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Day Trip

Can have imagine about Cristiano Ronaldo we spend a fun day in Portugal please & thank you :)

“I have a whole day planned for us my love” Cristiano says walking into the kitchen while you are eating breakfast. You smile at him. “Yay super excited”

You hardly got to see your boyfriend. Seeing as he was one of the best footballers in the world. But the season is over so you get too spend a lot of time with him which you loved.

“Are we going to the main part of Portugal?” He shakes his head. “It’s a surprise” he winks. “Please say we aren’t going to your museum” you laugh . “What do you take me for?” He pouts. “Cris, you’re vain” you shout causing him to pout even more.

You get ready wearing a summery dress and putting some curls into your hair, “you look summery” Cristiano says causing you too jump. “You scared me” you laugh as he grabs your waist. “I love that dress on you” he says sitting on the bed watching you.

“Right ready amor” you nod as he grabs your hand. “It’s really warm” you say admiring the beautiful weather.

You and Cristiano loved being in Portugal, this was beautiful being with him. It was perfect bring with him and looking at all the tourist attractions.

Cristiano was born in Madeira. “I was thinking, we take a car ride to this little place you’ll love” “"I can’t wait. I hope it’s amazing”

You drove to a small attraction called the Quintas of Madeira. “What is this baby?” You say getting out of the car and grabbed his hand taking in the views. “It’s a garden, it’s one of most beautiful landmarks here.” “Wow it’s beautiful”

You both took in the beautiful views. “This is perfect, Madeira is a beautiful place, I love it here. Portugal is wonderful” you kiss him gently. “I’m so happy you like it, I know how much you love your photography and everything. So this was perfect, for such a perfect girlfriend” you smile at him as he leans in for a kiss.

You grab your phone and take some pictures of the garden. “Thankyou for taking me gorgeous” you lean in as you take a picture together. “My hair looks perfect in that picture amor” you glare at him. “You serious? I look good don’t I” he nods at you. “Of course, I was just kidding” you laugh at him leaning in for another kiss.

water sources - lombo do cedro | uwhe-arts

photoprompt - “Long Time Exposure” 10-2017 …
… a photoprompt for the @letstalkphotography photoprompt submissions on @pws-popup.