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On Friday (or Saturday depending on your time zone) is the Ball at House Beaumont!
Are you ready?

Too many questions, so many misteries and absolutely no answers (yet!).

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I JUST WATCHED THE DEFENDERS TRAILER AND I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY. SO MANY THINGS. I don’t even know where to start. Jessica is beautiful, as fucking always. Danny punching the shit out of Luke is what I live for, even though I would never want Luke’s precious face to ever be hurt (which like – HA, FUNNY. BECAUSE IT CAN’T BE HURT) and I’m just sjkhfajksdfh? JKHKJHJKFHD???????????????????



“Bridgeport looks so pretty from here,” Madeleine sighs as she gazes through a pair of coin operated binoculars. “So many hopes and dreams wrapped up in one beautiful little place. Don’t you just love it?”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Westley murmurs, but his eyes remain locked on an entirely different view.

Glancing over, Madeleine blushes and reaches out for his hand. “Take a picture with me?” she asks. “I want to remember this day forever.”

Westley laughs but allows himself to be pulled into the shot. “Forever is a really long time,” he says, smiling as Maddie rests her head against his shoulder.

“Exactly,” she replies in an exuberant tone of voice. “Now say cheese!”

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Nighttime Musings Part 6 (Madeleine)

Book: The Royal Romance

Summary: Madeleine’s thoughts on the night before Prince Liam’s coronation

Note: I’m so happy I finished this before tomorrow’s chapter of TRR! This piece is the final part of the series I wrote that chronicles what’s going through everyone’s minds on the eve of Prince Liam’s coronation. Here are Part 1 (Liam),  Part 2 (MC/Riley),  Part 3 (Drake)Part 4 (Hana), and Part 5 (Maxwell). Feedback, as always, is very welcome!😊

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This was always supposed to be my life.

Madeleine considered her reflection in the vanity mirror. She really was born for this she thought as she took in her platinum blonde locks, her porcelain skin, her ruby red lips, and her piercing grey-green eyes. She was the perfect vision of queenly grace. Among the other suitors here, Madeleine knew she was the obvious choice. She had the pedigree, the upbringing, the beauty. Why these Cordonian prince’s had such a hard time with such an obvious choice was beyond her. She knew Leo harbored fanciful notions of love, but even he couldn’t override the Cordonian council’s decision a few years ago when they were engaged. Who knew he’d be so foolish as to give up all this to go gallivanting on a cruise with that commoner?

Thinking of how Leo and that girl almost ruined everything for her still made her blood boil, but that was all behind her now. She had a new path to the throne that was even more favorable to her than having to put up with Leo’s flighty antics. Liam was always the much more sensible brother. Sure this Riley girl seemed to have charmed her way into this competition, but Madeleine would be damned if she was going to let another American with no title, no breeding, frankly no manners take her place as rightful queen. Once she proved to him how unsuitable Riley was for this life, Liam would recognize that she was the only real choice he had.

Madeleine had to give Riley credit though. This girl from no where, with no family, no title, and no training had proven to be a much bigger thorn in her side than she first thought. But Madeleine was prepared for this and she was a master at her craft. A casual comment here and a whisper there proved to be all it took to plant doubts in the minds of those who mattered. Moreover, it was all too easy to stoke the king and queen’s apprehensions about Riley after the scandal of Leo’s rushed marriage. Any hint at further humiliation would be all it would take to foil the girl’s attempt to usurp her. Madeleine knew that eventually Riley would prove herself to be an embarrassment if she were chosen, so she felt it her patriotic duty to help the process along before the prince made an irrevocable mistake.

Madeleine turned to the clock on the mantel a jolt of excitement running through her as she saw that it was almost time to set the final piece of her plan into motion. She grabbed the glossy photos off her table and slid them gently into the large manila envelope, sealing it tightly as she heard a soft knock on her door.

“Right on time” she smirked to herself. Throwing on her robe, Madeleine hurried to the door and opened it a sliver as she shoved the envelope over into the hands of the waiting figure. “See to it that these make it into the right hands before tomorrow morning” she hissed.

Madeleine shut the door behind her and sauntered over to her bed anxiously awaiting the festivities she had planned for tomorrow. She hoped that Riley was having a good evening on her last day of playing princess. Tomorrow Queen Madeleine would take a hold of her rightful place.  

INTRODUCTORY POST OR WHATEVS – ‘sup, y’all? Madeleine Rose here, and you can call me Madeleine. That’s about it. You probably know my annoying face from books if you’ve ever stepped foot in a bookstore before. Or if you’re super cool and read some comics, then you know me from there. if you are annoyed by my face already… Actually, I’m not sorry. I’M NOT SORRY AT ALL. GET USED TO IT, BITCHEZ. Anyway, let’s get W E I R D.