Demonic Draculaura!

I’m finally ready to sell her. You can find her on etsy, here.

Gosh, I painted her while ago, but I still love love her face. And those freckles! I need to take a picture in good lighting of her nude, so you can see all the freckles covering her body and the lace panties I made her. Was gonna do that today, but it snowed. I can’t wait for it to be warm again, I almost miss the Texas heat, ha.

She has rerooted hand dyed mohair, custom made horns and a completely flexible + poseable devils tail. Her wings are the CAM dragons, dyed black. Tail and wings are easy to remove and reattach. Face and body are fully blushed and painted, covered in realistic freckles. She has neat black nailpolish w/ red sparkles, and white lace panties.

I made her dress and shoes myself. I drafted the dress pattern, so you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s 100% cotton and closes in the back with thin low profile velcro. I also made the shoes from scratch, cast the heel in resin and then covered it with black pleather and foam for the soles. She can stand carefully on her own in the shoes if on a flat, level surface.

You can find more pictures of her and my other dolls on my flickr. And again, she’s for sale on my etsy.

Please don’t forget to credit me if you post these photos elsewhere, and on tumblr reblog, not repost. Thanks for looking! ;)

I tried several times to finish those wings I was sculpting for my demon girl, but they ended up looking fugly no matter what I did! ;^;  So I just gave up on sculpting them and decided to dye an extra pair of CAM dragon wings for her. They turned out fantastic! I just poured some black RIT dye into a cup of boiling water and dunked the wings in there for several minutes.

So now my Demon Draculaura has her wings, tail and horns! I just need to blush and freckle her body, then find/make her an outfit. I’m also going to be casting her some awesome resin shoes! More about that in my next post ~

I wanted to apologize for not posting that often lately. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and out of sorts these past couple of weeks. I have a lot of commissions to work on, plus all these other things I have going on in my life right now. 

I’ve still been trying to work on my own dolls, even though I often don’t feel like it. I have several unfinished dolls on my shelf that I really need to finish and put on my etsy. And yet I can’t stop coming up with new, exciting ideas. Why??