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like he’d just been hit

this was supposed to be part of a larger fic but idk if it’s gonna happen, so why not post it now? also on ao3

He wakes with a start, heart pounding, chest heaving. Another nightmare. It can’t have been that bad, because he hasn’t woken Madeleine. He doesn’t remember what the dream was about, which is a relief – not remembering is normal. The sort of nightmares he’s been having lately, ones he can’t quite shake even when awake, are not.

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Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine on the days they announced their respective pregnancies debuting their baby bumps by attending official Sweden gala dinners.

In honor of International Women’s Day here are just a few of the books I’ve read that have amazing female women in them.  Trust me when I say there are more where these came from…

never thought I’d reach this stage

fucking. I’m so sorry to anyone who tracks the james/madeleine tags I’m just flooding them rn?? this is barely even james/madeleine it’s just self indulgent trash I’m sorry. I’ll get burnout in a few days then you’ll be rid of me

set in this universe because I’m terrible. also on ao3

Mum banishes them from the house after dinner because she wants to concentrate. Privately Charlie thinks it’s because she’s trying to force some father-daughter bonding or something, it’s not as if her Mum doesn’t have noise cancelling headphones she could wear. But she’s not complaining, because Dad brings out his expensive German beer that he never usually shares, and she’s been waiting for an excuse to test out her new speaker, so they sit on the back step drinking beer and arguing over whose music to play.

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“Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a modern open plan layout, top-of-the-line kitchen, one car garage, and a spacious backyard complete with a pool and spectacular skyline views located right here in your target neighborhood. I do believe this house has everything on your wish list and more,” the realtor beams at Christopher.

“Thank you, Mrs. Riley. Do you mind if Madeleine and I look around on our own for a while?”

“Of course not! Take all the time you need,” she clucks at them indulgently. “After all, it’s a big decision, and with a little one on the way you two have a lot to consider.”

“That we do,” Kit nods as he absently runs his hand over Madeleine’s belly. “I just don’t know if a one car garage will be big enough for me long term.”

“Well, there’s an unfinished basement that you could use for extra storage or even convert into a play room for the baby,” Mrs. Riley suggests.

Kit looks perplexed. “You can’t put a sports car in the basement,” he laughs. “But I suppose it’s a quiet block, and Maddie can always park her car on the street if needed…”

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007 Fest Prompt Roundup!

At the beginning of the month, @timetospy​ posted a list of 31 prompts to complete one a day over the month, and somehow I actually managed to complete all of them. I decided to make a list of them all as a final roundup, so if you missed any, they’re all here!

I had so much fun writing these and without this list I wouldn’t have had the chance to. I can’t believe how many new ideas that one list inspired and I can’t believe how impressive it all looks when it’s complete! 31 days, 31 fics, 32727 words. Wow.

Day 1: “Here, let me see.”
James and Q face up to their biggest challenge yet. 

Day 2: “Don’t look down.”
Stuck in a helicopter and being shot at isn’t Q’s idea of a good time, but he’ll be damned if he lets himself and James die in a fiery wreck. BAMF!Q. 

Day 3: “Will you just hold still?”
Madeleine and James have been enjoying their extended vacation, but old habits die hard. 

Day 4: “This isn’t about you!”
Some things, Q doesn’t blame James for. James takes a while to realise this. 

Day 5: “What’s that behind your back?”
James has some apparently broken equipment and a question Q never saw coming but always knew the answer to. 

Day 6: “There’s a leaf in your hair.”
Olivia Mansfield pays a young Tiago Rodrigues a visit. 

Day 7: “I think I twisted my ankle.”
After Q demonstrates that he was telling the truth about his skiing skills, James has to improvise some evacuation measures.

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“Surprise,” Westley whispers as he comes up behind Madeleine and envelops her in his arms.

“Westley?! You- You’re back! And so soon! W-W-What are you doing here?!”

“I missed you,” he smirks, nuzzling her forehead affectionately. “And there’s a hurricane blowing up south of Isla Paradiso right now, so I decided to head home early.” West pauses and glances around their hotel room, the smile slowly fading from his lips. “Why’s all your luggage out, babe?”

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