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Laura’s Best of 2016: Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine has exquisite and expensive taste in fashion, so going through her looks for 2016 was a journey through a pretty fantastical closet.  In the end, I went with three looks from 3 of the biggest events of the Swedish royal calendar this year.

1) December 10th - Nobel Prize Ceremony - Fadi el Khoury gown

This was a no-brainer.  It’s exquisitely made (see some of the behind the scenes photos from the making of the gown).  It’s pure princess perfection.  And of course she topped it off with one of my favorite tiara, Princess Sibylla’s tiara (aka the Connaught tiara).  Madeleine really knows how to go into full princess mode.

2) May 27th - Prince Oscar’s Christening - Roksanda dress

I thought Madeleine made a great choice for Prince Oscar’s christening.  Nude shades are very tricky, but Madeleine found one that works very well for her.  I like that this dress is simple but beautiful.  It has one focal point the sleeves, but the rest of the dress is sleek and polished.  It also works very well for holding children as Madeleine is showing here.

3) September 9th - Prince Alexander’s Christening - Erdem dress

As you can see from my second choice and this one, Madeleine’s christening style was on point this year.  I loved this Erdem dress. I’m not always a fan of Peter Pan collars, but it really works here.  The pattern and colors work wonderfully.  And the subtle hair accessory also was a great choice.  Finally, similar to her look at Oscar’s christening, it also seems to work well for holding children as Madeleine is again modeling to perfection.


Current work-in-progress and what will (hopefully) be my next followers gift, a simple, comfortable wrap dress. I’m definitely going to make it maternity enabled, but I want to resolve all the issues with the base mesh first. Also planning on giving that little bow a separate channel, but I need to play around with the mapping first to see how easy that’s going to be. I know it’s a bit plain, but it should look good on pregnant sims. ^_^

THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST: requested by anonymous

She was on the ground! Helpless! And you simply slaughter her?! I know you! All my life, I know you—your kind! You define right with power! So that only the powerful have rights!”

madeleine mantock as bette sans souci/plastique

Note: Smallville actually cast Jessica Parker Kennedy as Plastique back in the day so I took a page out of their book with this casting. It irked me that the show’s first friendly female metahuman was killed off so I’ve kept Bette alive in this continuity. She’s also a part of Team Flash along with Farooq Gibran and girlfriend Shawna Baez, acting as the team’s liaison to ARGUS and the Suicide Squad. Besides, there can never be enough ladies on Team Flash.


Stepping into her old room, a small, strangled sob escapes Madeleine’s lips, and she collapses onto her bed in a tumbled heap of emotions. Virtually untouched since she left four months ago, the space feels like a time capsule devoted to her youth. Pictures of forgotten friends and posters of her teenage addictions still litter the walls, and the factory fresh scent of her stepmother’s favorite fabric softener hangs heavy in the air, all reminders of the life she used to know.

As Maddie glances around the room, her gaze falls upon a pile of high school yearbooks and photo albums shoved into a corner. Without a second thought, she gathers them up and hungrily begins flipping through one of them, only to be greeted by page after page of her and her husband’s bright, smiling faces.

Madeleine looks through nearly half of the album before it dawns on her. She knows this scrapbook. She pieced it together herself a few months before she and Kit last broke up, hoping to remind him of all the good times they’d shared, and indeed the two of them appear sickeningly happy and hopelessly, desperately in love with each other here.

She sighs, a quiet resignation flickering in her eyes. This place isn’t her home anymore. Maddie feels it in the pit of her bones. She doesn’t belong here, and she doesn’t want to stay. Peering down at the pictures in the album, a beam sun bounces off the diamond in her engagement ring. She tries to ignore the it, but the dancing light proves strangely mesmerizing.

And what other choice do I have? she thinks with a bittersweet smile.

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08/04/2016: After she attended Industry Day in Båstad in support of Project Playground earlier in the day, Princess Sofia attended a fundraising dinner and auction in the evening at Norrvikens Trädgårdar for Project Playground.