This is the story on how I found Tintin

Since I live in the USA, Tintin is not known here. Tintin is more known in foreign countries (to the USA) like Europe. So I didn’t know about Tintin till Steven Spielberg had brought out the movie The Adventures of Tintin.

The first time I heard about Tintin, very first time,  I was at the theatres. To watch what movie, I cannot remember. But I do remember being in the movie theatre and a trailer for the Tintin movie came up. In the beginning of the trailer, you hear adventurous pirate sounding music with the Unicorn ship and another ship going into battle. The graphics and effects were so beautiful and real looking that I leaned over to my sister and whispered, “A new Pirates of the Carabean movie.” But as soon as it got to a closer look on the ships, I started debating whether this movie was cartoon or not. Once I saw Sir Francis’ face, I knew this was cartoon but with a lot of detail. I said, “Well that’s stupid. Why would they make a movie cartoon but make everything look real?” I believed that if you wanted to make the cartoons look so real, why not make it a real life action movie. Once the trailer finished, I remember thinking that the movie looked interesting.


My dad has a Netflix account. We receive 3 movies in the mail. Well I opened them up one day and one of the movies was The Adventures of Tintin. I looked at the name and recalled saying, “That’s a pretty…weird name for a movie.” I put the movie on and I started watching it. The beginning was so long and already I was bored. Considering at that time I was trying to fit into the “popular” kids group, I only liked things they liked. And I acted the way they acted. So I was stubborn and very judgemental. I didn’t give the movie a chance. I was on my ipod the whole time but I remember seeing clips, like the part when Tintin says “Of course it’s gone. How can I be so stupid?” And the lightning flashes on his face. I said “Yeah of course they added the lightning.” And I rolled my eyes. I thought the Opera song was horrible and I remember saying how I thought Tintin and everybody in the movie was ugly. I left the room and wrote the movie off as a flop and boring.


I’ve changed a lot since 2011. I’ve become an independent person and I’ve also developed an open mind to everything and anything. I was at my mom’s house and I was on Netflix deciding what to watch. I kept passing over Tintin because I remembered how I thought it was boring. I felt like watching Rise of the Guardians because that’s what fandom I was currently in. My favorite was obviously Jack Frost. Since I have no Idea what to watch and I have an open mind, I finally buckle and decided to watch Tintin. As I was watching the beginning, I was asking all questions and came to a conclusion that the beginning tells a story. When the movie started, I said, “This is amazing graphics.” I laughed at funny parts and I loved all the action scenes. And once the movie was over, I said,“ This was actually good!” Before I knew it, I fell out of the Jack Frost fandom and moved to the Tintin fandom. At first I didn’t care about the comic books. I only cared about the Tintin movie. But as months went by, I found myself loving Tintin and I started getting into all of Tintin. I still haven’t read all the comic books but I own 5 and I am still collecting them. I have seen the 1964 live action movie Tintin Mystery of the Golden Fleece. I have written a book based on Herge and his second wife called ‘The Unfinished Comic book.“

This is my story on how I first heard about Tintin and my reactions. What was yours? Kindly leave me your story in my ask box or post up your stories and tag madein1929 in it. I’d be happy to hear!