1863 CIVIL WAR BOTTLE OF WINE OPENED AND TASTED AFTER 150 YEARS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN-AND IT TASTED DISGUSTING..  reviews of the 150-year-old wine including the terms “sulfur bouquet with distinct notes of saltwater and gasoline” and “a mixture of day old crab water with hints of citrus and alcohol” — much to the audience’s amusement

It was recovered intact four years ago from the 1864 wreck of the Mary-Celestia blockade runner that sank off the coast of Bermuda. It was sampled by wine experts after being submerged for 151 years.

The sommeliers’ verdict at a food festival in Charleston, South Carolina, is that the grey “wine” actually smelled and tasted like crab water, gasoline, salt water, vinegar, with hints of citrus and alcohol.

Fifty people bought tickets to watch a panel, however, apparently to laughter from the audience, the panel were quickly reaching for the spittoons as the milky-grey liquid turned out to taste of little more than saltwater.

Analysis showed that it was also 37% alcohol, so it’s possible it was not a wine at all and was in fact once a brandy or other spirit.

If it was ever a wine, then Madeira would be the most obvious choice. Only a fortified wine could have anywhere near that level of alcohol and Madeira has a long-established history with the sea and the American south.


http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/bottle-of-grey-wine-that-was-dug-out-of-us-civil-war-shipwreck-after-151-years-gets-tasted-10092818.html Photo Chris Burville/Look Bermuda


CR7 Day in Funchal, Madeira

  • Cristiano was honoured with the Medal of Merit of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (x)
  • Cristiano was immortalised with a bronze statue
    Height 3,40 meters, created by the local artist Ricardo Veloza

"It was here where it all began, in life and in football. Thanks to my family for who I am today. Without them I would not have come so far.
This is a special moment, to have a statue of myself while still alive … if people like to pay homage, they should do it in when [people] are alive, I’m not an apologist of paying do homage to dead people.
The statue is prettier than I am (laughs). Overall it is very well done, I like it very much.”
(source, my translation, video)

His son and his brother look so proud ♥