Gorgeous beaded/metallic/decorated 1920s dresses, from the October 28-29 auction at Whitaker Auction. Lots of detailed photos and info in the link.

  1. Lot 623: Poppy print dress, by Jean Patou
  2. Lot 615: Silk crepe dress with fringes, by Madeleine Vionnet
  3. Lot 603: Cobalt blue chiffon dress with pearl embroidery, unknown maker
  4. Lot 619: Lavender silk dress with metallic beads & lace, unknown maker
  5. Lot 556: Metallic teal brocade dress, unknown maker
  6. Lot 610: Beaded and sequined powder pink dress, unknown maker
  7. Lot 605: Metallic net & gold lace dress with sequins, unknown maker
  8. Lot 607: Black silk dress with a yellow bead overdress, unknown maker
  9. Lot 613: Beaded lamé dress with gold beads, unknown maker