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4/17: Happy birthday to the awesome Madeleine (@suzuyahz)!

“Picture of Chris and I before the carriage procession through the streets of Stockholm!” Princess Madeleine on Facebook


Royal Birthdays for today, June 10th:

James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales, 1688

Amelia, Princess of Great Britain, 1711

Caroline, Princess of Great Britain, 1713

Hildegard of Bavaria, Duchess of Teschen, 1825

Igor Constantinovich, Russian Prince, 1894

Tatiana Nikolaevna, Russian Grand Duchess, 1897

Marie Auguste of Anhalt, Princess of Prussia, 1898

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1921

George Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, 1976

Madeline of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, 1982


“We are so happy to have Leonore in our life. She is a little angel and like her name, she brings sunlight even on cloudy days.”- Princess Madeleine 

Born on February 20th, 2014 at 10:41 pm at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City weighing 6.95 lbs, HRH Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, Duchess of Gotland, is currently seventh in line to the Swedish throne. The Little Princess has proven to be quite the little wild child in her three years with her mother describing her to be “everywhere” and her father nicknaming her “a little monkey”. 

At nearly four months old, Leonore was christened on her parents’ first wedding anniversary in a beautiful church service. And though she may be little, Leonore has already undertaken her first engagement by visiting her duchy of Gotland in June 2016, accompanied by her parents. 

Leonore is known to steal the show whenever attending events with the Royal Family. Whether it’s falling out of a chair at her little cousin’s christening or running wild at a photocall, we can always count on Leonore to make an event interesting. She’s said to be a helpful big sister to little brother Prince Nicolas and is very close to her elder cousin, Princess Estelle, many describe their relationship to be sisterly. According to her parents, Leonore is very attached to her kaninen (stuffed rabbit) and as of recent, enjoys reading books. 

Here’s wishing Little Leonore the very best 3rd birthday! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her, may she only get wilder. 

maybe this time for sure

guys…. I finally got this to work holy shit. also on ao3

They have a white Christmas morning that year. They spend a long, lazy morning in bed, until hunger finally drives them out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. It’s nearly midday before they get to unwrapping presents.

They don’t usually get each other a lot of gifts, and there’s been an unofficial embargo on expensive things since their second Christmas, so they usually get creative – Madeleine has taken to planning elaborate days out and gifting him the itinerary.

He’s broken the ‘no expensive things’ rule a little this year, but it’s been so long since Madeleine has had a holiday, James thinks she’ll forgive him.

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In honor of International Women’s Day here are just a few of the books I’ve read that have amazing female women in them.  Trust me when I say there are more where these came from…

And the Chaos Walking fanart is back! This time it’s Corinne and Maddy. The fandom has introduced me to the idea that they were girlfriends and now you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. Don’t be fooled by Corinne’s grumpy face - she loves her perky gf and she knows it.

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