now. 

I’ve still been trying to work on my own dolls, even though I often don’t feel like it. I have several unfinished dolls on my shelf that I really need to finish and put on my etsy. And yet I can’t stop coming up with new, exciting ideas. Why??